Event [no.8] – The Other The Self @ INTONAL 2017

New Emergences

For its 8th edition – which will take place at INTONAL 2017 – New Emergences extends a warm invitation to musician, sound artist and curator Julia Eckhardt from Brussels (Q-O2). The other the self was the title of a number of events that were organized by Q-O2 in recent years and culminated in the publication of the book The Second Sound – conversations on gender and music (2017) which Julia Eckhardt will present on this occasion. For the discussion Julia will be joined on the panel by festival artist Susanne Kirchmayr: Electric indigo, from Vienna (female:pressure); by performance artist Helena Engberg from Malmö (potato potato); by Remco Schuurbiers, of CTM Berlin, and Rewire DH; and by the New Emergences team, represented by the composer/performers Fani Konstantinidou, Semay Wu and Anne Wellmer.

29 April, 17:00, IAC, The Red Room

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A recording by a woman from Binga represents the continent on-air

radio continental drift


It was a recording by Lucia Munenge from Sikalenge Ward in Binga, which got to represent (sounds from) the African continent on a WDR3 “open sounds” programm recently: “The Sound of the World” on the field recordings platform radio aporee:::maps. You can find Lucia’s recording on aporee maps here

Sikalenge2 2017-04-03 at aporee

Lucia’s recording was the only recording from the African continent played in the radio show, all other 33 listening samples from the aporee sound maps originated on the other continents. The radio show was dedicated to the aporee radio project by German artist Udo Noll, to its sound maps and audio recordings, which are contributed by listeners from around the world (at the time of this post, 37493 recordings of 32649 places by 1421 contributors with a total audio length of more than 90 days)


Lucia Munenge is one of Zubo Trust’s six community based facilitators who were trained during the radio…

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Guest: Mo Loschelder

Fields & Frequencies

Mo Loschelder presented her festival Heroines of Sounds in November 2016 and shared her experience as a founder of Media Loca Booking Agency in March 2017. Info:

After her studies at Duesseldorf Art Academy from 1985 – 1991 with famous painter Gerhard Richter, Mo Loschelder decided to move to Berlin, where she started to DJ and to collaborate with visual artist Daniel Pflumm and electronic musician Klaus Kotai, organizing the clubs „Elektro“ and “Panasonic”, curating the music program at “Init”, running the label Elektro Music Department and producing LP’s and EP’s under the moniker Kotai+Mo, Los Dos, Mo feat. El Puma and under her own name. From 1994 – 1998 she worked at the record-store Hard Wax where she established the “Strange Music / Early Electronic” section. From 2002 – 2005 she was executive manager at a manufacturing service in Berlin, and in early 2006 started as booking agent…

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Next Meetup: 16th March 2017. Topic: Booking

Fields & Frequencies

✌️ LOCATION: Please send us a message (same as the last time) ✌️
✌️ Open projectors for VJs ✌️
✌️ Open decks for DJs / Live Acts ✌️
On March 16th, we invite you to join us in a discussion and / or party, meet other Berlin-based artists, DJs, VJs and professionals from music industry or just have a beer and chill with us ^_^. This time, we will talk about booking an artist from all aspects: How to be booked as an artist (DJ/VJ/etc), how to be a booking manager, what it takes to successfully run a booking agency and what are the conditions in Berlin and world-wide. Two prominent Berlin based booking agency owners and industry professionals will join us in the discussion and share their professional experience and insight: Mo Loschelder from Media Loca and Annika Weyhrich from fling.
💎7 –…

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radio ground work with women

radio continental drift

…since April, we have been treading a favorite bit of earth again…

the sand roads of Binga Zimbabwe in particular…

very active listening work has kept us under ground since


but, we are scratching the surface of “the world” by now…

ground- and underground radio work with the women of Zubo Trust in Binga has been growing on-air wings…


thanks to women on the other side of the Zambezi /Lake Kariba and thanks to Zongwe FM, community radio in Sinazongwe Zambia


you may listen to our steps in to the audible world HERE


or, catch up with us, elsewhere… like

in pictures here

or, on the Zubo website here

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Women Team-Working

radio continental drift

Some of our first steps on the ground in Binga were to join Zubo in visiting the Women Forums in the six Wards that Zubo is working.


The women of Zubo’s Forums are doing fantastic work in their local communities. They are assisting women to come and work together as teams, often as saving and lending groups realizing income-generating projects, they pass on training of workshops for example on business skills, they debate issues affecting women and seek for solutions or for further help and, they share community work among the vulnerable members of their communities. A focus of the women’s local work consists in supporting and mentoring girl children. 


The Women Forums and their communities are often far off the “beaten track” … as you can see when following our steps on the sound maps of aporee radio.

Songs build togetherness, move team-work, release stress, pass on…

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Reflections on Risk: by Ashley Fure


Pigeonholes, Precarity, and the Zero-Sum Game of Time

On Speaking Out

On August 3rd, 2016, during the 70th Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, under the rubric of Michael Rebhahn’s Historage commissions, I organized a panel discussion on gender relations in the new music scene. During the talk, I presented data pulled from the Darmstadt archive charting female/male ratios of compositions performed, prizes won, participants attended, and faculty tutors for each year of the festival. This data served as a launching point for a round table discussion involving Georgina Born, Arnbjörg Danielsen, Neele Hülcker, Susanne Kirchmayr, Anne-Hilde Neset, Sam Salem, Thomas Schäfer, and Jennifer Walshe.

The forceful insight voiced by these panelists sent ripples of energy through the Darmstadt community that were incredible to witness. GRID (Gender Research in Darmstadt) events sprang up all over the place. Think tanks were organized, articles written, actions staged, websites created, interviews conducted…

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Meetup Berlin

lovely resource from berlin – including nice short portraits of various artists and collaborators

Fields & Frequencies

Meetup is a new and growing community of female artists in the fields of music and arts in Berlin. We meet every second week of the month to discuss and exchange ideas, develop projects and combine forces to make things happen. Meetup provides an opportunity to meet likeminded individuals for collaborating on projects.

::: Discussion and Learning :::
Discussion and learning are encouraged. It is our goal to present and cover topics of interest to music and art, including but not limited to research, journalism, production, promotion, organization etc. We want to share knowledge in a relaxed open-minded environment.

::: Participation :::
We provide a platform for women to practice djing and vjing. Female artists, whether aspiring or professional, are welcome to participate by performing, djing, vjing – bringing and sharing their own works or music by other artists and by proposing ideas for projects and discussions.

::: Diversity :::

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16th Nov. Heroines Of Sound x MEETUP

Fields & Frequencies

⚠️ Location as usual, in our beloved place in Kreuzberg. Please PM for details!  ⚠️14876557_1758566391062300_2696975896632999871_o

On the occasion of the 3rd Heroines of Sound Festival 8 -10 December at HAU, Berlin Heroines Editions presents female electronic music, film and discussions.
A range of events dedicated to past and future artists related to the Heroines of Sound Festival.

In this Heroines of Sound in cooperation with MEETUP we will show a documentation film about the last festival, followed by audio visual performances.

film premiere: documentation of Heroins of Sound Festival 2015
director: Susanne Elgeti
discussion with Mo Loschelder and Bettina Wackernagel (curators of Heroines of Sound Festival)

A/V performances:
hiT͟Hərˈto͞o + AiKia / Live A/V

Strip Down & Lunar Safari / Live A/V


Jukebox Utopia

Mo Chan

Wednesday, 16th November 2016, from 7pm
at a Hall, Berlin Kreuzberg, please PM!

Heroines of Sound wird gefördert durch den Regierenden…

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GRID: Gender Research in Darmstadt A think tank on diversity and gender equality issues taking place over the course of the Darmstädter Ferienkurse by initiative of Ashley Fure in collaboration wit…

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