Gender Inequalities and Electronic Music in 2018

Study on the line-ups of 11 French Clubs

by Claire Monod x Maria Atkina

This study tackles the issue of the (under-)representation of gender minorities in the world of electronic music, following a dual purpose: collecting statistical data about gender inequalities among DJs in France, and analyzing precisely the visibility of gender minorities in the everynight routine of the world of electronic music. We chose to study the line-ups of 11 famous French clubs located in Paris, Lyon and Marseilles throughout the entire year 2018. All in all, we analyzed 1424 daily line-ups (4883 booked artists). This enabled us to distance our analysis from the festivals, which constitute ’one-off’ events often based on marketing strategies involving the promotion of well-known DJs. This is a modest study, but we drew three conclusions out of it. First, gender minorities are still grossly under-represented in the DJ-cabs of the most famous French clubs, especially outside Paris: the greater the distance from the capital city, the wider the gap between men and gender minorities. Secondly, headliners are clearly over-represented among the booked gender minorities. Therefore, one can assume that it exists a « glass floor » that prevents gender minorities from penetrating all layers of the world of electronic music. Even in the clubs, their presence behind the decks seams to remain a one-time event. Besides these global results, we finally notice more or less inclusive booking politics among the clubs, calling for a more detailed and large-scale study. 
Please find the complete study (in French) here: