female:pressure podcast

WELCOME to the female:pressure podcast, where you’ll periodically listen music mixed by members of the female:pressure community. Around an hour of electronic music where you´ll find the most stunning sounds from around the world and, of course, a lot of good tracks produced by f:p people!

podcast #1

This first chapter of the podcast has been created by t A’Bear, “an avant synth pop artist and DJ “don’t put her in a box”, in her own words. A true lover of all things weird and wonderful, she is also an intercontinental experimental musician who gave up trying to be normal and found herself doing strange and awesome things. Expect a synthy/vocal/techno/experimental/rap/rainbow workout straight from the heart.
You can find her in London and also at @abearsounds

1. ‘F’. Elsa Quintin
2. If you can’t you should. Steph Horak
3. No name experiment- ChandeLIA. Lia Mice
4. Infiltrate. Olivia Louvell
5.Sweet Pearl. AJA
6.The dream Ends. Gazelle Twin
7.Seek. A’Bear
8. Romney Sounds. Electric Elizabeth
9. Awkwardly blissing out. F Ingers
10. Light codes. Merkarba Macarbre
11. Live show excerpt @ Iklektick 25/11/1712. Pranic Attack
12. Intro (Technophelia). Geneva Jacuzzi
13. Karen Black. Ross Blake
14. Tell your friends about me. Lorraine James
15. Precious Parts. Death of Codes
16. Les Contes Des Cordes (Gerauschkorper tcfsr.net) Trixie Delight