WELCOME to the female:pressure podcast, where you’ll periodically hear music presented by members of the female:pressure community. Around an hour of electronic music where you´ll find the most stunning sounds from around the world and, of course, a lot of good tracks produced by f:p people! We have an RSS feed of the podcast and you also can find the female:pressure podcast episodes at these radio stations:
FLUIDO ROSA Resonancias (radio 3 / rtve, Spain)

podcast #132

Since 2019, Leika has been playing her signature sound of downtempo, deep tech and deep house in some of the most popular venues in Europe, including Freiburg’s Insel der Freuden Festival, Hans Bunte Areal, Ruefetto, The Great Räng Teng Teng, Beate Uwe in Berlin, Südpol in Hamburg, Kaschemme and Art Stage in Basel, and Chat:Eau Festival in France. As part of the MoMo/Raum|Zeit collective, she is involved in organizing parties and events. Additionally, as one half of the duo Lenkrad, she is already a fan favorite. Leika is also an admin at the SoundCloud page House of FLINTA, where she works to promote equity and visibility for FLINTA artists. With her contagious energy and focus on the crowd’s mood, it’s no wonder Leika is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after DJs.

01. tINI – Shakesbeer ft. Steffy Argelich (Original Mix) 2018 (Part of the Gang)
02. Valeria Croft – Thankful (2023 Suleiman Records)
03. Ana Antonova – Tiramola (2022 Dallas Records)
04. Danielle Nicole – Girls (2021 Complex Textures)
05. Martina – Desde Mi Bunker (2020 Musica Lunar)
06. Elisa Elisa – Dreamy Rhodes (2021 Heat Up Music)
07. Nadja Lind – Lost Place (2019 Lucidflow)
08. tINI – The Authentic Blach (Mr G’s Blue Moon Dub Remix) (2018 Part of the Gang)
09. Lauren Lo Sung – Miss B (2021 Locus)
10. Danielle Nicole – Demm Drummz (2021 Fantastic Friends Recordings)
11. Kristin Velvet – Eat the Drum (Prok | Fitch Eat the Bass Remix) (2022 Arms&Legs)

podcast #131

The Italian deejay Ansonica has been deeply in love with disco music since she was a young child, and her mother’s passion for Italo disco had a great influence on her. For years, she worked as a DJ host and PR at Ribbon Club Culture in central Italy until she moved to Berlin in 2015. It was then that Ansonica made the decision to not just stay in the background and began to create her own unique, colorful and authentic style of music which combines Hi-NRG disco with various house and electronic vibes. She has since played in various clubs around Berlin, including Kitkat, Bulbul, Klunkerkranich, Oxi, and Ava Club with the Disco Bizarre and Toytonics crews. Ansonica‘s mission is to make disco glamorous and exciting again and bring dancers on an Italian-influenced journey of fun, sweat and joy. In 2019, she formed HABITAT, a collective of music enthusiasts whose aim is to create a space for people to come together, experience the music, and feel like they belong.

1. Daniela La Luz – Did You Ever
2. Virginia – Tangish
3. Shanti Celeste – Shimmer
4. Sally C – Let’s Get This
5. Maara – Princess Express
6. Cinthie – Everything
7. Tama Sumo x Lakuti – An Ode to Audre
8. Juana Valeria – Disco Animal
9. Carlita – Bon Trip
10. Sophie – Nothing More to Say (DUB)

podcast #130

Keine Pía is the alias of Pía Sotomayor, who debuted in 2003 under the alias of DJ Ruina. With a style that crosses without prejudice between Techno, Electro, House, Breakbeats and Experimental – Contemporary Club, she has had the opportunity to present herself on many radios, clubs, parties and festivals in Chile and the world. For some years now she has been experimenting with machines, editing singles for various labels such as Panal and Halcxn. In November 2022, she released her first EP Multi Level Void on the Chilean-Mexican label Filiae, an EP of 6 tracks, three originals and three remixes, by Valesuchi, Tomás Urquieta and Ron Morelli, mastered by AtomTM.

AGF Poem Producer – Kupala [Ukranian]
Kleine Pia – ddmmyyyy
MAGA – Siempre Él
Sister Zo – Afraid 2 Make a Move.
Ayesha – Rezo
or:la – Allaballa
Malugi – Stay The Night
Vibration Inc. – Dr. Drum
Nick Leon – Xtasis feat. Babatr (Pearson Sound Remix)
Bliss Inc. – Hacking The Planet
Anderson – Sunbeam
Adam Pits – Motion Sensor (Roza Terneza Remix)
Pillow Queen – Burns Me Up
Lisene – Mind Palace

podcast #129

For a while now, DJ BONEY S and zikade have been playing with the idea of merging their respective sounds. It wouldn’t be the first time these two share the decks, though: under the name of DJ Frottée, they recently started a vinyl only project dedicated to classic 90ies underground from techno to trance. Finding the spaces where their individual sets collide, their new vinyl only back2back project Hypnotist will be a journey from techno, EBM and industrial to dark italo and disco-heavy electro. Sharing a deep understanding of the other one‘s musical taste and a similar vision for the dance floor, Hypnotist are excited to create something fresh!

01. Mala Herba – Comber (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
02. Lokier – For ME (Pag Records)
03. Anetha – Return Ticket (Kaos)
04. Lydia Eisenblätter – Uncontrol (OAM)
05. CMD – Affective Potential (Schmer Records)
06. VTSS – Sytuacja Jest Beznadziejna (VEYL)
07. La Fraicheur – Renoveau (LT)
08. Denise Rabe – Return Of The Dash (Ressort Imprint)
09. Daniel Kane & Anouk De Vos – Body Of Guars (P-RT-L)
10. Crushed Soul (Steffi) – Gravitational Field (Dark Entries)
11. Vixen – Maladaptive Daydreamer (Schacke’s Swedish Forest Mix) (LT)
12. Heidi Sabertooth – Was It You (Lost Soul Enterprises)
13. Overland – Doubtful (Sweat Equity)
14. Peachlyfe – Creeper x Swamplyfe (Nene H Remix) (LT)
15. Olivia – Freak (Dalmata Daniel)
16. Softcoresoft – Thalassa (LT)
17. Radiation 30376 (Olivia & Chino) – Shareef (Pinkman)

podcast #128

Ana María Romano G. is a Colombian composer and interdisciplinary sound artist. Her creative interests center around acoustic and electroacoustic media and participation in interdisciplinary projects involving contemporary dance, video dance, performance and live arts. Her creative interests stem in the intersection of gender, sound and technology, listening, soundscape, noise, experimentation, improvisation, cyberspace, body and the political dimension of the creative. Her artistic works have been featured in festivals and published in physical support and by several netlabels in Latin America, Europe, North America, and Asia.
Currently, Ana María Romano G. teaches at Universidad El Bosque and Universidad de Antioquia. She is the coordinator of the Plataforma Feminista En Tiempo Real (Feminist Platform En Tiempo Real) dedicated to the encounter between sound and technology with focus on women and LBTQ+. She has been nominated to the CLASSICAL NEXT INNOVATION AWARD 2019 (Holland) for the work of making visible the work of women in the field of experimental sound creation with technologies through the Festival En Tiempo Real.

1. Mabe Fratti + Vania Vargas (Guatemala) – Péndulo y Latido (2020)
2. *Claudia Robles (Germany/Colombia) – Wandering in Morelia (excerpt, 2019)
3. *Evelyn Frosini (Argentina) – Móviles (excerpt, 2019)
4. *Ana María Romano G. (Colombia) – rozar la nebulosa (de Manuelita, su propia libertadora, 2017)
5. *Mariana Carvalho + Katharina Klement (Brazil+Austria) – Performance at Q-02 (excerpt, 2019)
6. Guadalupe Perales + Ana Mora (Mexico) – 8M (excerpt, 2021)
7. Elektroperra (Colombia) – Popotá en llamas (excerpt, 2021)
8. *Anna Xambó (Spain/UK) – Kicks & Cuts (2019)
9. cilantro (Angélica Castello + Billy Roisz*, Mexico+Austria) – axiaco (2011)
10. *Isabel Nogueira / Bel_Medula (Brazil) – Eu Vou Contar (2020)
11. *death of codes (USA) – Look Up (2020)
12. Sexores (Ecuador) – Tropical Nest (2018)
13. Vermillion (Venezuela/Argentina) – 5ympathy4ffection (2020)
14. *Catenation (Sylvia Hinz + Jeanne Comateuse, Germany) – Resist (2021)
15. *Leena Lee + Vania Fortuna (Mexico) – Rapture (2022)
16. Ross (Colombia) – ch’ixi (excerpt, 2021)
17. *Meira Asher – still sleeping (2016)

podcast #127

No.TFS is a hard techno DJ and part of fhainest collective located in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Her music is inspired by the darkness, sweaty bunkers and endless nights. Pushy basses and rumbling sounds describe her grim style. Her music follows a clean industrial touch, developing into a hypnotic style. With her collective @fhainest she organizes events in various clubs in and outside of Berlin. As a part of the Symbiotikka family you find her asa resident playing for KITKATs most famous event. On an international level No.TFS conquered recently the techno scene in Beirut and Singapore.

Nur Jaber – Express Yourself (Nur EP)
Flavia Laus – Obscure Talk (ERA #04 – Umbra, Penumbra, Antumbra)
Nur Jaber – Until I Collapse (Nur EP)
Samantha Togni – No Pressure to Fit In (Sensible Social Lies)
Nur Jaber – Dance Dance (With the Morning Light) (In My Memory)
Laven – Oxide (Benzeen Part 1 Techno)
Caravel – Resilience (GENERATION ACID TECHNO)
Caravel – Exile (Electric Heartbeat)
Klaudia Gawlas – Cuticula (Momentum EP)
Samantha Togni – Astral Plane (Khazad Records: Various Artists Vol . 02)
Lucinee – We Trip And Roll (We Trip And Roll)
OTTA – Dance and Lies (RAW Compilation III | Third Eye)
Aida Arko – Kikkuofo (Accelerate)
Slam, Rebekah – Believe In The Night (Louder Than Chaos Vol. 3)
CAIVA – Vigour (Fatigue)

podcast #126

DJ/Producer IvaNNa currently based in Montevideo, Uruguay started her career in 2017. Founder of the platform FUSION UY ES. Her exquisite technique and brilliant development as an artist gave her the chance to perform in different music venues across Uruguay, Argentina and Spain. IvaNNa delivers powerful techno sets with sounds that go from melodic to industrial.

Mha Iri – Here With You
Cids – Affinity
Klaudia Gawalas – East Row
Juliet Fox – Subconscious Reset
Risa Taniguchi – When I see You
Nusha – Mood
Klaudia Gawlas – Momentum
Indira Paganotto – Red Ninja
Juliet Fox The Past The Future The Present 
Amelie Lens – Energize
Mha Iri – Open Up 
Fatima Hajji – Donde Vas
Lilly Palmer Resistance
Simina Grigoriu – Bucuresti 
Nusha – Addiction
Fatima Hajji – YKN
Juliet Fox – Vibrational Frequency
Mha Iri – Angels Cry

podcast #125

Anna Butter is a sound artist and a DJ, based in Nuremberg. In her DJ-Sets she likes to select and combine experimental, deconstructed danceable music with obscure surprises and noise. She is the host of a monthly radio show on RadioZ, Nuremberg ‘s community radio in which she also runs a space hosting screenings, concerts, and art residencies.

1 Patricia Kokett – Tiur(Santykis)
2 Smerz – Rap interlude (XL Recordings)
3 MELANIA – This Is All We’ve Got (Project Label)
4 Zoë Mc Pherson – Bending (not on label)
5 Liliane Chlela – Bouraz (Amygdala Records)
6 Isnt – Ten Towers (Original Mix) (Unknown Timeline)
7 Digital PrinceZZ – Lost Reflection (Semi Automatic)
8 Ellen Allien – Bangbang (BPitch Control)
9 Ectomorph – Insert Another Data Disk
10 Digital PrinceZZ – Sidewalk (Semi Automatic)
11 Kleine Pia – Worst Case Scenario (not on label)
12 Lena Andersson – Das Tier (Raster)
13 La Leif – Kimochi (NX Records)
14 Digital PrinceZZ – DiAlmost Naked Men (Semi Automatic)
15 Olivia Louvel – Club Tänzerin (Optical Sound)
16 Ellis Be – Is It Even Safe To Be Here (Extended Mix)
17 U.S. Girl – this boy is mine ((K-RAA-K)³)

podcast #124

Callyope started to mix 3 years ago with techno, trance and IDM. As a composer, she is currently working on an IDM live versus. Inspired by dreamlike and surrealist dimensions, she takes you through her universe in a real emotional rollercoaster, in a progressive and surprising adventure where emotions are born in poetic and epic stories.

1. Paula Temple – Open The Other Eye
2. Lady Maru – Evil System
3. Maria Paskevic – Messenger from Sirius
4. Jessica Bellomo – Close Encounter
5. Ellen Allien – Hello Planet Earth (Lady Starlight Remix)
6. Samantha Togni – I Wrote Danger On Your Face
7. Merimell – Newmaker
8. Madwoman – Crucial Instincts
9. VTSS – Sytuacja Jest Beznadziejna
10. Angel Karel – Nymphs Of The Evening
11. Peachlyfe – Bad Grl
12. Valerie Ace – Creep Repellent
13. Rebekah – Darness My Old Friend
14. Linn Elisabet & Râ – Reframe (Angel Karel 777 Vertebra Version)
15. Laure – Messy Thoughts (Lessss Remix)
16. Ida Engelhardt – Cutecore

podcast #123

Sonnorus expresses her presence by providing undoubtedly bold sets which include hypnotic, psychedelic, electric, deep sounds, and pure energy. The rising multidisciplinary artist from Tbilisi’s underground scene is never afraid to show off her honest character with trance tunes shaped in classy techno beats. She gets her inspiration from different kinds of art, and often creates and shares her own because the power of an idea is never shaped in one form.

INVERИO – Amazoniac Deep Jungle Tour [BLVSH Berlin]
Azo – Red Moon [C12]
Beatrice – Cash is Boring [Elements Records]
Less Distress – Crush the Candy [positivesource]
Newa – Maniac [positivesource]
Peachlyfe – Lizard Queen [Another Name]
Keira Meier – LFM [Suara]
Calling Marian – Talis Qualis (MZA Remix) [CVNT Records]
MZA – Rachel wall against walls [Self Release]
Lawrence Lee – Hardcore Seoul (Rred Remix) [E-missions]
Alpha Tracks, Ki/Ki – To Nights [slash.label]
AADJA – Thought Dealer [Trip Recordings]
Different Shades , LOIF – Outer Planet [UTE rec]
No​é​mie – Digital Orchestra (Inside Blur “Gamma Trance” Remix) [Self Release]
Peachlyfe – Creeper x Swamplyfe (Nene H Remix) [Lobster Theremin]
DJ Mell G – Don’t fuck with da OG’s (feat Leshutler) [Self Release]
Roza Terenzi – Stylish Tantrum [Step Ball Chain]
Mar Io – Space at Night (Marie Wilhelmine Anders Remix) [Broque]

podcast #122

Jacki-E is an established techno and drum and bass DJ / Producer from Northamptonshire in the UK. Her influences are the techno, deep house, jungle, dnb and the ethos of the acid house raves and festivals of the early 90’s. She hosts A Darker Wave and Draw The Line radio shows and is also an extremely talented Producer. She’s released a number of excellent techno and drum and bass tracks during the past few years, including some superb remixes for many artists. Now she’s making her very own personalized style of energetic and fiery dance music!!
She‘s had releases on UPUK Records, Get Physical, DeepDownDirty, Dead Groovy, Platz fur Tanz, D-Pillar & Nahual Records. Her debut techno EP, ‘Melodic Dream’ was released 14th April 2022 on UPUK Records and her new drum and bass single, “Away” is out now.

1. Mistress Barbara – Eyes Wide Shut (original mix) Kombination Research
2. Anela – Create (original mix) Autektone Dark
3. Indira Paganotta – Santa Fe (Elmar Strathe Remix) Copycow
4. Cirez D – Black Hole (original mix) Mouseville
5. Ikigai – Khidi (DJ Emerson Remix) Sonata
6. Lady Maru, Salvo Zeta – The Age of Punkrage (original mix) Mephyst
7. Rachel Raw – Dirty Dicer (Hk22 Remix) Raving Society
8. Alice DiMar – Can’t Sleep (Heerhorst Remix) Moonbootique Records
9. Fabrizio Murgia – If It Doesn’t ft Ire Dereamer (Marko Krstic Remix) Boiler Underground Records
10. Vanya Karpova – Simple Motion (original mix) Possession
11. Shay de Castro – Svengali (original mix) Tracer Records
12. Denise Schneider – Break the Silence (original mix) Made in Brussels
13. Jacki-E – How Do You Know (original mix) UPUK Records
14. Noemi Black – Avalon (original mix) KD Raw
15. Mila Chiral – A Life in 7 Min (original mix) Bandcamp
16. Maura Lombardo – CPH (original mix) Kabelkiste Berlin
17. Noemie – Dancing is Forbidden (original mix) Allium
18. Brutalissmus 3000 – Nightclubbing (original mix) Bpitch
19. Xynia – In the Club (original mix) free download
20. Nancy Live – Revo Rave (original mix) Trick Label
21. Lysa Chain – Destiny (original mix) Airborne Black

podcast #121

Alphonsine Koh is a DJ, Producer and Artist born in Singapore and now based in Germany. Her live DJ sets are usually filled with diverse genres and tempos constituting experimental sounds, hypnotic synths, varying rhythms, witty vocals and massive effects. Her mixes continually evolve and more often than not are an experimentation of sounds that creates a different style altogether. She is now part of Respect The Artist Before, a budding international collective and collaborative platform of Artists formed around a philosophy of instinctive creation while not limited to any medium. These 6 artists from Belgium, Germany, France and Singapore gathered around a permanent experimentation project that is set to expand in 2022 and 2023.

Zora Jones – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
Avalon Emerson – Honest Gangster
Machine Woman – Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved
Tomu DJ, DJ Manny, SUCIA! – New Body
Louke Man – Took A Turn
PREMIERE – Bad Philly
DJ Küsse – Gone (Samo DJ Remix)
Sedef Adasi – Mermaids On Acid
D. Tiffany, Roza Terenzi – Liquorice Skritch
Jennifer Loveless – a tool at twilight
yeule, Kin Leonn, yune pinku – Bluff (yeule & Kin Leonn Remix)
Kuhrye-oo – Give In (For The Fame) (d’Eon’s Kallisti Remix)
Laurel Halo, Hodge – Tru
hxly xo – Catara
Stella Explorer – Kill It Before It Dies (DJ Haydn Remix)
Croatian Amor, Alto Aria – Remember Rainbow Bridge
Zora Jones – Too Many Tears

podcast #120

Lolo is a thriving artist in Akron, Cleveland and Detroit. From DJing, painting, art curator and entrepreneur. Lolo is a well rounded artist who began developing her own brand ten years ago. She began with a show called Friday Night Mix this later evolved to the LOLO KNOWS Club Kid Mix Series where she showcases regional and worldwide talent. Her shows are available in multiple streaming platforms including iHeartRadio, MixCloud, SoundCloud, ITunes and more.
For the last 5 years, she has broadened her reach with her partnership with Charivari Detroit Music Festival and continues to grow with them as they share the same values. Although 2020 was a challenging year, LOLO’s career didn’t stop. She did some virtual festivals including: Ingenuity Festival Cleveland, The Arctic Blast Virtual Festival hosted by Two Tails, Charivari Worldwide Festival, Bad Table Manners Detroit with Detroit legend and Internationally known DJ and Producer Terrence Parker. She is now a regular DJ on Shades of Blu on Farris Wheel TV based out of Chicago. She also does a live mix weekly for Essential Clubbers Radio based out of the UK every Thursday.
For all things Lolo, visit www.loloknows.com

2 Solita – Maya
3 Kiss of Life (Extended Mix)- Lexa Hill
4 Downtown (Louie Vega Extended Raw Dub Mix) – Honey Dijon, Annette Bowen, Nikki-O
5 Elemental (Dom Dolla Remix) – Navajo, Kimberly Davis, Dom Dolla
6 Tania (Honey Dijon Extended Remix) – Harry Romero, Honey Dijon
7 Nomad Lyfe (DJ Minx Dub) – Life On Planets, DJ Minx
8 Try (AMS Remix) – Sillygirlcarmen
9 Ain’t No Need To Hide (Sam Divine Extended Remix) – Sandy B
10 Higher Feat. Shrii (Extended Mix) – Simone Vitullo, David Herrero, Shrii Higher
11 I’m Going Up (Qubiko Extended Remix) – Alaia & Gallo, Michelle Weeks
12 I Want You (Original Mix) – Sam Divine
13 Payback (Original Mix) – Blu 9
14 Caught Up (Extended Mix) – Sonny Fodera
15 The Get Down – Mighty Mouse
16 Hot Stuff (Ralphi Rosario And Erick Ibiza 2018 Rework) – Donna Summer Hot Stuff
17 Untitled Sounds – Col Lawton, Rob Savage
18 Ring My Bell (House Mix) – Foot Plinter way for the red code
19 Feeling Mighty (Original Mix) – David Harness, Ultra Nate

podcast #119

seren.a is an electronic sound artist from Düsseldorf, co-founder and DJ of the all-female collective Get Over It. She pioneers the representation of queer women on stage and behind the decks in NRW. Growing up in the early nineties, she was heavily influenced by the Techno music that she heard on the radio. At the age of five she developed a passion for drumming. In her early teenage years she started playing guitar which lasted for 20 years. seren.a found a connection to her early childhood passion and switched to electronic music as her desire for tribal percussion and repetition grew heavier. She enjoys creating ambient soundscapes which is a very meditational process and helps her heal from wounds the heteronormative world left upon her. Being a heavy hardware synth enthusiast she taught herself orchestrating her own soundscapes live and is currently working on her third stage composition for dance. Her mixes are generally a broader melange of different styles but mostly features flint or queer artists. She released her first track earlier this year on system ctl.

coucou chloe – skin like sin [Creamcake] 2016
Femmepop – Tief [self-released] 2022
Linn da Quebrada – Mate & Morra [Natura Musical] 2021
Neue deutsche Wahrheit – Wenn du Willst (monibi remix) 2021
Eris Drew – Quivering in Time [T4T LUV NRG ] 2021
LSDXOXO – Bind That Bitch [self-released] 2014
Petal Supply – You’re so pretty [SONG®︎004] 2020
Angel Demon – Angst [self-released] 2020
Rodhad & Lady Starlight – 200704 [WSNWG] 2020
Doss – Jumping [Duet(10)] 2022
Zebra Katz – IN IN IN (Anastasia Kristensen Remix) [ZFK Records] 2020
Peachlyfe – DIGI. Deepling Outfit Quest [Lobster Theremin] 2021
Hadone, Anetha – 4pm Snacks [Mama told ya] 2020
UFO95 – Should I Go [Mama told ya] 2020
seren.a – recursive [unreleased]
BORGBORG – Mind The Gag [system ctl] 2022

podcast #118

A‑B was born in Hamburg and spent her formative years in Berlin, where she discovered her love for techno music. She started to DJ when she moved to Southern Germany for her studies, where she eventually started to play at bigger events and club venues. She also became part of the queer-feminist DJ collective FemBPM. Together they strive for more diversity and visibility behind the decks and a stronger culture of awareness in the clubbing scene. Her sound is very energetic and driving, with a focus on dark melodic techno. Some sets also include deep house or tech house elements. As a child born and raised in the 90s, she also has a love for tunes from the older days.

Mateo! – Zordon (Kaufmann Remix)
Lilly Palmer – Amnesie
Drunken Kong – Realize
Bloody Mary, Milton Bradley – Tales From Space
The Lady Machine – Resilience
Luke Marshall & Mha Iri – Umbra
Mha Iri – Open Up
Ida Engberg – Reverse Time
ANNA – Phase Two

podcast #117

Thought Criminal is a multi-genre DJ from Aberdeen in Scotland, best known for high-energy vinyl mixes of hard, bouncy rave, industrial, acid, and old school techno. She plays at clubs and parties in Scotland and has featured on live-streams, podcasts and radio shows for collectives all over the world. Thought Criminal is resident and co-founder of Aberdeen’s Fierce Collective, a group who support and promote fellow womxn/nb DJs, producers and artists and provide DJ skills workshops. She hosts the two Fierce Collective radio shows, which feature womxn and nb DJs and producers; and organizes the Fierce club nights in Aberdeen, which combine womxn and nb DJs with live art. She is also a resident at Binary School/Binary Trax, a club night and label showcasing local electronic music producers; and Aphrodite, Aberdeen’s queer dance party. She is proud to be a member of the international female:pressure community.

About this mix:
This is a hard acid & industrial techno vinyl mix of music produced by womxn and non-binary artists. Many of the most talented, successful and respected producers in this scene are womxn/nb artists- they make up almost 50% of Thought Criminal’s digital hard/acid/industrial music collection. Sadly, there is still a massive gender (and every other system of oppression) bias in the vinyl market. Respect to the labels actively trying to fix that.

Aida Arko – No Turning Back [System A Recordings] 2020
Mila Chiral – A Life in 7min [Self-release] 2021
Nur Jaber – There He Goes (Original Mix) [OSF] 2017
Lady Maru – B12 Deficiency [Genaka Genlive Prod.] 2019
La Fraicheur – Renouveau [Lobster Theremin] 2021
ALNA – Don’t Stop [Out of CTRL] 2022
Ayako Mori – Acid Gradation [Acid Boiler Coalition] 2020
Aida Arko – Kikkuofu [System A Recordings] 2020
Peachlyfe – Elemental Friend [Lobster Theremin] 2021
Anetha – Gedo Senki [Possession] 2020
Tasha Killer Pussies – Killacore [Choci’s Chewns] 1997
Cassie Raptor – Disturbed [Possession] 2022
Hybral – Unheard Voices [Durch] 2021
ØTTA – The Holy Jane [Possession] 2021

podcast #116

Electric Indigo, DJ, composer, musician has performed in 45 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. She represents an intelligent and distinguished interpretation of techno and electronic music. In 1998 she founded the transnational female:pressure network for which she received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronic in 2009. The Republic of Austria awarded her with the Kunstpreis Musik in 2020. Electric Indigo premiered her compositions at festivals like Wien Modern, Musikprotokoll, CTM or Heroines of Sound and composed for Klangforum Wien. Her debut album “5 1 1 5 9 3” came out on Imbalance Computer Music, followed by “Ferrum” on Editions Mego in 2020. “Brittle” was released on Ventil Records in 2022.

01. Electric Indigo – Brittle [Ventil]
02. MimiCof – love control feat. HPRIZM [raster]
03. Rojin Sharafi – Boloor [Zabte Sote]
04. Azu Tiwaline – Magnetic Service feat. Cinna Peyghamy [Livity Sound]
05. [MONRHEA] – .as .we .journey [self released]
06. Contagious – Whiptail Lizard [Morphine]
07. Katharina Ernst – début [Ventil]
08. NPVR – close2find part1 [$ pwgen 20]
09. Ziúr – Catch Me Never [Planet Mu]
10. 3SBAT – Death & Rebirth [Soma]
11. rRoxymore – Passages [Don’t Be Afraid]
12. Shygirl – TWELVE [Because Music Ltd.]
13. Suzi Analogue – PPL PWR [self released]
14. Zvrra – Tired Beetle [Avian]
15. Catnapp – stay unsaved feat. Aamourocean [Monkeytown]
16. Pursuit Grooves – Cheer [What Rules]
17. Hüma Utku – Continuing Bonds [Editions Mego]
18. Marija Jovanovic – Addiction / Electric Indigo Remix [Third Ear]

—> if you like the tracks, please support the artists and labels and buy them on Bandcamp

podcast #115

Christina Shivers is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based musician, artist, and academic. She creates experimental electronic music inspired by both her training as an architect and her studies in classical music and theory, approaching music creation as a design challenge. Her music is created through the layering of multiple melodic and harmonic elements in the creation of slowly morphing sonic landscapes. She is also influenced by progressive house and trance, dub techno, and ambient music.

50 minutes of Christina Shivers playing Modular Synth Live

podcast #114

About Luisa Houseworks: What started out as a love for music, evolved into a life purpose of sharing vibrations, uplifting the communities she serves through the power of music. Luisa’s technical and professional knowledge of music has enabled her to play for diverse audiences and her event-specific performances exploring Soul, Funk, Techno, House, Deep House, Boogie, Disco & beyond.
Luisa remains active in her career by booking events that are unique to the region and transcend musical genres. With this in mind, she is able to expose new people to her DJing ‘style’.

1. Rosa Terenzi & D. Tiffany – Paparazzi
2. Amy Dabbs & Coco Bryce – Ma Bae Bae Blonde
3. Mor Elian – Sparkle Tube
4. Peach – Buttercup
5. Lis Sarroca – Maravella
6. Denaila – Get Down On It
7. Maayan Nidam – Trippin’ Over You
8. SUCHI – Seher (Edit)
9. Estella Boersma – The Measure
10. Eliza Rose & m4a4 – Temptation
11. Blu:sh – Candy Land

podcast #113

Nadja Si is an activist, filmmaker, sound designer and video editor from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fully dedicated to music, she was inspired by her all-time favorite band Depeche Mode and started experimenting with DJ-ing in 2015. Nadja Si started to explore and admire electronic tunes with dark and melancholic sound in teenage years. Therefore, her sets are very energetic, full of experimental and hard techno tunes that make people dance. Currently based in Sarajevo, she also works at the university as a teaching assistant where she lectures film and design. Today, she is a resident DJ in club Trezor in Sarajevo and part of collective Dance More Sleep Later.

1. Carlota – Locus Error
2. Anetha – Miyuki & Patrizia
3. Juliet Fox – Beyond Physical
4. Annē – Nude (Insolate Remix)
5. Anetha – Interstellar
6. UFO95 x Anetha – On/Offline
7. Cassie Raptor – Interdiction de Danser
8. Anetha, Alex Wilcox – Paris, Texas
9. Vamp Acid – Psychogenic Love
10. Carlota – Cool in the Pool

podcast #112

Dear community, Inverno speaking. This sound collage/mixtape of
experimental, deconstructed sounds, that you are about to listen to, was
exclusively made with tracks by Ukrainian artists or released on Ukrainian
Labels. Support Ukrainian musicians. Support Ukraine. 💙💛

Based in Berlin and committed to the concept of anonymity, INVERИO aims to keep the focus on the music and not the identity behind the decks. Mixing Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Italo and the full spectrum of Techno, INVERИO’s sets are built like a movie with a touch of drama. INVERИO is the host of the radio show “Made In Tracks” on Sound Systems Radio. Co-founder of BLVSH Collective, which mission is to grow the exposure, peer support, and promotion of all FLINTGA* talents.

*FLINTGA stands for Female, Lesbian, Inter, Non-binary, Trans, Genderqueer and Agender people

Nastya Vogan – Anti
Zavoloka – Kolomyika
Burning Woman – Tripping in Hell
Diana Azzuz & Rina Priduvalova – In Case You Missed It
Maryana Klochko – Babusia
Voin Oruwu – Heritage feat. Monoconda
Biøs & Poly Chain – Elektromontaz
Katarina Gryvul – Rozpad
John Object – 500mg
Katarina Gryvul – In Coma
Recid – Stryzhka
Emil Asadow – Anamnesia Mother’s Voice
Alinka – Putin Huilo
ϙue – There Is Even a Rhythm in Being Empty

podcast #111

Lina has been part of the US underground scene for over a decade. She has shared the stage with artists such as Coyu, Hito, DVS1, Robbie Rivera, Drumcell, The YellowHeads, Shaded, Dave Seamen just to name a few. Lina has set herself apart throughout the years with a dynamic track selection in Techno, Trance, Progressive, Tech House, and House. As soon as Lina hits the play button, she is in full control of the dance floor. Her sound echoes throughout the venue with an upbeat groove and dark hypnotic waves that flow through every track she plays.

1. Shanti Celeste – Nu4him (Original Mix)
2. Jil Tanner – Behind Locked Doors (GIORG Remix)
3. Jansons, Dope Earth Alien – Medicine (Extended Mix)
4. Juliet Sikora, Tini Gessler – Mandala Acid (Original Mix)
5. Lilly Palmer – Before Acid (Original Mix)
6. Supernova, Medusa – Deep Side Of Things (Original Mix)
7. Cinthie – Rave Like No One Is Watching (Original Mix)
8. Anfisa Letyago – I’d Rather B (Mark Broom Mix 2)
9. Eman, Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai – Disco Shepards (Main Mix)
10. Jil Tanner – Secret Space (Original Mix)
11. Monika Kruse – Latex (Original Mix)
12. CAITLIN – Freaks & Misfits (Thomas Schumacher Remix) 
13. 8Kays Feat. Cari Golden – Darkness & Light (Bebetta Remix) 
14. Bella Boo – Can’t Leave You Like This (Karima F Remix)

podcast #110

Berlin-based artist Eclectic Elektra is a DJ, vinyl collector, and producer. Her music is eclectic, ranging from Italo disco to dark disco, house and synth-pop to electro, trance and acid. Think of it as a cheeky Italo 80s hit with an acid baseline and some 90s house stabs. In the past year, she used her time in lockdown to venture into music production and is set to release her first EP in 2022 Stay tuned! ✨

1. Club Domani & Emmanuelle – Blush Beat (ft. Stephanie Glitter)
2. Cinthie – Offenback Anthem
3. Furor Exótica – Macchina Bum Bum (Donald’s House Remix)
4. Perel – Angelika
5. Boy Harsher – Machina (ft. Ms. BOAN – Mariana Saldaña)
6. Sarah Wild – Hundred Times Over My Head
7. Terr – Energy Sync (Club Mix)
8. Perel – Karlsson (Bloody Mary Cat’s on Acid Remix)
9. Sedef Adasi – Anonymous Force
10. 9th House – Phoenica (Loods Remix)
11. Cosmic Cherry – Tara
12. Roza Terenzi – Cosmology
13. Kabylie Minogue – Mrs. Charanjit
14. Peach – Galaxy Girl
15. Curses – Surrender (Jennifer Cardini Remix)
16. Donna Summer – Sunset People

podcast #109

Italian born, after living in many different countries, it was in Switzerland four years ago that Maura Lombardo finally decided it was time to actively pursue her passion for music. First Zurich and then Geneva, she found an inspiring creativity in what are generally considered smaller scenes. Maura’s DJ sets are usually a blend of techno, electro, EBM, new beat and trance tunes. With her sets she wishes to bring people on a journey of paced rhythms without ever leaving emotions aside. She also recently started producing and looks forward to releasing her first tracks.

• Dolomea – Swirling Vault (2020)
• Nikki Nair – Low dimension (2019)
• Arctor – Soulless (Tremors, 2019)
• Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Rotorwerks (Solar One Music, 2019)
• Client_03 – Wavefile_Dayjob (2021)
• Maruwa – This 1 is for the ravers (Lobster Theremin, 2019)
• Adam Pits – Variation 3 (Holding Hands, 2021)
• Client_03 – Debt Loop Buffer (2019)
• Commuter – Equanimity (Ukonx Recordings, 2019)
• Yushh – Team Boot (Woozy, 2020)
• Nite Fleit – Borderline (Planete Euphorique, 2019)
• False Persona – Orbit (2019)
• Viikatory – All These Bitches (International Chrome, 2021)
• Gray – Fractal (2021)

podcast #108

Live acid techno producer and dark electro DJ, Vamp Acid, hails from LA to Berlin. Smoky vocals radiate power over spicy acid synths infused with sweet analog beats reminiscent of the 1990s. Her post-punk roots expanded into DJing electro-industrial and synthpop records over radio. At Colombian rave Bogotrax, breakcore and techno DJs inspired her to learn the ropes of music production with EBM pioneers, Nitzer Ebb. Sponsored by Musicboard Berlin GmbH, her debut album, Psychogenic Love was just released on 31 Jan 2022 on Bandcamp
Her passion for music communities has led her to produce dark electro nights in LA (Goldcell) and Berlin (Dreikantholz). She’s guest DJ’d with Leipzig EBM collective, Unterschall and synthpop promoter, LA Dead. Berlin avant-garde label Machine Jazz, defines her style as ‘dark rave.’ Recently, Mind The Music (Belgium) interviewed Jade on Reform Radio (UK) about working in the music industry through the lens of neurodiversity. They explore her advocacy for inclusion and equality with practical insights for musicians to achieve their goals.

Vamp Acid – Beat That Body (Vamp Acid, 2022) 
CMD – Body Locked (Fixed Rhythms, 2021) 
Alienata – The 8th Passenger (Machine Label, 2018)
Animistic Beliefs – Blind Submission (brokntoys, 2020)
Lady Maru – The Power (Trovarsi Remix) (​​Paroxysm Music, 2019)
Sarah Strandberg – Welcome To My Nightmare (Witches Are Back, 2020)
Xarah Dion – Dysphorie (SARIN Remix) (X-IMG, 2016)
Minimal Violence – InDreams (Cardopusher Remix)(Technicolour, 2019)
Boy Harsher – Westerners (Nude Club Records, 2017)
Synths Versus Me – Bratislava Pt.2 (Oráculo Records, 2016)

podcast #107

Oana is a DJ and electronic music producer born in Craiova, Romania. Her style is unique and pivots between minimal techno, house, groovy infused with psychedelic melodic lines and hypnotic vocals. Her DJ skills have led her to collaborate with highly regarded organizations and teaching panels at Soundcloud and Berghain HQ. Always participating in some fascinating movements promoting inclusion, support of women and those who identify as non-binary in the music world.

1. Oana – Unreleased
2. Oana – Starseed
3. Oana – Dreams From Mars
4. Oana – The Consciousness Architect 
5. Oana – Free Zone 
6. Oana – Transmisiune Intergalactica
7. Oana – Dimensiuni Paralele
8. Oana – Flori de Luna

podcast #106

Carolina Arroba known as Caro Arroba is an Ecuadorian musician, producer and performer, currently based in Chicago IL. She has been performing live since 2002. Her close bond with minimalism led her to develop a Live PA set exclusively played on hardware. She creates Techno Contemporary, and Techno-tinged using melodies by the recognizably Ecuadorian flutes and guitar. Using synthetic pads that measure loudness, showing female sensitivity. Always generating an atmosphere of sweetness in the mid-ranges. Carolina is exploring the relationship between the body nature and machines. The sound foundations of her project are the result of experimentation in machine hardware synthesis, textures, micro percussion, powerful rings of drum and bass. Carolina Arroba still very active within the electronic music scene in Ecuador and just released her second EP called Authorial with the label Mishky Records.

Carolina Arroba – master [00:33 to 25:05]
Carolina Arroba – casio [25:05 to 47:00]
Carolina Arroba – to end last [from 47:00]

podcast #105

3AM a.k.a Ana Marjanidze is Georgian DJ based in Tbilisi, emerged in 2020, inspired by various foreign and Georgian artists she is trying to remain genuine and create connection with the people, giving them emotions and feelings, which are product of personal development. 
3AM is a proof of an idea, that no matter what you do in your life, what profession you may have, you are still able to be creative and dare to touch art in the most intimate way. Her aim is to consolidate all the sides of her personality in one project.

1. Ani Zakareishvili – Opening [CES Records]
2. Cio D’Or – Uhr [Telrae]
3. Anja Zaube – Mysterious Lake [://about blank]
4. Yuka – Biological Invention [End of Perception]
5. Dasha Rush – Antares [Raster-Noton]
6. Polygonia – Above Ground [Lowless]
7. Yuka – Dark crystals [End of Perception]
8. Polygonia – Transparent Creature [Lowless]
9. Aleja Sanchez – Inner Voices [Northallsen Records]
10. Yukari Okamura – Grow [Oslated]
11. Polygonia – Acacia [Deflection Music]
12. Yuka, Elisa Batti – SOLAR FLEAR [Immaterial.Archives]
13. Aleja Sanchez – Caelum [Northallsen Records]
14. Polygonia – Danza De La Lluvia [Lowless]
15. Sandra Mosh – Pildammen [Northallsen Records]
16. Electric Indigo & Irradiation – Phytoplankton [TEMP Records]
17. Polygonia – Drifting Clouds [Gang Of Ducks]
18. Anushka Chkheidze – Good Flight, Emanuel! [CES Records]

podcast #104

Berlin-based DJ BB Deng was born in Hong Kong and raised in Taiwan. She started her music career playing in rock bands and was a resident DJ in clubs in Taipei. In 2004 she moved to Beijing for her film study, but she didn’t let go her passion for music and in 2008 she opened a club named “The Boat” – a real boat that combines live performances, DJ parties and film screenings. She later joined China’s first electronic music label Acupuncture Records and helped organize countless parties, including the famous INTRO electronic music festival. In 2016 she got signed with the British electronic music equipment brand Novation as its first Taiwanese ambassador. In the same year, she joined the family of Chinese booking agency Modernsky, and began touring festivals and clubs around the world, from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mongolia to Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Austria, Finland, Poland and Spain. In 2018, Deng BB started releasing her own techno productions. From German labels – Sound of Berlin, Kuukou Records, Be Sure, Fehler Musik, Electrotribe – to other national labels such as Reload Black label (Spain), Blackat Label (Miami), Minitech (Amsterdam), Set of the day (Switzerland), ABC boyler coalition (Italy) to Fallen Angel (USA) and Industrial girls (Colombia). In 2019, BB Deng moved to Berlin to continue her performance and production work.

Kim Cosmik – Evolution revolution (Ivna Ji Remix)
Risa Taniguchi – Ridiculous
Klaudia Gawlas & Flug – The Matrix
Rebekah – The Otherside
Mila Chiral – A Life In 7 Min
Alinka – Control Transmission
ZIGE – Futuro Primitivo
Bloody Mary – Reclaim
Ellen Allien – UFO
Insolate ft. Sara Renar – What Do You Believe?
BB Deng – Bell Trip
Sheefit – Janete Normal
Lady Starlight – You
Ayako Mori – One Regret (BB Deng Remix)
BB Deng – Purple Hertz
BB Deng – Broken Ego

podcast #103

Femmepop is singer, composer and producer Margaret O’Sullivan. She writes, records, produces and mixes her own work. She has recently signed to Werra Foxma Records and will release her new album in 2022. 
Her music can be described as dark, emotive, electronic soundscapes but her sound is always evolving. Her last two self-released Eps entitled ‘London’ and ‘CYM’ were a mixture of house, dance, techno and dubstep. Femmepop’s first album was released in 2014 and received national airplay on both Irish radio RTE and on the UK’s renowned BBC Music 6 radio and London’s X Radio.
Femmepop had so far released 2 albums and 4 Eps. Since her debut album she has played at many important venues and festivals, namely at Rough Trade, Dot to Dot Festival, Liverpool Sound City festival, Whelan’s Dublin and Urban Spree Berlin. 
She is currently in the process of writing a new album titled ‘Watch this space’.

• Haiku Hands – Eat this Bass
• Essel – Love Vibration (Extended Mix)
• Yulia Niko – Rave Girl
• Maxinne – Tell Me Something (Extended Mix)
• Amy Lauren & Nicole Fiallo – Something Fresh (Extended Mix)
• VTSS – Trust Me
• Juliet Fox – Wanna Dance
• Cora Novoa – Cause This Is The End
• Sylvie Maziarz – Generation Y (WarinD Records)
• Monki – Ring Ring (Hot Creations)
• Essel – Forgive Me (Club Mix)

podcast #102

Materia Hache is that silence that opens for constant change: it is QUEER, it is TECHNO, it is HOUSE. Since the beginning of 2020 Materia Hache has immersed in the search of looking for women and nonbinary electronic music producers. Materia Hache’s goal is to give visibility to all those voices.

01. Eitan Reiter & Ella Gutman – Flat Earth (Be As One Imprint)
01. Octa Octa – Mine (Second Chance Mix) [100% Silk, 2014]
02. Anja Schneider & Sebo K – Rancho Relaxo [Mobilee, 2012]
03. Eris Drew – Loving Clav [T4T LUV NRG, 2021]
04. Kelli Hand – Edge Water (Aqua Mix) [Warp Records, 1994]
05. Alinka – State Of Mind [Balkan Vinyl, 2021]
06. Panooc – Adjuster [Sorry Records, 2020]
07. Cinthie – 13 Steps to Heaven [Shall Not Fade, 2021]
08. ANNE – Borders [Symbolism, 2021]
09. Roza Terenzi w/ D. Tiffany – Chosen Family [FeudStep Ball Chain, 2020]
10. Elisa Bee – Miss Operator [Symbolism, 2021]
11. Hannah Wants & Kevin Knapp – Call Me (extended mix) [Toolroom Records, 2019]
12. Gayle San – Hit It [Orange Recordings, 2017]
13. Househead Samira – Arco Iris [Moveltraxx, 2020]
14. Ellery Cowles – Adrenalin Rush [Djax-Up-Beats, 1998]
15. Kameliia – Se Leurrer [Overbalance, 2021]
16. Lady Starlight – Them [Figure, 2018]
17. Black Girl / White Girl – Fire Power (Og Mix) [Self Release, 2021]
18. Cute Heels feat. Aga Wilk – State of Mind (Noncompliant Remix) [Dark Entries, 2018]
19. Emily Jeanne – Dissimilar Friendships [Semantica, 2020]
20. Elkka – Euphoric Melodies [Technicolour, 2021]
21. Paula Cazenave – Datura [Symbolism, 2021]
22. Anika Kunst – Different Approach [Rekids, 2021]
23. Lauren Flax – It’s Ours (Jimmy Edgar Remix) [Unknown To The Unknown, 2018]
24. Tom Haefele – Dressed To Kill (Sarah Farina Remix) [Unreleased – Tom, 2021]
25. Xhin – Letter By Circle [Meerestief Records, 2008]
26. Jackie Queens – Feel It Now (Cornelius Remix) [Get Physical Music, 2019]
27. Olive T – Mind Wanders [Self Released, 2021]
28. Monika Kruse – Trippy Tipi [Terminal M, 2012]
29. Bicep – You (Steffi remix) [Aus Music, 2012]
30. Honey Dijon feat. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O – Downtown [Classic, 2021]

podcast #101

Upcoming artist, DJ Boney S. She has been buying vinyl for 25 years, raving since 18, and organizing parties for 12 years. She decided to explore the craft during lockdown. Who would have thought that COVID-19 would make her pick up the vinyl and play records after all those years?! But hey, it’s never too late!
Follow DJ Boney S and catch her in the mix:

‘Vinyl Only’ mix by DJ BONEY S

01. Eitan Reiter & Ella Gutman – Flat Earth (Be As One Imprint)
02. Sandra Mosh – Paimon (Brothers Black)
03. Insolate – Shiftin’ Power (Out Of Place)
04. Tsorn – Craving And Seeking (Hypress)
05. Aadja – Idyll Communication (Gen X)
06. Lokier – Secrets (VEYL)
07. Salome – Stalker (Lobster Theremin)
08. Yazzus – Generation X (Steel City Dance Discs)
09. Overland – Cicada Rhythm (none/such)
10. Polar Attraction – Slippin’ (Sweaty Records)
11. DJ MELL G x destroy – Danger (Childsplay)
12. Luz1e – Transition (VOITAX)
13. Dalo – Zafram (WARNING)
14. Key Clef – Mental Groove (Composite Profuse Remix) (Ipnotica Erotica Rec)
15. Steffi & Stingray – Explanatory Power (Klakson)
16. Raica – Harchone (Further Records)

podcast #100

Compilation of short messages and sound of members of our network created for the Thessaloniki Film Festival Podcast section.
Edited by akkamiau

TRACKLIST and spoken contributions:
1. Electric Indigo – ferrum 7 @indigo
2. Donna Maya – Michigan Central Station @donnamaya
3. Gudrun Gut @ggut
4. AGF – Aergia @agf-antye-greie
5. death of codes – violet night @deathofcodes
6. Caro C – Dreamers For Elisa @carocsound
7. Ipek ipekcioglu feat. Petra Nachtmanova – UYAN UYAN @djipek
8. nima D @nima_ikki
9. Jacki-E – Break It Down V1 @jackiepalmer
10. Miki Yui – Dancing(swamp) @miki-yui
11. DJ Kohlrabi (Aiko Okamoto) @bubu-mo
12. Slothmotion (Lena Sima Löffeler) @slothmotion
13. Catenation (Sylvia Hinz & Jeanne Artemis Strieder) – [sink] excerpt @catenation
14. Inga Humpe @ingahumpeofficial
15. MEDIATRIX – The Accomplice @ninathefirst
16. Ratel C – Un fil d’amour @ratel-c
17. Mila Chiral – Power of Dispair @milachiral
18. Slow Dimension – Echos in my head @slowdimension22
19. Lenia @djlenia
20. Monibi – Corona ate my dollaz @mawnyb
21. Badmoiselle – The Drops The Drops @badmoiselle
22. ona:v @ona_vera
23. Petals in sound – Buoyancy @petalsinsound-music
24. HYENAZ – Perimeter (Adrienne Teicher) @hyenaz
25. HYENAZ – Perimeter (Mad Kate) @hyenaz
26. Zustand D. – Audiostatement @zustand-d
27. Ikigai (Pooja B) & Lost Algorithm – Uninterrupted @pooja_b_ikigai
28. Small Souki – Poison (II)
29. Noémie – Tribal Dance @noemie303
30. Paulinhx @paulinhx
31. Susie Kahlich @prettydeadlypodcast
32. Zustand D. – Tanz mit mir den Perchtentanz (im Regen) @zustand-d
33. Akkamiau @akkamiau @hithertoo

podcast #99

Slow Dimension (Nantes, Paris, Buenos Aires) is Lou Berlinger‘s new project. Her productions are the precise combination of the shades and opacity of dark techno sounds with light, dubby, echoed and filtered chords. Lou has been spinning her minimal, dub and deep techno records for over a decade and had the opportunity to present her live performance under another alias at Batofar, Wilde Renate, Iboat and Cocoliche between 2012-2016.
Slow Dimension is a live machine which has been presented in festivals such as Paco Tyson or Cultures Bar-Bars and at 44 Tours. Recently, she was among the five finalists for the springboard Sortie de Piste in Nantes and has been signed on Apnea Label last January.

Dasha Rush – Ocean Sky
Soela – White Becomes Black
Helly Larson – The Way Of The Deep
Kooscha – Forma
Duchess of Dub – Traffic Jam (Katelanos Remix)
Oculus – Nostalgia
Basic Noise – Photosynthesis
Oana Leca – Mitul Fetinelor
Slow Dimension – Untitled #02
Hydrangea – La Diagonale Du Vide

podcast #98

Rayndu is a DJ and cultural manager from Warsaw, Poland. She roams mainly between electro and techno but her selection also includes more broken sounds, bass and ghetto. Story and narration in each of her sets are of utmost importance to her. She works towards engaging the music community in social issues – she is a part of Beats of Solidarity Collective, which aims at creating events supporting social campaigns and charity. 

1. FJAAK – To The Peak ft Elli Acula (Steffi Remix)
2. DJ Mell G – Drop Da Bass
4. Dj Frankie – Show me love (Edit)
5. Local Gropu – Work That Thing
6. DJ Mell G – Who Gives A Damn
7. D.I.E – Detroit Party Train
9. Stojche – Thug Life
10. Jadzia – Energy Leak 
11. Animistic Beliefs – Toque Mortal
13. Luz1e – Radical Optimism
14. Salome – Doppelganger
15. upsammy – 09-06

podcast #97

crylighter creates sounds to soothe and assist the mood cycle, seeking to articulate the desolation and catharsis found in texture combinations of the same. They are an independent sound artist and writer based in New Delhi. 

1. Makornik – Funky Transfusion
2. E-Saggila – Anima Bulldozer
3. Alex Krell – Hunting My Demons
4. Félicie – Always Online For U
5. Sara Landry – Skate
6. Samantha Togni – An Invisible Gleam
7. VTSS – Woah
8. Jessy Lanza – Like Fire (Martyn Bootyspoon’s Chem Burn Remix)
9. Beatrice Dillon – Square Fifths
10. Catnapp – Slow (2k20 Version, Bungalovv Remix)
11. Pelada – Ten Cuicado (Jock Club Remix)
12. Julia Louise Knifefist + Zissou – In The Club
13. Zustand D. – Polysexual Laser Sharks
14. Katy Perry – ET
15. Shygirl – LENG
16. Solid Blake – Yagharek
17. Pelada – Asegura
18. Taso + Siete Catorce + Lao + Adrian Be – Gotas
19. TYRANT – Methylphenidate
20. VTSS + Crystal Geometry – MDM508
21. Krl Mx – 909 For My Valentine
22. DJ Earl – Another Chance
23. Kellen 303 – Planet X
24. Umfang – Spaces On Spaces
25. Luca Duran + Parco Palaz – Metal Parce (BADSISTA Remix)
26. Bours? – Nacht Powder (Chlär Remix)
27. Xavier – Flight From Warsaw
28. Kilbourne – Goretex
29. Varya Karpova – Chase The Sun
30. The Fifth Stigma – Fallen Kingdom (Rommek Remix)
31. Jordan Nocturne – Gemini Boy (Kornel Kovacs Remix)

podcast #96

Laura Balboa is a radio producer and independent researcher that investigates experimental sound with a gender perspective in Mexico and its connection with Latin America. She has worked as a multidisciplinary artist and designer for the Mexican electronic and sound art scenes and she is now part of Radio Nopal with her radio show called Bulla, featuring the work of women and non binary sound producers. Based in Sweden, she is also a designer working in Research & Development at Arduino, the innovation and open source technology company. 

1. Espectra Negra – Thysia (2020, Urban Arts Berlin Label) / 00:00
2. Leena Lee – Transubstantiation (2020) / 02:30
3. Piaka Roela – Días todavía (2021, Oris Label) / 06:47
4. Lucrecia Dalt – Disuelta (2020, RVNG Label) / 10:16
5. Camille Mandoki – LOW (2013) / 13:05 
6. Molamol – (In)habitable (2021) / 16:18
7. Alexandra Cárdenas – ZeeZicht (2017) 22:04
8. ZGAMU – De minibus bonorum et malorum (2021, We Only Share Label) / 25:52
9. LDY OSC – Nenechant (2018, The Bunker NY Label) / 27:44
10. Gudrun Gut + Mabe Fratti – Aufregend (2021, Umor Rex Label) / 33:53
11. Smurphy – SHIVA TEXMEX (2015) / 38:08
12. Tatiana Heuman – Akane (2018, Astro Nautico Label) 42:28
13. Debit – untitled (2019) / 45:15
14. NEUROKILL – EN LA NOCHE (2021) / 48:57

podcast #95

Atika Altar is a DJ, producer & artist from Singapore, currently based in Warsaw. She has played locally and regionally in Bali, Wonderfruit Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Tokyo, before moving to Europe during the pandemic.

1. Electric Indigo – Observations
2. Kyoka – YESACLOUDui
3. Mira Calix – Skin With Me
4. D. Tiffany – AK
5. Shinedoe – System
6. Afrodeutsche – Day Tuner
7. Paula Temple – Cloned
8. Sissel Wincent – Aura Symptoms
10. Nene H – How Do You Dare To
11. VTSS – Sytuacja jest beznadziejna
12. Marie Davidson – Workaholic Paranoid Bitch
13. Katatonic Silentio – midnight train breaking through 
14. Adriana Lopez – What Lies Behind
15. Xosar – Skin Hammer
16. Kelli Hand – Noon (Midnite Mix)
17. Ellen Allien – Bpitch @ Tacheles
18. E-saggila – lux campaign
19. Ciel – Hipwrecked
20. Door Girl – Door Girl Interlude

podcast #94

Lena Ortega (aka Leena Lee) is a sound artist, field recordist, researcher, designer and teacher whose line of research explores the intersections between natures/cultures. Member of the interdisciplinary research group Arte+Ciencia at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She has been a visiting artist and researcher in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Finland and has participated in national and international group exhibitions. She has published articles in collective books on design, philosophy and sound art publications. Currently host of the radio program Sin Superficie, la Piel no es el Límite, dedicated to the active practice of listening. She presents works, mostly by women and non-binary artists, in the fields of sound ecology, sound art and experimental music.

00 Introduction
01 Jessica Rosen – Fire Water // 2019 
02 Leena Lee & Vania Fortuna – Niebla // 2020 
03 Elisabetta Senesi – Still (excerpt) // 2020 
04 Kate Carr – Pebble Dash Static // 2020 
05 Valentina Villaroel – Geofonías I // 2021 
06 Chiquita Magic – Isabel // 2019 
07 Ana María Romano – Posdomingo (excerpt) // 2021
08 Morita Vargas – La Montaña // 2019
09 CNDSD – Primal Urge // 2020
10 Diana Restrepo – Río con Sordina // 2020
11 Vania Fortuna & Gladys UC – Chaak // 2021
12 Amina Cyu – Tacca Chantrieri // 2020

podcast #93

Soviette is a Berlin based musical journalist, radio host and DJ with a focus on Russian/post-soviet music. She started mixing at parties with her collective nihil. Her approach to music has changed a lot throughout the years, she likes mixing underground rave producers with mainstream pop songs, and sometimes even telling a story by combining the artists lyrics or adding new ones to tracks without.

Only Fire – Period
Mascha Aljochina – Aus aktuellem Anlass
Lera Salnisova – Наркоактивизм
Тося Чайкина – Манифест
Manizha – Я устал
Zveta Sventana – на горе мак
Logic1000 – I Won’t Forget
dj sickfuck – Cruising at Night with Drug Dealer Boyfriend in an Impala
Mascha Aljochina – Im Schnee über Brücken
Jekka – Vremena
Machine Woman – Gift of Admiration and Gratitude
Lera Salnisova – x161x
Lisa Pin-Up – Rock with me
Benzii – Commodity
Lyzza – Hellraiser XXX
Moa pillar – змея

podcast #92

Katharina Schmidt is a musician based in Berlin.
Katharina’s solo work is heavily influenced by indie, experimental, and improvised music. Katharina likes exploring storytelling, sonic topographies, with generative techniques. Her music uses field recordings and self-built interfaces alongside acoustic instruments. From sonifications to lullabies. Her work is poised between formal experimentation and narratives cued by literature, pop culture. It can be heard in installations, film music, radiophonic pieces, and record labels such as Flag Day Recordings, Slaapwel Records, and Focused Silence.
Katharina holds a master’s degree in Sound Studies from the Berlin University of the Arts and is a resident at Cashmere Radio and SVS Radio.

00:00 Laurie Spiegel – Wandering in Our Times from: The Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds)
11:45 Katharina Schmidt & BirdWorld – Chimes Rework [excerpt] from: UNDA Reworks (Focused Silence) 
15:31 Manja Ristic – Blue Pine from: Kairos & the Dwellers (forms of minutiae)
25:31 Patricia Wolf – I’ll Look for You in Others from: I’ll Look for You in Others (Past Inside the Present)
32:05 Alexandra Cardenas – Unbroken [excerpt] from: Hipersonica (noox)
39:11 Bomb Sniffing Dogs – Black Pool from: Acid Zoo
43:50 L Twills – Antigone’s Dream from: [Freedom / Fiction]
47:27 Katharina Ernst – X_03 (fhloston paradigm remix)

podcast #91

Elektraversion, is an emerging female DJ from the UK. Her sound varies from electro, garage and breaks that create a dark groovy rhythm.

Mor Elian – Ruby
Nite Fleit – Psychic and Mental
Anz – Morphing into Brighter
Annie Hall – D’un Altre Planeta
Solid Blake – Warp Room Cybereign;Nastia Y – Wake Up
Annie Hall – Meido Estetico
Shanti Celeste – Infinitas
D. Tiffany – Feel U
LUZ1E – -4/5/20/18/15/9/20
Shanti Celeste – Sesame
Steffi – Ankertje
Anastasia Kristensen – Ascetic (In Breaks)

podcast #90

Praised for her equally fierce and bold dramatic performance style, Sylvia Hinz is one of the leading recorder players worldwide, specialized in contemporary music and improvisation#RecorderPower
Besides working as a classical trained musician, she is part of the industrial project Catenation and bass player & vocalist in dissonant-tech-death-metal band Coma Cluster Void. in her spare time, Sylvia likes to #SmashThePatriarchy.
Sign up for Silvia’s newsletter here: eepurl.com/gFUp3D

1. Fuck the Patriarchy by Offering in Spite
2. noisebonus16 by del_f64
3. Room 02 (Deep Wounds) by Catenation
4. Controvento by Marie Rose Sarri
5. Sarkha6 by Alexithymia
6. Dosage (Demo Version) by Holidaywife
7. Air Voice by Pillar Of Garbage
8. windserie 13 by Sylvia Hinz
9. Escape At Bedtime by Marie Wilhelmine Anders
10. Iota by Jomoon
11. Inductive Encounter by Steffi Baron-Neuhuber
12. Zami by Moor Mother
13. Channel Z by Zustand D.
14. Erschiessen by Ideal

podcast #89

A natural born entertainer, mother, visual artist and a 20 year healer, producer, radio host and DJ, makes up LOLO’s life. LOLO is a thriving artist in the Cleveland, Akron and Detroit area, she holds a DJ residency at The Still House at Gervasi Vineyard. She began the LOLO KNOWS brand with the release of her dance music radio podcast, LOLO KNOWS Friday Night Mix which is now evolving to LOLO KNOWS Club Kid Mix Series which can be heard on multiple platforms including iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, MixCloud, SoundCloud, ITunes and more. She showcases talent from the regional DJs, to the world’s main stage DJs and producers.

1. The Blessed Madonna, Fred again – Marea 
2. Adisyn & Wassu – Sun Kissed Computer
3. Sydney Blu & Dantiez – Waiting For You 
4. Nicole Moudaber – Bubble Ride
5. Jamie Jones – Pepper Shake 
6. Vibeke & Gina Turner – Been Through 
7. DJ Minx- Paris to 313 
8. Kaycee Ortiz- Morals (feat. Mister Wallace & Kaycee Ortiz) (Suga Shay Remix)
9. Anja Schneider – Run the City Techno 
10. Ida Engberg, Adam Beyer – You Know
11. Foxhovnd, Twitchin Skratch – Moksha
12. Anja Schneider – No One Knows
13. Sydney Blu, Fritz Helder – Monologue
14. Maya Jane Coles, Kid Enigma, M.F.S – Observatory Know About
15. Ida Engberg – Return to Consciousness

podcast #88

MIU LING is a Korean-Swiss artist based in Freiburg, Germany. After a few swerves and stops in classical music and singer-songwriting, MIU LING decided to explore music selection and the art of becoming a DJ. Her sound is meant to break stereotypes, is varied and unpredictable. Her mixes are influenced by her Korean roots, dark techno, and underground raves.

• Delhia de France  – Blank 
• Chicks on Speed – We are Data (Cora Novoa Remix)
• BEC – Energy
• Sara Landry – Existential Crisis
• Anetha – Nikita
• Effy (UK) – Bodied
• VTSS – Up & Down
• Rebekah – Breathe
• Miane – Baby open up to me
• Park Hye Jin – NO
• Annika Wolfe – Bust
• Fatima Hajji – Ykn
• CIFIKA – Kill me with your love
• Louisahhh – Chaos

podcast #87

Nnamael tells a mystic fairytale that arises within the set. They awake with spiritual, cadenced, transcendental sound patterns while they turn into a cryptic, energetic and hypnotizing journey, you cannot escape from. The memories of the Swiss nature are still in the soul of Nnamael. Get lost with Nnamael on a trippy, spirited adventure. Nnamael recently released her first track and her debut EP is coming soon! Musical style: dark atmospheric, transcendent, hypnotic, elemental, deep, evocative techno

Rosa Anschütz – Intro
Cio D’Or – XXXIII (Mike Parker Remix)
Linn Elisabet – You are made to make them sing (Denise Rabe Remix)
Akkamiau – 4CM
Denise Rabe – Drop it
Aleja Sanchez – Ether (Headless Horseman Remix)
Naty Seres & Bensen – Virtual Cloud Dimension (Matrixxman Remix)
Dasha Rush – Black Swan
Rebecca delle Piane – Luxe
Adriana Lopez – SMV
Grindvik & Sylvie Maziarz – Light Storm
Rebekah – Murder in Birmingham
Lady Maru – Die Kraft
Jamaica Suk – 4th Dimension
Carlota – Noise Psychosis
Terrence Dixon – Digital Ladder (Dasha Rush Remix)
Nnamael – Possessed
Lost Algorithm & OCD – Planet Destroyed

podcast #86

Paulette Sauvage uses techno music as a sword and a shield at the same time. She likes to modulate contradictions. Her DJ sets switch between cold and warm, fast and slow. She plays a deep and dislocated techno with a surprising groove. She blends music from the past and the future, that makes us feel strongly alive. Paulette Sauvage has performed in several clubs and festivals in France, like Astropolis, Made Festival, or La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris. She is also active in the queer collective from Nantes Usées Coutumes.

Tomu DJ – Wild Woods 2021
Azu Tiwaline – Luz Azul – IOT Records 2020
Shadowax – Nikolai Reptile – трип 2019
Powder – Lost Of Light – ESP Institute 2015
Vanessa Worm – In Heaven We Are – Optimo Music 2020
Konduku – Gegek – Nous’klaer Audio 2019
Decius – Delicate Sf – Decius Trax 2017
Klein Zage – She’s out there – Orphan Records 2019
A Jackin’ Phreak – Acid sex – RZ records 2004
Justin Cudmore – Forget it – The Bunker New York 2017 
Afrodeutsche – I Know Not What I Do – River Rapid 2019
Alinka – Control Transmission – Crosstown Rebels 2020
Chloe – Mars 500 – Permanent Vacation – 2021
Roza Terenzi – Stylish Tantrum – Step Ball Chain 2020
Plush Managements Inc. – Waiting for plush – Plush Records Inc 2020 
Eris Drew – Hold me (T4T Embrace Mix) – Naive 2018
Mastering by Alexis Raverdy

podcast #85

Lady Maru started producing music in 1994 with an electric guitar, some toy percussion and a Tascam 4-track recorder. At that time she was playing guitar and some rudes electronic devices in new wave and post punk bands. She offers a varied sound, ranging from hard acid techno with synth punk influences to the more recent industrial raw sounds, providing energetic DJ sets and productions. Her DJ career started in 2003 at Metaverso a small Roman “cult” club and at underground raves and parties trying to combine two influences: post punk and techno. Her actual sound as a producer and as a DJ is mostly based on acid techno with industrial and EBM influences.
She recently started her own label for acid tunes Acid Boiler Coalition and works for other musical projects, too, such as dance, theatre, performances, bands..

1 Aida Arko – Hadron
2 Allison Trench – La Lucha
3 Debbie – Sinner
4 Paula Camani – Kenopsia 
5 BB Deng – Into The Berlin Night
6 Ayako Mori – Your malice
7 Euyinn – Nice And Hard
8 Samantha Togni & Lady Maru – Future Cells
9 Victoria Mussi – Pandorga 
10 Miindii – Minimal
11 Lady Maru – Sythetic Sensation (Mira Chiral Remix) 
12 Eastel -Zadig 
13 Jamaika Suk feat Juho Kusti – Inland Road Between
14 Akkamiau – Voltage 
15 Suitek i- Freeze

podcast #84

Angelica Console was born on 23rd September 1996 near Bologna where she started to get in touch with the rave/industrial culture during her teenage years.
At the moment she lives in Milan and operates in her personal recording studio. “P37Studio” is a working project she started after her bachelor in audio production from SAE Institute. During the past years she worked on the concept of Italo-bufftech, a specific electronic music sub-genre she has conceived herself, coming from the union of minimal/glitch sounds, berserk rhythms, and Italian robotic vocals. These elements are put together in order to represent the never ending anxious state which we’re all constrained to live by nowadays society, which pushes us more and more to feeling the urge of being replaced by different kind of artificial intelligence and “social” algorithms. Italo-bufftech tracks produced by Angelica have been released on her Youtube channel “Olor” where she presents also graphic concepts she’s been working on in collaboration with visual artist and programmer Kinetic Mud.

1. Dinky – Anemik 2010
2. A Bad Man – Bad Man Ryan 2020
3. Margaret Dygas – Day After, Contexterrior Media 2007
4. Ellen Allien – Data Romance, BPitch Control 2001
5. Ellen Allien – Shorty, BPitch Control 2001
6. Kat Kat Tat – Electroides 2012
7.​ Ghorba – Introvert’s Anthem,​ Transparency Press​ 2020
8.​ Margaret Dygas – His Name Is Ken,​ Contexterrior 2007
9. Danielle Arielli – Lady Like,​ Tooflez Muzik​ 2020
10. Helena Hauff – The Purely Painful Confrontation Of Opposites, SolarOneMusic 2014 
11. Cherushii – The Industrial City 2017

podcast #83

Originally from Tijuana BC, Ursula Prawn has been influenced from an early age by the Californian Baja electronic movement of the Nortec collective and the pacific house rhythms. Her musical taste is highly influenced by House, Minimal, Electro, Italo-Disco, breaks and Techno music. This variety of genres has led her to develop a unique, peculiar and forceful sound.
Ursula Prawn is a resident of the iconic Fónica, an electronic music club that revolutionized the electronic scene years ago in Cholula. While being there she shared the decks with an endless number of international and national artists, later on obtaining her a residency at the legendary Dynamitas Club, which is currently one of the places that keeps the city’s electronic underground scene alive. Ursula is been a vinyl head since the beginning and is one of the few Mexican female DJs who has been around the format for many years, pushing her unique and styled sound across borders. She is also part of the local collective Unísono, a space in time where a group of artists express their views and interpretations of the present, past, and future, resonating always in the same frequency. In 2020 she became a member of the Mexican collective Womxn.

***This mix was made with female Mexican producers only***
1. Laser Mac – Soft Love
2. Onai – Saen
3. Pana Li – Violet Red
4. Mystery Affair, Zombies in Miami – Rave Escape
5. Adriana Roma – Niet
6. Klon – What is Techno (Eisen Remix)
7. Lucia Haze – Take my Body (Groove Killah 3M Terrace Remix)
8. Lis Sarroca – Blue Desert
9. D.J. MacIntyre, Lorely Mur – Cold Water Army
10. Jaq Mendez – Perfect Lies (Original Mix)
11. Kris Berle – Nine of Cups
12. Ursula Prawn ft. Micol Mayers – Rojo

podcast #82

Carmen Johnson is an active model, singer, artist, actress and emerging DJ born in Detroit, Michigan. Carmen is socially known as and performs under the name sillygirlcarmen. Her modeling career began when she was just 13 years old. At 14 years old, she was signed to major agencies in NY, Miami and LA. She has traveled the world and worked with many leading fashion and lifestyle brands including Macys, Garnier, Target, Abercrombie & Fitch and Finish Line. While modeling Carmen ventured into the DJ craft, training under some of the best turntablist LA and Detroit have to offer including Delano Smith and Terrence Parker. She has played in many exclusive settings across America, but made her featured debut as sillygirlcarmen August 2019 headlining the Wonderful Stage at Charivari Detroit Music festival. 
Recently her DJ career has taken priority, and she is focusing on production and releasing original music to debut in future performances. To accompany her expansion into the music world, Carmen is the host of her own radio platform called Wonderful Radio. In partnership with Charivari Detroit Radio, Wonderful Radio showcases a new female DJ / artist every Wednesday, which allows space for women in the industry to inspire and share their stories.
Carmen is 100% passionate about music, arts, environmental restoration, healing & wellness, and all things involving creative expansion and change towards better.

• Duwayne Motley, Saison – Take Me Back (featuring Tim Davis) (2019, Large Music)
• Rocco Rodamaal – Someday (Brian Tappert Rework) (2019, Planet E Communications)
• Stefano Ranieri – Kibuka (2019, NuLu Music)
• Saffron Stone, Sam Beach – Own Thing (2020, Solotoko)
• Rasmus Faber, Ohrn – Two Left Feet Feat. Ohrn (Dario D’Attis Extended Remix) (2020, Defected)
• DAVI – Solar Sail (2020, Trybesof)
• Nicole Moudaber – Break It (2011, Kling Klong)
• Mendo – Diva (2020, Clarisse Records)
• Tima Dee, Lady Bee – Hybrid (2019, Mixmash Records)
• Hifi Sean, Crystal Waters, DJ Spen, MicFreak – Heavy (DJ Spen & MicFreak Remix) (2020, Plastique Recordings)
• DJ Lora – Imagination (2020, Simma Black)
• Paolo Martini, Dario D’Attis – I’ll Take You There (Dario D’Attis Remix) (2018, Paul’s Boutique)
• Channel Tres – Controller (Walker & Royce Remix) (2020, Godmode Music)
• TokiMonsta – Come and Go feat VanJess (Halogenix Remix) (2020, TokiMonsta Music)
• Enei – Voices (2020, Critical Music)

podcast #81

Petals in Sound (Louise Baldwin) is a London-based (UK) artist, producer, and DJ. Born and raised in the seaside town of Southport in Merseyside, Petals in Sound has spent the past two years crafting her sound as an artist/producer, citing techno, disco, house, and everything in between as her influences.
Having spent years writing music, performing in bands and working in the music industry, it wasn’t until 2017, after purchasing an Arturia Minilab MKII, Ableton Live and a Pioneer DDJ400, that she immersed herself into the world of electronic music production and DJing. Heavily influenced by the synth-heavy production techniques used by the likes of Daniel Avery and Bicep, Petals in Sound’s music draws references from both acts as well as LOFI-house favourite Baltra, through to the downtempo jazz sounds of Laurence Guy and Chaos in the CBD. She is also a huge fan of all things WOLF Music.
Her debut EP ‘Palace’ was released in September 2020 under Miami + Mexico-based Space/ Techno/ House label and party producer Boyanza Records. Additionally, her track ‘Sunlight’ features on the VA compilation ‘Spheres Of Sound: In support of Roshni and UKBP’ (released 20th July 2020) in collaboration with Manchester-based collective Shifting Spheres.
Petals in Sound playfully attacks the fabric of deep house, pushing and pulling the genre into modern territory with clever and precise production techniques. Warm, lush heady house music, even the mildly weightier darker track of ‘Titahi Bay’ still stays connected to the heady feeling which is true testament to the producer. With DJ appearances at Folklore and Rye Society in London under her belt, Petals in Sound has also pulled together mix sessions delivering a unique blend of genres including house, disco, Italo, techno and minimal house for the likes of Melodic Distraction (Liverpool), SISU (London) and Empty Plate Radio (Miami).

Laurence Guy – Dreamer
Marina Trench – Train Call
Peggy Gou – Hundred Times
Felipe Gordon – Deep Like The Hole We Live In
Jess Bays – In This Alone
Lis Sarroca – Razz
Felipe Gordon – Gotta Keep Us Separated
Eluize – Up All Night 
Martin Bausch – Drum Me
Letherette – Your Love
Petals In Sound – Dance
Lea Lisa – From Garage
Franc Moody – Flesh and Blood (Harvey Sutherland Remix)
Peggy Gou – Day Without Yesterday
Wantigga – Comigo
Gene Tellem – Big Bill
Petals In Sound – Buoyancy (Bruise Remix)

podcast #80

Lena Kocisova [female:pressure x DETUND x TrashEra x Establishment Records]
Sound Artist and Composer, Audiovisual artist, experimental musician, performer, concept writer, event manager and coordinator, resident in Berlin. In 2012 co-founded audiovisual collective StratoFyzika and since 2013 she has been coordinator and booker of female: pressure Circle and festival Perspectives Berlin. Currently performs as hiT͟Hərˈto͞o live experimental techno, with releases on female:pressure, Kashev Tapes, SPRINGSTOFF and Establishment records. As Akkamiau she released EP Interjections [DETUND] and produced a/v performance Interjections (Liminal Act) in collaboration with Collapsetofraction collective in 2019. Akkamiau hosted radio shows at Colaboradio, Cashmere radio; is a resident DJ of TrashEra and regularly plays on local techno events with focus on the emotional power of sound frequencies, presenting a delicate mixture of experimental and dance music. Her upcoming EP Ediacaran will be released on DETUND March 22nd 2021.

Kritzkom – Positive Pole
Ani klang – The Problem =
Mila Chiral – Myriads of Memories V
Jolly – Untitled
Stina Francina – She’s Leaving
AK Sports – Bad Bwoy
Linn Elisabet – Made to Burn
X.A.X.A – Alpha 1
Gretchen Bazooka – Azriel
Linn Elisabet – Except This Time We Won’t Fail (Electric Indigo Remix) 
Marusha – Raveland (1994 Wicked mix)
Gretchen Bazooka – Warehouse
Ani Klang – m-Power
Keflat23 – Mythe ou Réalité?
Akkamiau – Voltage
Blegrami – Vaptisma
IVVY – Emotional
Isabassi – Teach Me How To Wait 
Ani Klang – Burn the Empire

podcast #79

Caro C is a composer, producer and performer of her own brand of creative electronic music ranging from dreamy piano based ambient to more funky chunky beats with bass. Her fourth album “Electric Mountain” is due out in June 2021. This “sonic enchantress” (BBC Radio 3) also creates music and sound design for film, theatre, dance and has performed across Europe. Caro is also the instigator and project manager of Delia Derbyshire Day, an electronic music charity which champions pioneering artists past, present and future. Her expertise in electronic music and passion for authentic expression includes her working as a host of the electronic music podcast channel for Sound On Sound magazine.

Analog Tara – Density & Surface (2018)
Electric Indigo – Ferrum 7 (2020)
Jlin – Kundalini (2018)
Architects of Rosslyn – State of Nature (2020)
Vicky Clarke – Sleep States (2020)
AGF & Various – Eleni Varikas 1949 (2021)
Pia Palme – The Sampler and the Drum – extract (2019)
Donna Maya – People Mover (2020)
NIET! – Glitter Bridge (2020)
Akkamiau – Kimberella Quadrata (2021)
Sky Deep – Yes I Did (2019)
Tigersonic – When Time Went Weird (2020)
Caro C feat. Kola Tubosun – Holding (2020)

podcast #78

Vivian Blush is a queer / trans electro and techno DJ from the Northeast United States. She participates regularly in a loving community of underground dance music DJs putting on parties in the New England area as well as queer womxn’s nights. 

888 – Little Marches of Chaos 
Violet x Elles – I Need A Freak feat. Alinka, Charlotte Bendiks, Maria Amor, Paramida (Egyptian Lover Cover)
Karima F – Flaccid House
Lask – Katana
Linn Elisabet – Our Names Are Acts Of Rebellion (SRAMAANA Version) 
Varg & AnnaMelina – To the Sea / Hug Me Like You Love Me
Ireen Amnes – S.O.S.
REKA – Polarity
Eve Defy – Mycelium
VTSS – Nicetry
Nite Fleit – Little Monsters 
Errorbeauty and Serge Geyzel – Between Colours 
Wallis – Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns
The Dag – Surge Protection 
Nene H – Real Can Relate 
JASSASS – Chemical Attack (Veronique Remix)
Sara Landry – The Devil Inside
Maelstrom & Louisahhh – Silence is Violence 
Cosmic Spaces – Electromagnetic
Luz1e – U Said I Couldn’t Do It 
Andy Garvey – 8808808.08
Cameo Blush – Murky Waters

podcast #77

About Loa;
Actually the story began by studying dramaturgy – which gave me a glimpse into what tools you can use in order to create visual or audio content. Experimenting with the performing arts, my attention was drawn to the experience of the body. As a response I started creating sound collages that were meant to merge the listening and the physical experience on a stage of its own. Another way to approach the senses of the body is of course to dj and invite every body to release what needs to be shared.
Wandering in between these two poles of experimental weirdness and physical roughness can be seen as a try to cope with modern paradoxes and a very personal feedback to the present world.

Suzanne Ciani – The First Wave – Birth Of Venus
Justin – Tulp – Tungsn Morn
aNTOJE – New Computer Skit 
angelicaa – Can of Worms – 01 Chins (Prod. Charles Verni)
Ship Sket – Femur 
Lelie Amens – Emergência Sanitária
Junior XL – It Felt Like Moving Forward… (Charles Verni Remix) 
Space Afrika – hybtwibt – 04 oh baby
Lord Youth – Haunted Radio 
Yan – Otemo
Chushi – nippel tapes
delmore fx – furtivo
beaunoise 1975 – 03_40 Hours
Leonard Blumenstein – untitled
Hmot – Astarte
Jadwiga – death on dune
Valentina Goncharova – Molecules
Laila Sakini & Lucy Van – Those who see

podcast #76

Lorely Mur is a Mexican DJ and producer. She is the newest resident of the long-standing Mexican venue, Hardpop Club, where in just a short period of time gathered support from some of the biggest names in the industry along with being the main headlining herself across the border. Something of a stand-out breakthrough artist in the dance scene, she has constantly impressed with her deep and dark Techno hits such as ‘Interstellar Mission’ EP with Eclipse Recordings, her collaboration track ‘Cold Water Army’ with SLC-6 that reached Top 10 in Techno charts and her critically acclaimed track ‘Melena’ with NULL Recs.
Lorely’s passion for music has been leading her to create her own sounds with the use of experimental synthesizers and percussions but also, she is a self proclaimed space geek whose day job is in the space industry. Lorely’s dedication and impeccable have put her on the trajectory to stardom and is arguably an artist who is out of this world!

• Charlotte de Witte – What’s In The Past (Original Mix) INTRO
• Any Mello – I am (Original Mix)
• Anetha – Acid Train (Original Mix)
• Anna V. – Anthem for a Lost Soul (Original Mix)
• B.Traits – Feel the Music (Original Mix)
• BEC – Downwards Spiral (Original Mix)
• Ellen Allien – La Música Es Dios (Original Mix)
• Klaudia Gawlas – The Siren (Original Mix)
• Shay De Castro – Intricacies and Realities (Original Mix)
• Miss Kittin, ANNA – Forever Ravers (Original Mix)
• Rebekah – Diamond In The Rough (Original Mix)
• Lorely Mur – Escaramuza (Original Mix)
• Felicie – The Devil Himself (Original Mix)
• VTSS – Atlantyda (Original Mix)
• Kara, Nur Jaber – Love Is in the Air Featuring Kara (Original Mix)

podcast #75

Danitza, also known as technomiedo, born in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua Mexico and have lived in The United States her whole life. El Paso, Texas resident and deejaying for four years. Playing funky tunes is her passion. 

• Water of Life – Zoe Xenia (2020/Motto Sono)
• Enchantment – Nora En Pure (2020/Enormous Tunes)
• Fallin (Giorgia Angiuli & SQU4RE Rmx) – Ann Clue (2020/FCKNG SERIOUS)
• Nighthawks 01 – Giorgia Angiuli (2020/United Recordings) 
• Lady Bug – Brina Knauss (2019/Rebellion)
• Fraulein Smilla – Ann Clue (2020/FCKNG SERIOUS)
• Valentine – Franca (2020/URSL)
• Mandala (ft. Tritha Sinha) – Hanna Hais (2020/Sudam Recordings)
• We Danced All Night – Camea (2020/Neverwhere)
• Manifesto – Yulia Niko (2020/Get Physical Music)
• Someone – Gabriela Guerra (2016/Habitat)
• Passion – Yulia Niko (2020/Get Physical Music)
• Soma – Anii (2020/Selador)
• Hypnotise (East End Dubs Rmx) – Lauren Lo Sung (2020/Lolife)

podcast #74

Callyope is a Belgian & French artist, she works with music to create paradoxical feelings with hybrid sounds, to tell stories with progressions inspired by life’s changing emotions. Her work could be represented as tree-like structure in which several threads of opposing thoughts coexist, all linked to each other. She’s also co-founder of Psykocats, a crew that has been organizing psychedelic parties in the south-west France for the past five years.
This podcast is like a vise that tightens, like the year 2020 which was full of unpleasant feelings, where keeping a note of hope in the midst of chaos has sometimes been very difficult. It’s an experiment on how to express your emotions when everything is falling apart around you, a therapy by music in continuity with her last mixes.

1. Narcoleptica – The modular explanation part II (2009)
2. SHE/MACHINE – ctrl+alt+del+dream (2020)
3. Frau Silberfischer – Obsessed (2018)
4. Sofia Bertomeu – (On) Survival (2018)
5. Death of Codes – The End (2016)
6. Ecstasphere – Dissolved Girl (2017)
7. Mikado Koko – The Japanese Rimbaud (2020)
8. Jane Hope – Utopia and Society (2019)
9. Sorry about my face – Oblivion (2020)
10. Miri Kat – fl33 (2017)
11. Odaxelagnia – Vicissitude (2017)
12. Lauren Bousfield – No On3 (2017)
13. Ybrid – De Profundis Clamavi (2019)
14. Luuli – Out of body (2019)

podcast #73

Simona Zamboli is a sound engineer and an electronic music producer based in Milan. Her musical production presents interrupted rhythms and disturbing and melancholic melodies, simulating the plots of a nightmare.

Nathan Moody – Vergessen
Simona Zamboli- The Sun Disappears
FKA Twigs – Glass & Patron
Hiro Kone – Submerged Dragon
Simona Zamboli- Compossibility
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Until I Remember Sarah Davachi – Spanish Banks
Simona Zamboli- 4v01d19
Aïsha Devi – Two Serpents (33EMYBW Remix) Marie Davidson – I Dedicate My Life
Hiro Kone – Feed My Ancestors
Lyra Pramuk – Witness
Simona Zamboli- Sleep and tears

podcast #72

Yule started as a visual artist inside São Paulo’s underground electronic music scene in 2013 and slowly grew into DJing and music producing. In 2017 she was a female representative at the panel “Diversity at Night” in Rio Music Conference’s event, and, after building small stages for Voodoohop’s Festival for four years, the multi-tasking cultural producer made her first tour and performed in worldwide known clubs, festivals and parties in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Israel and Mexico. Her avid dreams of travelling the world brought her to Celebrity Cruises, where for the last two years she has been performing as resident DJ. Creator and curator of “Unsbeat” label, she admires strong kicks and chilled loops for solar parties. Working on her first she tries to make her music perfect for a friendly environment with lots of hose bathings, rolling on the grass, eating fruits and lying in a hammock late in the afternoon.

1. (2020) ~ Tamara Montenegro & NAOBA – El Momoto Carenado [Shika Shika Records]
2. (2013) ~ Miss Akane – Atardecer [Gee Spot Recordings]
3. (2019) ~ Luum – Vivre (Original Mix) [Self Released]
4. (2018) ~ Logic1000 – Precision [SUMAC]
5. (2019) ~ Jonas Sá – Tua Cor (Urubu Marinka Remix) [Jonas Sá]
6. (2017) ~ Charlotte Adigéry – Le Froid [DEEWEE]
7. (2018) ~ Lagartijeando – Tecnoticlan (Kaleema Remix) [Wonderwheel Recordings]
8. (2018) ~ Yaeji – One More (Nidia Remix) [Yaeji]
9. (2020) ~ Anaïs – Woman (Petit Piment Remix) [Self Released]
10. (2019) ~ Mikado Koko – Fukagawa Bushi [Akuphone]
11. (2019) ~ Bibiana Graeff – Divindade [New Latam Beats]
12. (2019) ~ Ehua – Ruby [Orphan. Records // World Mental Health Day VA]
13. (2018) ~ Logic1000 – Derrière [SUMAC]
14. (2012) ~ Laurie Spiegel – Appalachian Grove [Unseen Worlds label]
15. (2018) ~ Logic1000 – Baddie Part Two [SUMAC]
16. (2020) ~ Azu Tiwaline – Magnetic Service ft. Cinna Peyghamy [Livity Sound]
17. (2018) ~ A Macaca with Peace & Rojey – Soley Katuntu [Voodoohop]
18. (2017) ~ Di Laif feat. Mafé Tula – Paso Por el Fuego [Shika Shika]
19. (2010) ~ Tokimonsta – Smoke & Mirrors [Ramp Recordings]
20. (2019) ~ Barda – Grillos [Unsbeat]
21. (2020) ~ Barbarella – Cantina [Self Release]
22. (2019) ~ Kampire – Gatluak (Gan Gah, Cardi Monáe & Kampire Remix)
23. (2019) ~ Klein Zage – Womanhood (DJ Python Remix) [Orphan. Records]
24. (2018) ~ Martha van Straaten’s – Ayu (Edit) [ynfnd]
25. (2019) ~ RAMZi – Trancehall [FATi Records]
26. (2017) ~ Charlotte Adigéry – 1,618 [DEEWEE 021]
27. (2018) ~ Tristan Arp – Pipeline (Machine Woman Rework) [Human Pitch]
28. (2016) ~ Cigarra – Ofélia [Tropical Twista Records]

podcast #71

A. Billi Free is a Pacific born, Midwest raised and Southwest based singer-songwriter, emcee, DJ and producer.

Vihreja – Osen
AceMo – Wee Ooo
badsista – NO CAOS
ABISU, phritz – 909 (overdrive) -feat. phritz-
Afriqua – Wagwan Bhagwan-
ABISU – Manhattan Joke
AFRODEUTSCHE – You Heard Me The First Time
Amal – 574S
Anz – No Harm
Aced Spade – Thirsty Thursday
Bapari – Do It Again (Soichi Terada Edit)
AbJo – Saffron
Jackie Queens & VeneiGrette – Mwanangu (Enoo Napa Remix)

podcast #70

Tally G (formerly known as Lunarsequence), hails from the American southwest. She started playing progressive house and breakbeats on vinyl in the early 2000s in central New Mexico and West Texas, weaving dirty beats in mixes for clubs and desert parties. In 2015, while living in the San Francisco Bay Area shortly before her return back home to El Paso, Texas, she decided to pursue the musical genre she had always loved, but had become obsessed with by 2010: drum and bass. Tally G’s affiliations are DNBtherapy (El Paso borderland), Orion Records (St. Petersburg, FL), Rave Atlas (Earth), and is a resident DJ on Sparks 101.3 FM, a London-based FM radio station specializing in drum and bass which also broadcasts globally on the internet. Her radio show, The DNBtherapy Sessions with Tally G, is one half of Tex ‘n Bass Sundays with fellow Sparks DJ Elesdee of San Antonio. It is every Sunday from 2-4 p.m. MST.

• Liquid Pizza: Acid Man
• Halogenix, Lordel: Relic (Original Mix)
• Kyrist: Do you have the chime (Original Mix)
• A.Fruit: Music Lasts Forever (Original Mix)
• Unsub: Eastern Time
• Sweetpea: Don’t Talk Back (Original Mix)
• Syncope: Nephilim
• Djinn: Red Rain (Original Mix)
• Gremlinz, Mantra: Under The Wire (Original Mix)
• Galante & Fiyafly: Dreams
• Trei, MC Tali: Homecoming feat. MC Tali (Original Mix)
• Warhead: Higher (Original Mix)
• Joanna Syze, AKOV, Volatile Cycle: Shadows (Original Mix)
• Quadrant, Iris, Dabs: Adenosine feat. Iris feat. Quadrant (Original Mix)
• DJ Rap: Spiritual Aura (Original Mix)
• Mark Dinimal: Bide (Original Mix)
• Harriet Jaxxon: The Sound (Original Mix)
• Mystic Mc, Confusious: Observations (Original Mix)
• Mizeyesis: Connected Souls (Original Mix)
• Nvrsoft: The Call (Original Mix)
• ViJu: Radiant Amazon 
• Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren: Face the Fear
• Charli Brix: Say No More (Feat. Phaction)
• Pyxis: Lacuna (Original Mix)

podcast #69

Vic is a DJ, composer and singer from Montevideo, Uruguay.

1 – Gianluca Corsi – Chord of a Snake (F-Key Remix)
2 – Adriana Lopez – Sequel
3 – Mary Velo – The Middle 
4 – Charlotte De Witte – Trip (Cari Lekebusch Remix) 
5 – Kristin Velvet – Friday the 12th (Cari Lekebusch Mantis Mix)
6 – Mary Velo – Master Mind (Rebekah Remix) 
7 – Insolate – Cern Research Center
8 – Insolate – He Said, She Said
9 – PØLI, Lorenzo Raganzini – Raving in Paris (Insolate Remix)
10 – Mary Velo – Empress of State (Original Mix) 
11 – Dasha Rush – Life Time Poem

podcast #68

888, Filipino-American DJ and producer based in San Francisco CA, was first Introduced to electronic music through the San Francisco underground techno scene. Slowly, while collaborating with friends, she honed her skills by playing at local bars and clubs. She hosts monthly events namely Tone Exploration, creates a safe environment for new artists to openly express their musical talents and “texhno.exe”, an event that highlights the unsung heroes of the Bay Area music scene. 888 plays varied sounds that range from downtempo, house, experimental to hard techno. She loves the opportunity of exploring newer genres and finds excitement in playing styles she never played before. 888 has a special affinity for Industrial techno, electro and new/synth wave. 
“My intention is to share ecstasy by invoking a juxtaposition of emotions out of beautiful order and chaos. It aims not to contradict but to harmonize variances through music.”
Resident: Supervixen, texhno.exe, Forbidden Transitions

Experimental Housewife – Iceberg Gridlock
Two Dudes in Love – Schizophrenic (Lily Ackerman Remix)
Avalon Emerson – Groundwater
Kudeki – The Point of No Return
Erica Mar – Marchita
Anakhemia – The Prophecy
Elisabeth Dixon – Technique of Self 
Damie – Glacier’s Lullaby
Jamaica Suk – Stinger Ray
Lindsey Herbert – Eine Reise Durch Den Geist
Bralle – Hammer and Nail
Saire – Kontrolle
Hiroko Yamamura – Class 0
Euyinn – Wild Energy
Paula Temple – Decolonization
888 – Uprising
Paula Temple – Colonized (Perc Remix)
888 – Clash of the Titans
Mind Control – Touch Me Like That
Minimal Violence – Can’t stop loving you
Rubidium – The Wolf
Anetha – Nikita
Miss Crafty – Veiss0301
888 – Sulking in Remorse

podcast #67

Lisa tba is a German DJ based in Berlin. She’s currently focusing on learning about sound and production. Having worked in and been influenced by the festival and Berlin club scene, her sets are touched by acid, industrial and dark techno vibes. She recently played at bigger venues in Berlin, like Mensch Meier.
Coming from the queer_feminist scene and with the intent to raise awareness that there are so many amazing non-male (identifying) producers out there, Lisa tba created this podcast ranging from 130 to 145 bpm only including tracks by or remixed/featured by women*.

Deborah De Luca – 69 19 (2020)
Nene H – How Do You Dare To (2019)
Marika Rossa – In Hypnose, Acid Mix (2019)
Charlotte de Witte – Unthoughtful, Kangding Ray Remix (2020)
Heidi Sabertooth – Dark Adaptation (2020)
Anetha – Ultra Speed Dating (2017)
Rebekah – Code Black, Slam Remix (2017)
Xynia – Fearless (2019)
Mathilde Fernandez – Oubliette, Paul Seul Remix (2018)
ABSL, Anetha – Elles (2019)
Melania – Confirmatio, Codes Empire Remix (2017)
Amelie Lens – Never the Same (2018)
Ellen Allien – Free Society (2019)
ANNA – Dimensions Original Remix (2019)
Deborah De Luca – Because (2019)
Charlotte de Witte – Time (2019)

podcast #66

DJ Pacifier is a Montreal-based DJ and producer that makes sample-heavy tracks influenced by hardcore, breakcore, moshing, and raving. They hosted a weekly DAW user group called D’AW CLUB, and they are a co-host at Open World – an open decks night in Montreal. They are also a co-host of ButtonPushMaster, a monthly radio show on n10.as . They are releasing an EP with Manchester label Failed Units on May 15 featuring remixes by Smog and Daniel Ruane.

Bored Lored – The Cost of Living (Rare Nnudes, 2015)
Laurel Halo – Thrax (Hyperdub, 2015)
C – plane song (D’AW CLUB, 2020)
Swaya – Glass Break Drum Mod (Self-Released, 2019)
Copeland – Smitten (Self-Released, 2015)
Lauren Bousfield – Avalon Sliding Down the Cliff (Vale Records, 2013)
W00DY – Unloveable (Self-Released, 2018)
33EMYBW – Tentacle Centre (SVBKVLT, 2019)
Bjork – Cover Me (Dillinja Industrial Remix) (Elektra, 1997)
Mizeyesis – Bon Voyage (ThazDope Records, 2018)
Emma Lee – Stress Reflex (Five Star Hotel Remix) (Self-Released, 2019)
GRRL – Volt ([GANG], 2019)
Astronomar & Bot – Magic Jargon (Ducky Bootleg) (RAVE TOOLZ, 2016)
Bastiengoat – Meant to be (Self-Released, 2018)
Alice Gas – RUN!!! (Self-Released, 2020)
Sleigh Bells – Treats (Mom + Pop & N.E.E.T., 2010)
99jakes – god is a girl (99jakes remix) (Self-Released, 2020)

podcast #65

Born in Brazil, based in Berlin, and with a visual arts past, Naivblu has recently started DJing. Her sets and podcast mixes are diverse and contain a bit of almost everything related to techno, from hard and fast to melodic and soft tracks of various styles and bpm, with the intention to create some mash club sound and fiery atmosphere.

01 Nastia Reigel – Horses
02 Hemka – Familiar #1
03 Ewa Justka – Oh How Edgy
04 Jasmine Azarian – Penance (Manni Dee Remix) 
05 VTSS – Sensor 150
06 The Lady Machine – Vigilance
07 Anetha – Dishinibition
08 Charlotte de Witte – Kuda
09 Nastia Reigel – Natural Desires
10 Monya – Verweht (Bas Mooy Remix)
11 Anetha – Return Ticket
12 Amanda Mussi – Diving
13 Lady Starlight – E2.2
14 Black Lotus – Thrust

podcast #64

R3NATA is the co-founder of W_O_M_X_N, a collective and platform that was born out of the desire to increase the visibility of women behind the decks in Mexico City. She lives in Berlin since 2017 and actively participates in the electronic music scene. In 2019, she started hosting WOMXNIZED (a radio show under RBL Berlin with the aim to invite new guests every two months (DJ/producer) to showcase their work and get to know them better. The other month, she takes over the decks. The music selection of R3NATA is mostly focused on melodic rhythms for the dance floor. She believes that the only good system is a sound system.

Aurora Halal – Sunlight (2015)
La Fleur – Devil Sigh (2018)
Effy – Fluffy Clouds (2020)
Terr – Burn the Past (2016)
Fatherhood – Mural (Octo Octa Remix) (2018)
HAAi – Feels (2017)
Colorless – So Deep (Honey Dijon Remix) (2018)
Miss Monique – Bombay (2017)
La Fleur – Ravenwaves (2020)
Sebastien Chenut – Loftlovers feat. Chloe (Moderna Remix) (2016)
Monika Kruse, Voodooamt – Raingarden (2013)
Nick Höppner – Relate (The Black Madonna Remix) (2015)

podcast #63

Noémie is a French DJ and producer based in Berlin and a record lover.
In love with electronic music for a while now, she naturally started djing and then producing. She started playing at school parties and then moved to Berlin, when she is behind the decks, she has only one mission: make people dance! She plays techno with long acid lines and hypnotic vocals.

Electric Indigo – Hitchhiker [Muller Records] 1999
Klaudia Gawlas – The Whirl [REDIMENSION] 2019
Nur Jaber – Rave with me [Fabric]
Juliana Yamasaki – Overcoming [DCRYPTED] 2019
Redraft Memories – Resilience (Polli Ji remix) [Evolvement Recordings] 2020
ANNA – Dimensions [DC215] 2019
ABSL, Anetha – Elles [Mama Told Ya] 2020
Junk Project, Miss Djax – Acid Queen [DJAX Upbeats] 2019
Lady Maru, Ayako Mori – Don’t Move (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) [Hydraulix] 2020 (Unreleased)
Simina Grigoriu – Una [Kuukou Records] 2019
Juliana Yamasaki – Another Reality [Odd Recordings] 2019
Toxic D.N.A. – Resolution [RED CHANNEL RECORDS] 2019
Wallis – The Second Rule [ISMUS] 2020
Lady Maru – Confusion is Acid [Insane Code Recording] 2018
Monya – Punk for President (Rebekah Remix) [Corresponding Positions] 2019

podcast #62

Hypnotic Black Magic is a Berlin-based ambient DJ. Part of Art Bei Ton and resident at the event series Ambient Sleepers, HBM‘s goal is to create different musical journeys between dark and bright ambient.

Tomoko Sauvage – Clepsydra
Pan Daijing – The Island Within
Eastel – Tension
Tomoko Sauvage – In Some Brighter Sphere
Adriana Lopez – It All Adds Up
Antenes – Dream Uncreates The Land
Fjader – Satori
Aleja Sanchez – Epona
Ina Kacz – Morning With You
Aleja Sanchez – The Acheron Passage (Electric Indigo Remix)
nara is neus – Please Do Not Sit In The Boarding Area
Fjader – Ion
Morgen Wurde feat. Maria Estrella – Schien Immer
Dasha Rush – Ocean Shy
Grand River – The Question Is
AKB – Öbagen
Hydrangea – Mirror Fragment
Claire M Singer – Tùs
Grand River – Recollection
Caterina Barbieri – Closest Approach

podcast #61

Alja Knez aka Laylae is EU based DJ/Producer and a founder of Coalition, Robotic and Clubio labels that are hosting events, releasing tracks, publishing news and showcasing talented DJs in podcasts, radio shows, label nights and festivals. Her music has no border of genre, heading to a new frontier with releases on labels like Let’s Techno, Techno Vinyls Records, Doppelgaenger, Planet Underground and Data Tech. She is leaving her mark at festivals like Exit and finest underground clubs in Berlin like Mensch Meier. She is resident co-host at Digitally Imported with Forward radio show dedicated to broadcasting female DJs every week.

1. Vegim & Flekitza – Aliens on Speed (Intro)
2. Electric Indigo – 4.31 Hz
3. Laylae – The Universe
4. Charlotte de Witte – Closer
5. Laylae – Radiation
6. Mila Chiral – Repetition Catches Chaos
7. Adriana Lopez – Preface
8. Bergsklint – Inversion of Control (VTSS Remix)
9. Black Lotus – Eclipse
10. Insolate – Lust
11. Lera Salnisova – Torture Techno
12. Sylvie Maziarz – Increase
13. Aleja Sanchez – Chronos
14. Barbara Ford – Abeyance
15. Wardita – Elfentanz
16. Eva Gallo – Dreaming
17. Insolate – ReWerk
18. Laylae – Rechargable (DJ Martina S Remix)
19. Karine Vitoria – Dar Obscur
20. Laylae – Mind Games
21. Anetha – Interstellar
22. Stagnat – Dunes Not of Sand

podcast #60

Inverno is a female, Berlin-based DJ. Committed to the concept of anonymity, she aims to keep the focus on the music and not the identity or the face behind the decks.
“I am what I play. Each set is a snapshot of a moment, a mood.”

1. Kuroi – TX Outro / Aconito Records / 2014
2. Dsidia – 01000011 01101111 01100011 01101111 / 2018
3. Natural Underground – Долго и Медленно (Rawkate Remix) / Ynotrecords [YNOTRX026] / 2016
4. Gabriella Vergilov – One Step Ahead (Dustin Zahn Remix) / Enemy Records [ENEMY036] / 2018
5. Lucinee – Black Moon / Snork Enterprises [SNORK98] / 2018
6. Indecent Gesture – Fearless / In The Cut [ITC001] / 2019
7. MA ČKA – Dyson Sphere / Mainmise Records [MMRVA004] / 2019
8. Calling Marian – Les Voyages (Maze ‘Dark’ Remix) / CVNT Records [CVNT006] / 2020
9. Varya Karpova & Vanya Koreya – Chemistry / Green Fetish Records [GFR068] / 2019
10. Cora Novoa – The Hive / Citizen Records [DTZ029] / 2020
11. Vixen – Rat King / Kashev Tapes [KSH03] / 2020

podcast #59

Ida Mandato was born in a little village of Calabria, Southern Italy, in 1989. Seduced by music and by art in general, she moved to Rome where she got the possibility to open herself too many new experiences. She made her debut with Female Cut crew in 2013 and she began to work with Animal Social Club, becoming resident DJ after a year. In that period, she gradually developed her technique and the ability to express herself through music, becoming increasingly notorious and admired in the underground clubs in Rome firstly, then across Italy and Europe. At that moment, she started to travel between Rome and Berlin, enhancing her sound with the impeccable taste typical of the Eternal City, ranging from ambient, experimental and dark techno to the raw and violent sounds of industrial, inspired by the modern and fervent Berlin. She is a resident of the project Risonanza and she has dozens of important collaborations like the one with the Front 242 under her belt always succeeding to make her mark. From 2017 to 2019 she began her studies and graduated first in Electronic Music Producer, then as Sound Engineer.

1. Anna Caragnano e Donato Dozzy – Parola [Spectral Spools]
2. Cio D’ Or – XXXIII (Mike Parker Remix) [Semantica 73X]
3. Aretha – Disinhibition [Oaks06]
4. Dasha Rush – Acid Curve [Fullpanda 025]
5. Sync 24 & Alienata – Confused [Les Yeux Orange]
6. Helena Hauff – C45p [ Dark Entries 149]
7. Insolate – Order is in a chaos [Out of Place Records]
8. Helena Hauff – Sea Shore Acid [Acid Planet]
9. Miss Djax – Overdrive [Djax Records]
10. VTSS – Versatility [The Brvtalist]
11. Gudrun Gut – Lover (T. Raumschmiere Remix) [Monika Enterprise]
12. Dasha Rush – Wave Traveler [Sonic Groove]
13. Miss Djax – Bass Pimp [Djax Records]
14. Nene H – How Do You Dare To [Intrepid Skin 002]
15. REKA – Under my Eyelids [BITE 05]
16. Helena Hauff – Rapture [Solar One]
17. Boy Harsher – Tears [Nude Club]

podcast #58

Sarkha is a multi creative artist based in Berlin with special affection for creating harsh soundscapes by combining DJ mixing techniques and live elements in her hybrid set up. Her sound balances unsettling atmospheric moments and hard hitting grooves. It was in her last years of college, editing audio for post productions, when she entered the world of DAW. Moving to Berlin and being involved further with music projects is what gave her the motivation to perform in front of a crowd.

1) Nara is Neus – acheron looked closer // 2020
2) Nur Jaber – Mero Ama // 2017
3) Denise Rabe – First Impression // 2017
4) Varya Karpova – Philosophy // 2019
5) Ober Dada & Lera Foer – Abstraction // 2019
6) Lag – Time, Blood & Ego (Wallis Remix) // 2020
7) VTSS – Linked // 2018
8) Madwoman – I am not Myself // 2020
9) Lost Algorithm & OCD – Planet Destroyed // 2020
10) Lost Algorithm & Euyinn – Reflection // 2020
11) Nur Jaber – Until I Collapse // 2020
12) The Dag – Taped // 2020
13) Marsch – The Lesson of Having Nothing and Wanting Nothing // 2019
14) Flaminia & End Train – Soba // 2020
15) EASTEL & Behzad – Forgive Them // 2020
16) 6EJOU – The Last Call // 2019
17) 6EJOU – La Galére // 2019
18) Peter Kirn – What We Forged Now (OCD Remix) // 2020
19) Paula Temple -Miyako // 2002

podcast #57

Luisa is an artist located in El Paso, Texas. DJ, Music Producer, Promoter and Music Studio Owner.

Dinky – Casa (Axel Boman Dub Mix) 2016
116 db – Space (Juliane Wolf Acid Remix) 2019
Keine Pia – Worst Case Scenario, 2019
Nima Ikki – Agua, 2019
Sylvia Hinz – Catenation [sink] 2019
A Bad Man – Bad Man Ryan (Official Remix) 2019
Irie Electronic – Existance
Svreca – Nida (Adriana Lopez Remix) 2019
Instra:mental – Pyramid, 2011
Luisa – Snacks, 2019
Nima Ikki – Tu mente, 2019

podcast #56

Death of Codes began in 2013 when Meg bought a new laptop and a DAW. Death Of Codes made its debut with a Live performance at The Stork Club in Oakland, California, in 2016. Prior to Death Of Codes, Meg was synthist/co-singer in the indie rock band Faulkner Detectives. She is also one half—with bassist Elizabeth Keenan—of Dead Dresses. For almost 20 years Meg played the pipe organ, which she considers the primeval synthesizer, in churches in Florida and then in New York City.

1) SX & PWR” by Luv Kat
2) “Chemistry” by dolltr!ck
3) “THOREAU / KOMATIK HAI” by hiT͟Hərˈto͞o
4) “Lost in Gynaephallophopolis” by Del_F64.0
5) “posdomingo 02.10.2016” by Ana María Romano Gómez
6) “The Beast [ii]” by Aletta Dina
7) “fight this” by death of codes

podcast #55

Vel is a Moroccan artist living in Lyon, France, and fascinated by the techno subculture of the city. As a former pianist and guitar player, she dedicates her time in the studio trying to recreate her psychedelic influences and aspirations. As a techno DJ, she likes to diversify her sets, playing hard for the ravers, and classy for the dreamers. This podcast is more about creating a flow of craziness, never minding the gender.

Soramimi – Psionic Shield [MOFF05]
Karim Maas – Know Your Enemy [The Stone Tapes 2019]
Schacke – All Over My Body [IOD042]
Rrose – Incisors [EAUX1191]
akkamiau – Krabat [DETROIT UNDERGROUND, 2019]
Matteo Cortese – Rrrrrhh II (Vertical Spectrum Remix) [COLLAPSE002]
Carteina Barbieri – Virog Rebellion [SA10YEARSLP]
Joton – Picture From A Cold Winter [INN005]
otodojo – Cavern [self released]
Killawatt – Particle Flow [OCSDGTL001]
SNTS – Pvrest Absolvtion [SNTS014]
The Empire Line – Daddy Issues [BAS009]
Marco Shuttle – Ritmo Elegante [SPAZIO019]
Crossing Avenue – Decimo Piano [SPAZIO18]
Djrum – Hard To Say [R&S Records]

podcast #54

Нavroshechka a young DJ from Russia. She has been writing songs since childhood, playing the piano, guitar, and many other instruments. Her music is characterized by harsh industrial motifs, sharp transitions that go beyond acid and techno, in the range of 130-160 bpm.

1. Sysex – World Domination, 1992
2. Toxe – Bite, 2017
3. Osheyack – Fake, 2017
4. Jerome Hill – Jiba, 2020
5. Whøman – Redemption, 2019
6. Marla Singer – Minotaure, 2020
7. Wacky Kid & Roks – In My Mind, 2019
8. Remco Beekwilder feat. Nur Jaber – Flower Warfare, 2019
9. Illit – Mettlesome (FLÆN’s Rave Remix), 2019
10. Anetha – Acid train, 2018
11. TSR – Major Pump, 2019
12. L Ʌ V Σ N – 2094, 2019
13. Rebekah – Halo Effect, 2018
14. Annanan – Never Ever (Body Mix), 2019
15. HONO – Kabeer, 2014
16. Osheyack – Hidden Teeth, 2019

podcast #53

Experimental Housewife tends to be an unforgettable sonic experience. DJing for twenty years, she is lauded for weaving together deep cuts with psychedelic twists while holding layered, seamless mixes. When she unleashes her diverse musical roots onto the decks, you’re in for a treat full of 90s house to post-rock and techno. No matter what style she is presenting, she exercises her knowledge of technical DJing and storytelling, from strange pitch bending to multiway beat matching. Unsurprisingly, she “keeps it experimental”, encouraging people to dance so hard they end up with holes in their shoes.
As a producer, ExHouse marks her hypnotic music with “icy” repetition and audacious drone. Something always feels a little off, yet, if we let the sounds she has pieced together run their course, a rejuvenating sensation takes hold. Such a method certainly nurtures new perspectives and forward-thinking electronica.
ExHouse is an experienced touring artist having played destinations such as Montréal, Seattle, Philadelphia, Copenhagen, Malmö, Belgrade, and her once-home of Berlin. She has released music on Jacktone Records as well as various international labels, including ANYTIME and Schmer. Currently, ExHouse runs Perfect Location Records and co-manages the legendary Run The Length Of Your Wildness, a gathering founded by her close friends Cherushii and Roche.

AGF – small spaces in human bodies [Self-release 2016]
AGF – WhyX – MACHINE WILL DO X – HUMAN WILL DO WHY [Self-release 2019]
SciFiSol – 303X [Self-release 2017]
Jasmine Infiniti – DiFunkT [Self-release 2019]
Lilith – Vital Signs [Sound Warrior 2016]
Experimental Housewife – Funky Omnibus [coming soon]
Akkamiau – Kraak [Detroit Underground 2019]
Christina T. – Clapotis (Experimental Housewife’s Dark Cloud Mix) [Self-release 2019]
Electric Indigo – Ntandathu [Imbalance Computer Music 2018]
Doc Sleep – I Have Taken Poison [Jacktone 2019]
Experimental Housewife – Ozone Identity [Perfect Location 2018]
Experimental Housewife – Subordinating [coming soon]

podcast #52

Jacki-E is a DJ / Producer from Northamptonshire in the UK. Jacki-E has her own weekly radio show Draw The Line Radio Show, which features the amazing music being made by women DJs and Producers. Jacki-E‘s influences are the techno, deep house, jungle, DNB and the ethos of the acid house raves and festivals of the early ’90s.

1. Orphan Ann – Markt (Moloton)
2. Throbbing Gristle – E Coli (Mute)
3. Cosey Fanni Tutti – Orenda (Conspiracy International)
4. Lita Doolan – Barmouth Tides (spoken word)
5. Jenny Hval – Ritual Awakening (Bandcamp release)
6. 4cc – Xanon
7. Io babt – Alu Kobami
8. Hydrangea – Above the Mountains
9. Throbbing Gristle – E Coli (Mute)
10. X Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescents (EMI International)
11. Cabaret Voltaire – Yashar (Rough Trade)
12. Cabaret Voltaire – Baader Meinhof (Rough Trade)
13. Cosey Fanni Tutti – Sophic Ripple (Conspiracy International)
14, Jenny Hval – Untamed Region (Bandcamp release)
15. Dasha Rush – Floating (mentalmix) (Fullpanda)
16. Dasha Rush – Space Privet for Cosmonauts (Raster Noton)
17. A Winged Victory for the Sullen – The Rhythm of a Dividing Pair (Ninja Tune)
18. Adrianne Lenker – Blue and Red Horses (original mix) Bandcamp release
19. Ex:Re – Romance (4AD)
20. Julie Rousse JIR– Firefighter (from the female:pressure album ‘Music, Awareness & Solidarity w/ Rojava Revolution’)
21. Planningtorock – Beulah Loves Dancing (Human Level)
22. Magit Cacoon, Steven Wilson – Perfect Life (KaterMukke)
23. Mila Chiral – Chilled Satin (Bandcamp release)
24. Wheela – My TV (SoundCloud free download)
25. Chipz – Toast
26. Electric Indigo – Zero (SCR Dark Series)
27. Diana May – Murmur (Kellerbeats Records)

podcast #51

Vera is an Edinburgh-based DJ playing in local underground clubs. Vera formed an all-female DJ collective called EPiKA, aiming to promote the local female talent. In her mixes, she includes techno, electro, breakbeats, and trance.

1. Shanti Celeste – Voz (Instrumental), 2019
2. Julietta and The Jackdaws – Under the 7s, 2015
3. Exterminador – Illusions of Democracy, 2019
4. DJ TRIGGER MODE – Make it boom, 2019
5. La Fraicheur – The Movements, 2018
6. Frau Silberfischer – Get Lost (Blac Kolor Remix), 2017
7. Marie Davidson – Lara (Daniel Avery Remix), 2019
8. Leonard De Leonard, La Fraicheur – Sang chaud (2+2=5 Remix), 2019
9. VTSS – Atlantyda, 2019
10. ANNA & KITTIN – Forever Ravers, 2019
11. Scalameriya – Ghroar, 2018
12. Anika Kunst – Corrupt System, 2018
13. 2XNI – Fucking Humans (Ethan Fawkes Remix), 2019

podcast #50

Natalia Piñuel Martín aka Deriva
Art historian degree and cultural producer, on Playtime Audiovisuales platform, based in Madrid since 2007. Playtime Audiovisuales is dedicated to sharing the contemporary audiovisual, designed curatorial projects in collaboration with art centers and cultural institutions. In 2016 she debuted with the sound project DERIVA, DJ sets with women and non-binary persons, creators of electronic music, as protagonists.
For more information you can visit:

01 Elysia Crampton – After Woman for Bartolina Sisa, 2016
02 Nkisi- The Dark Orquestra, 2018
03 Le Ru- Steady – (Prod. by Kahealbeats) Mix by Hibotep, 2019 04 700 Bliss – Ring the Alarm, 2018
05 Bonaventure – Supremacy, 2017
06 33emybw – Tentacle Centre, 2019
07 Hyph11e – Unknown Number 未知 (M.E.S.H. Remix), 2017 08 Lyzza – Girls r-us, 2019
09 Nidia – Popo, 2018
10 Julianna – Viaje al meridiano, 2019
11 Valesuchi – HUMOUR, 2019
12 Linn da Quebrada – Lao fake doi, 2019

podcast #49

Welia is based in Vienna, where she is a regular mainstay in the underground scene. She is part of Sama Recordings and enjoys searching for sounds yet undiscovered. Welia’s performances differ according to the setting but always show an innate sensitivity towards selecting and combining various directions in and beyond electronic music. Besides taking part in the club scene, Welia’s interest in musical research led her to write her master’s thesis about gender discrimination in the music industry.

Aisha Devi – Kim & the Wheel of Life
Klein – Claim It
Pauline Anna Strom – Freedom at the 45th Floor
Caterina Barbieri – Fantas
Lucrecia Dalt – Tar (Jan Jelinek Remix)
Beatrice Dillon – Poisson
Debit – Encounters
Andrea Parker – Unconnected (edit)
Beta Evers – Hiding
E-Saggila – Strive for Action
HTRK – You Know How to Make Me Happy

podcast #48

Sass is a Filipina immigrant and transgender woman artist based in the Netherlands. She first learned how to DJ and played several times in one of Maastricht’s underground cultural free zone centers, the Mandril Cultural & Political Centre. Often weaving gritty, raw, and sultry techno with other evocative sounds, sass constructs her sets with a story in mind, using the narrative structure of the hero’s journey.

Nursalim Yadi Anugerah – Tiling Mang’ii’ Do (2018)
Zohar – Ot (2019)
object blue – Chipping at the Kingdom (2018)
Kaltès & Nene H. – Persist (2018)
Rebekah – Diamond in the Rough (2018)
parashaft – Cutting Edge (2018)
Substencia – Revolve (2019)
hypnoskull – was hier forget (33mhz edit). (2018)
Nene H. – How Do You Dare To (2019)
ANST – Lorazepam (2019)
Femanyst – Giver of Life (Refuse Charges edit) (2019)
äbvsd – Black Philipp (2019)
Y0TA – Echoes (2019)
Paula Temple – Futures Betrayed (2019)
The Dag – Particle Explosion (2019)
ARIADNE – black vein (2017)

podcast #47

Ane is an enthusiast of good electronic sounds, a vinyl records collector and cultural events and party promoter. Each of her sets is a narrative constructed from carefully selected tracks, which makes it necessary to listen to them from the beginning to the end.
Raised on the sounds of heavy techno from Tresor label and house music from the 90s, she combines in her mixes techno, tech-house and deep house at 126-128bpm. She has always been fascinated with fat technical bass, deep vocals, tribal sounds with melodic ethnic elements and instrumental additives that are an internal part of her music.
Thanks to using modern technology, she also plays (along with the guitarist Pawel Nicewicz) calmer sounds, representing a wide spectrum of electronic music genres.
Ane frequently shares her passion for music with young people as an instructor at music workshops, cooperating with a number of different cultural institutions.

Landside – Signs Of Change (Etapp Kyle Remix) (2016)
Carl Craig – Angel (Original Mix) (2009)
Dubspeeka – War Drum (Original Mix) (2019)
Samuel L Session – Floor to the floor (2011)
Rodhad – Escape (Original Mix) (2017)
Headroom – Push (Original Mix) (2000)
Mr. G – Guiness Punch Xtra Wray Dub (2015)
Dubspeeka – SK4 (Original Mix) (2018)
Marc&Moritz – Feierlaune (Original Mix) (2016)
Etapp Kyle – Ritual (Original Mix) (2017)

podcast #46

Born of gritty metallic machines in search of telepathic connection, SciFiSol‘s sound reaches through the chaos of static to grasp a utopian dream within our midst. Truly a chameleon of electronica, her releases and live performances express a broad range of styles including darkwave, experimental, leftfield IDM, and techno. Her work has been described by Dave Segal of The Stranger as a “distinctively enchanted sound that explores some deeply eerie, psychedelic realms.” Her latest release, a dance floor inspired EP entitled Experimental Drawingboard, is out now on Detroit Underground Records. She is also the founder and host of the Femmecult Radio podcast and online magazine that features the work of women and non-binary artists.

Abyss X – Critical Path (2018)
Marie Davidson – Daydreaming (Afrodeutsche Remix) (2019)
Moor Mother – Valley of Dry Bones (2016)
Danielle de Picciotto + Werkstatt – Desert Fruit (Perera Elsewhere Remix) (2017)
I Speak Machine – Experiment 2 (2014)
Boy Harsher – Suitor (2016)
Electric Indigo – Settanta (Astronomy Domine Remix) (2018)
Chris & Cosey – Impulse (1982)
Cherushii & Maria Minerva – Thin Line (2019)
Tara Cross – Tempus Fugit (1988)
Greie Gut Fraktion – Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt (2010)
Fiona Soe Paing – Tah Stin Koh Mpor (2016)
DIE HEXEN – Siamese (2017)

podcast #45

From Serbia, currently living in Lithuania, Miju is a DJ, electronic music enthusiast, and feminist.

Sky Deep – Woman & The Gun (feat. Hevi) (2017)
Nukem – Kai Coco (2016)
Dionigi – Give me Oxigen (2018)
Trance Wax – Trance Wax 5 (2019)
Masterskaya 25 – Bejenec Remix (2019)
Volruptus – Jargon (2017)
Bejenec – I Wish I Could (2019)
Luca Agnelli – Voltumna (2017)
Daniel Andreasson – 82349 (2013)
Amir Alexander – Catacombs (2012)
Objekt – Secret Snake (Single Mix) (2018)
Villa Abbo – Just a 309 (2017)
Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away (2000)
Dj Slugo – Freaky Ride (2009)
Dj Octopus – Mechanical Action (2019)
BURUNDI BLACK – Burundi Black (1981)
Wrong Water – Inlander (2018)
Undercatt – Britannia (2018)

podcast #44

Death of Codes began in 2013 when Meg bought a new laptop and a DAW. Death Of Codes made its debut with a Live performance at The Stork Club in Oakland, California, in 2016. Prior to Death Of Codes, Meg was synthist/co-singer in the indie rock band Faulkner Detectives. She is also one half—with bassist Elizabeth Keenan—of Dead Dresses. For almost 20 years Meg played the pipe organ, which she considers the primeval synthesizer, in churches in Florida and then in New York City.

1) “Agua Sangre” by Nima Ikki
2) “Persist” by Kaltès & Nene H
3) “In the Park” by French Concession
4) “FIGHT (FOR YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS)” by Turbolover
5) “Professor Bitch” by SPORTS
6) “Twist Her” by SciFiSol
7) “Can’t Breathe” by Eki Shola
8) “Rain” by New Spell
9) ”Stay Open” by A.F.C. feat. She’s Excited!
10) “Bella ciao” by foldplop

podcast #43

Based in Brussels, Swiss artist Sushiflow has no boundaries about her passion for music. Alongside her classical piano education, she has dedicated herself to the art of DJing. Hungry for diversity, the musical world of Sushiflow goes from early house, deep and minimal techno to alternative dance, new wave, nu-disco and much more. She is also a producer and a (fashion) sound designer, working for shows, films and choreographers. A sensitivity and love of sound that refuse to be stuck in a box and that is expressed in her own musical compositions. If her sets and live performances show an undeniable technical dexterity, Sushiflow is animated by the desire to create and share emotions, to transport her audience, during a warm-up as well as in the middle of the night. Hungry for diversity, the musical world of Sushiflow goes from early house, deep and minimal techno to alternative dance, new wave, nu-disco and much more.

1. Mary Yalex – Stairway to the Stars – 2018
2. Diolynoire – Unknown Possibility – 2016
3. Caterina Barbieri – Pinnacles of You – 2019
4. Chloé – The Ultimate High – 2017
5. Charlotte Bendiks – Pasco – 2019
6. Deena Abdelwahed – 5/5 (Lord Of The Isles Remix) – 2019
7. Oktober Lieber – Freiheit – 2018
8. Borusiade – Undone – 2018
9. Perel – Signum Viridi – 2018
10. Yula Kasp – Ocean Blues – 2016
11. Leonie Pernet – Last Track – 2018

podcast #42

Bursting into the scene with fresh ideas, dynamic style, and cutting-edge sound, her passion for music is promising and unquestionably distinct. She has performed in major events throughout Sweden alongside world-renowned artists such as La Fleur, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Anna and Monkey Safari to name a few. AMAVII gives her audience an elevating performance and is not afraid to break out of her comfort zone whilst engaging upon a profound connection with her tangible energy. This transpires from the beginning to the end of her set!
Since 2011 she has been in pursuance for her love of music under alias MISSTEE. During the last 8 years, she has been continuously evolving as an artist. In April 2018, she rebranded to AMAVII and currently resides in Berlin, Germany where she guests clubs such as Ritter Butzke, Golden Gate, Void and Anomalies Art Club.

1. Nima Ikki – Correo Mayor
2. Robert Hood – A.M. Track
3. Dustin Zahn – Submit Yourself
4. Ike Dusk – Decoded Identity (Matrixxman Remix)
5. Emanuele Millozzi & Luke Di Lullo – Let it Go (T78 Remix)
6. Kwartz – Show me the Light (Cleric Remix)
7. Schacke – Train to the Floor
8. Spencer Parker – You’re Under my Control Now
9. Steve Shaden – Olympus
10. Klaudia Gawlas – The Siren
11. Wakke (Schacke) – Kisloty People
12. Dusky Bowed
13. Citizenn – To the Enlightenment
14. Jay Lumen – Fusion
15. Danny Daze – Flange
16. Madwoman – Kokoro

podcast #41

Berlin-based DJ and producer Rosa Luxemburg is a resident DJ for the party series of the record label, artist collective and booking agency Family Unit. When playing, her focus is on danceable techno and deep house. She regularly picks her favorite tunes and combines them to create musical journeys for her podcasts series on SoundCloud.

Electric Indigo – Registers, 2018
Susan Drone – Razor Edge, 2019
Milkshk – Nexthou, 2019
Lady Maru – Sound isnt over, 2019
Excerpt of an interview with Mania D. from the movie “Girls Bite Back” (ca.1980)
Mania D. – Herzschlag, 1998
E.L.L.I. – Studio Allmacht und Hybris, 2019
Veronica Maxinova – Fakboi, 2019
Felicia Atkinson – Cocoon (Cotton), 2018
Caterina Barbieri – How to Decode an Illusion, 2018
Kelly Lee Owens – Let it Go, 2019
Kikimore – 195 nts, 2019
Rona Geffen – Requiem p.2
Rosa Luxemburg – Starting New (pre-master), 2019
Laurel Halo – Mercury, 2018
Oneyra – Ikelos, 2019
prOphecy sun & Soressa Gardner – Emerging psychic powers of the tragic heroine, 2019

podcast #40

Sylvia Hinz is one of the leading recorder players worldwide, specialized in contemporary music and improvisation. Praised for her equally fierce and bold dramatic performance style. Hinz studied recorder at the University of Arts Berlin with Gerd Luenenbuerger, experimental music with Dieter Schnebel, also chamber music conducting / ensemble leading. Hinz also plays solo recitals, concerts with ensembles and orchestras.
in the wake of the uprising right-winged oppressors around the world, empowerment of womxn and the aim for equality is becoming more important every second. inspired by feminism, I want to rouse the sleeping and offer solace to the suffering, to make those uneasy who want to keep others in the dark, to praise the resistance, to make it possible for the voice of doubt to sail through the world on the sounds of wind and air.
in loving memory – Genevieve Guay DiSalvo (1974 – 2018) 🖤

01. Chra – CRTCHNRDXVII (2019)
02. Danso Key – Concave / convexe (2019)
03. Moon RA / Marie Rose – Intro (2019)
04. Jeanne Artemis Strieder – hinab (2018)
05. Ana María Romero Gomez – El suelo desde el viento (2018, excerpt)
06. Michele Abondano – Códigos Obsesos (2015)
07. Catenation – [sink] (2019, short edit)
08. AGF – NANOsilence (2019)
09. SHE/MACHINE – ePOCH_01 (2019, excerpt)
10. Sylvia Hinz & Stephen McEvoy – Hochrot (2018)
11. Kleine Pia / Pia Sotomayor – Worst Case Scenario (2019)
12. Sylvia Hinz – #433mashup (2018)
13. Susan Drone – Razor Edge (2019, excerpt)
14. Aletta Dina – The Beast [ii] (2019)
15. Coma Cluster Void – Thoughts from a Stone (2017, excerpt)

podcast #39

Artist and composer Valérie Vivancos, sometimes working as Ocean Viva Silver, studied in the UK and the US. Her work focuses on the “sound body” (literal and Schaefferian), which consists of protocols of composing, creating and writing that intertwine life and fiction and generate “curious” experiences.
She studied fine arts in London and San Francisco (Chelsea, SFAI), English and Sociology in Paris (Sorbonne) and was initiated to electroacoustic composition and sound design by Hayley Newman, Laétitia Sonami, Christian Zanesi, and Robert Hampson.
Currently based in Paris, she is the co-founder of projects focusing on experimental music, sound and art and regularly works for sound research organizations such as the GRM, Double Entendre, and the Fair_Play network.
In 2016, a recomposition of her Sleep in Opera was released by The Sublunar Society. In 2018 she was awarded the Gulliver grant for creative radio. In 2019 she has been an artist in residence in composition at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm and is preparing a Radio creation for the RTBF on with American Sociologist Emily Bernard.

00:00 Floriane POCHON – Stones (2018)
05:16 Julie ROUSSE – Ritual for Waves, Animals and Humans (2018)
11:37 Ana DALL ARA MAJEK – Alice Complice (2014)
17:48 Loïse BULOT – Daphnia (2016)
23:52 Miki YUI – Dual ( Hollow ) (2017)
27:36 Luong HUE TRINH – Tò Vò (2014)
32:56 Soizic LEBRAT – Cet instant qui me plaît tant (2018)
38:56 Pan DAIJING _ A Loving Tongue
43:28 Park JIHA – Philos (2018)
48:28 Sol REZZA – First Storm (2016)
51:56 Meryll AMPE – Odessa (2016)
57:00 Valérie VIVANCOS – presentation of the artists

podcast #38

This is a very special podcast by Caro C. She has chosen for it the tracks that got her started – 90’s electronica/techno, including F:P members. Caro C is a composer, producer and performer of creative music, using electronic and acoustic elements. Coming from an electronic music background, this “one woman electronic avalanche” (BBC) toys with conventions drawing from influences across the sonic lanscape and timeline. A “sonic enchantress” who has produced 3 albums and created music and sound design for theatre, film, dance and sculpture. Caro has been a member of female:pressure since about 2000 and is based in Manchester, UK, where she teaches electronic music as well as project managing electronic music charity Delia Derbyshire Day.

Caro C (was caro snatch)- “Say Cheese!” (2003)
Autechre – Eutow (1995)
Leila – Gush Goog (2000)
Boards of Canada – Roygbiv (1998)
AGF – Re Fail (2003)
Myra Davies + Gudrun Gut – Princess (1997)
Heidi Mortensen – In the Streets (2005)
Massive Attack – Hymn of the Big Wheel (1991)
Bjork – Alarm Call (1998)
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (1999)
Mira Calix – Skin With Me (2000)
Andrea Parker – Breaking The Code (1998)
Broadcast – Colour Me In (2003)

podcast #37

Rona Geffen – Music Producer, Artist, Sound Researcher, Sound Healer. Driven by an uncompromising approach towards music & sound, Rona Geffen is an all DIY musician and artist. Geffen creates inimitable lush rhythmic and musical worlds where everything is allowed and vibrating. Toured and collaborated with musicians, choreographers and artists of different disciplines among them Mad Professor, choreographer Yasmeen Godder, APE-RECORDS and many more. She is the creator of interactive, smokey and refined sound installations as part of the audio-visual duo BoomBoxing Crew which premiered music, art and mixed media events worldwide. Released the albums “Bilono” (2008), “The Emancipation of Mitzy” (2010), “Just Fuck Me” with Meerkat Recordings (Sweden, 2014), the electronic opera “STRIKE!” (with Ann Streichman & Hilit Rozental, 2014) and “Blood Of My Blood” (2016). Geffen’s videos were presented in various art and dance events and competitions worldwide and she produced raves and solidarity events with refugees, women equality and disabled people.

1. Ria Boss – Healer (2018)
2. Ah! Kosmos – Woods (2018)
3. Liza – Passes Me (2018)
4. Ingrid Witt – Killing Me (Zap Holmes Remix) (2018)
5. Prince$$ Trium – Countin Up (2019)
6. Lyrah – When We’re High (2019)
7. Gudrun Gut – Baby I can drive My Car (2019)
8. Carla Valenti – Perciso Me Encontrar (Cartola Tribute edit) (2019)
9. Gavana – Vicious vibrations (Aimnbreak Remix) (2013)
10. Dani Leigh – I Need Da Bag (Lil Bebe World Club Refix) (2019)
11. Medusa – Play it Again (2017)
12. Tre capital feat. Sean leon – Prestige (Produced by WondaGurl) (2015)
13. Silvia Trix – Asfragh (2019)
14. Merkur – Fuzz (Anna Bolena Remix) (2019)
15. Rona Geffen feat. Vanessa J. – Something New (2019)

podcast #36

dolltr!ck is the project of music technologist and interdisciplinary artist Claire Marie Lim, born in Singapore and based in the United States. Painting soundscapes and building beats with synths, drum machines, and dream-like vocals, dolltr!ck engages the emotions and highlights ideas related to the human condition through electronic music. Under this project, Claire has DJ-ed, performed as a solo live electronic act, and created original pieces that fuse pop, future bass, liquid funk, and dance music.

1. My Brightest Diamond – Champagne (dolltr!ck Remix), 2018
2. Valerie Orth – Make Your Move, 2017
3. Raia – Indian Habits (Drink Chai), 2016
4. Angela Flame – Electricity, 2004
5. She’s Excited! – Drowning feat. Mimiko, 2019
6. Christin Light – Aware (Even Furthur Mix), 2018
7. Luna Li – Silver Into Rain, 2018
8. itta – 아이에게Aiege(Dear My Boy), 2018
9. I Am Snow Angel – Honeybee (City Mix), 2018
10. Zenobia Dolli – Frostbite, 2018
11. Rivita – Her Ghost, 2019
12. Mayuri & Salmon – Countercurrent, 2008
13. Pamcy – Kagurazak, 2018

podcast #35

Laura Mello is a Brazilian composer, performer, sound artist and DJ (Grooviana) living in Berlin, who sees with the ears, listens with the eyes and has always been in love with the medium radio. In her compositions, installations and audiovisual performances the spoken language is the musical matter. She won prizes in Austria and Germany.
This podcast is dedicated to Amelia Cuni

(0:00) 1. the 13th tribe ‎– ping pong anthropology (review records 1992)
(3:12) 2. armchair traveller – 51.33° N + 7.19° E (review records 2001)
(10:06) 3. marlui miranda – awina-Ijain Je E´ (blue jackel entertainment 1995)
(12:00) 4. renata roman – pytang (NME#chás 2016)
(17:26) 5. camila zerbinatti – medusa (2018)
(19:08) 6. mariana carvalho – nylon revisited (2018)
(19:50) 7. m.i.p.v. – experimental/doom jazz modus continuous (yellow castle 2016)
(24:24) 8. kaitlyn aurelia smith – existence in the unfurling (western vinyl 2016)
(30:08) 9. laura mello – express songs #1 (live @ brick5 vienna 2018)
(35:32) 10. terry riley & amelia cuni – lion´s throne (sri moonshine 2019)
(42:20) 11. leandra lambert – mosherah (sê-lo! 2018)
(46:04) 12. vanessa de michelis – junglow drift (2018)
(47:30) 13. michela pelusio – spacetime helix (live @ MUTEKMontreal 2017)
(49:36) 14. flora holderbaum – CHEA (NMEchádas5 2016)

podcast #34

Ina Kacz is a French/Polish techno DJ and Producer. After living in several cities over France and Italy, she settles down in Lille in 2018. Member of Ecutsa since 2016, an association and label of non-binary artists across Europe created by her friend Linksilver, she develops her passion for electronic music through djing, music production and live performance. Ina Kacz remains eclectic in her music but also in her appearances, she combines her various influences to create progressive and uncommon atmospheres.

Aschka – Saltstream (2009)
Diffused Signal – Sveh (2019)
Paula Temple – Miyako (2002)
Adriana Lopez – Entre lineas (2016)
Tandem Planetae – Mercancía (Kike Pravda Remix) (2018)
Benales – Untitled13 (2019)
DyLABs – It’s Turning Me On (2019)
Hioll – Convulso (Alderaan Remix) (2019)
EKLPX – Breaking point (2019)
Asier Vico – Huyendo De La Luz (2018)
LLY – Cortès (2018)
Innenwelt – Nucleus (2018)

podcast #33

Maya Postepski is a Canadian musician and producer from Toronto. She has been making music for over fifteen years, best known as drummer of the electronic group Austra (Domino). She is a multi-instrumentalist, prolific remix artist and DJ. In 2012 she co-wrote and produced the highly acclaimed cult album TRST with Robert Alfons as TR/ST. The duo recently reunited to collaborate on the third album, The Destroyer P.rt I, released April 19, 2019, which will be followed by The Destroyer P.rt II, in Autumn 2019. Maya also performs solo under the title Princess Century. She released her second full-length LP, Progress, on Paper Bag Records on October 16, 2015. She was featured as a vocalist on Egyptrixxʼs Chrys.lis Records (Night Slugs). Moving beyond the typical role of a DJ/Producer, Maya creates a vast array of music ranging from pop, to ambient, to minimal techno. She is also actively involved in curating/consulting for dance pieces, fashion shows, installation work and film scores. Her third solo album, which was created at Estonia’s acclaimed Narva Artist Residency, will be released late 2019.She is currently on tour with Emel Mathlouthi and Peaches.

1. Zanias – Division (2018)
2. SØS Gunver Ryberg, Aïsha Devi, R.Rose & Paula Temple – DR 2-3 (2017)
3. Crysta Patterson – Balea (2018)
4. Andrea Parker – Melodius Thunk (1998)
5. Beta Librae – Wavy (2015)
6. 2XNI – Feel Your Body (2015)
7. Princess Century – Safe Word feat. Melatonini (demo)
8. Heidi Mortenson – Ingenting (2016)
9. Maud Geffray – Voices From The Sky (2017)
10. Julee Cruise – I Float Alone (1989)
11. Cio D´Or – Psst! (20017)
12. Sky Deep – Swerve (2019)
13. Âme feat. Gudrun Gut – Gerne (2018)
14. Adult – We Chase The Sound feat. Shannon Funchess (2017)
15. Chicks On Speed – Mind Your Own Business (2000)

podcast #32

Mo Chan aka DJ Kohlrabi is exploring ocean of voice ∞ sound. Mo is VJ, swimming in colourful images. And there is Aiko Okamoto, playing within these identities, bringing visual art, music, space and people together. As a member of female:pressure she is always happy to meet new talents through the network and spreading positive message of the community. This mix mainly focuses on voice and tries to transfer the power of individual human being.

01 Zooey Agro (excerpt from a live set) (2018)
02 Hatis Noit – Illogical Lullaby (Matmos Edit) (2018)
03 Jing – β α θ δ (2018)
04 Stine Janvin – LIPS (2018)
05 33EMYBW – Masudi (2018)
06 Zoe Mc Pherson – Sabotage Story (Sukitoa o Namau Remix) (2018)
07 Salama – oгонькджи (2019)
08 Loraine James – Fascinated By (ft. Sofia Loporcaro) (2017)
09 Nikisi – I (2019)
10 Joanne Forman – Lauds (1987)
11 Mira Calix – just go along (2019)
12 Perla Cigarroa – Arrullo Remix (2019)
13 Octo Octa – I Need You (2019)

podcast #31

Luisa, aka DJ Luisa, aka Luisa N. is a DJ, producer and promoter.
Originally from the state of Jalisco, MX and based in El Paso, Texas.
Her career begins at the end of 2014. Luisa is one of the artists of the local scene in her city that is most active. Her current projects include Ask A Freak ( Facebook & IG @AskAFreak ) and Beanalog. Ask A Freak is the name of the collective she is part of and the name of the dance party they throw around the border. She also helps host Beanalog, a workshop where people bring all types of electronic equipment and jam out as they learn from each other. As a producer in 2015 Luisa brings out her first songs on an EP on the Border Beats Recordings label and a track with the Always Moving People label in 2016 under the alias of Luisa N. As Disc Jockey Luisa has been able to share a booth with DJs of international stature as Hito, Lazaro Casanova, Italoboys, Alex Young, Ryan Crosson, Kim Ann Foxman, John Acquaviva, Pirupa just to name a few…
Defining Luisa’s style is difficult because she is open to any sound, style or musical genre. Luisa likes to play from techno, disco, jazz, experimental to house.

1. Soundstream – Tease me (2010)
2. Roman Rauch – Can’t get enough (Soulphiction Remix) (2010)
3. Missing Linkx – Lovin’ Dubbin’ Feelin’ (2011)
4. A. Billi Free – Impasto (2018)
5. Love Drop – The Buzz (Disco Deviance) (2018)
6. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw cuts #6 (2010)
7. Dele Sosimi, Medlar – You no fit touch am (Medlar Remix) (2015)
8. Rahaan – Disco Fantasy (2013)
9. Hoffmannstrasse – Black Bird (2017)
10. Kritzkom – Void Minus Matter (2017)
11. Curt Cress – Cyclone (1975)
12. Niet! – Sight (2015)

podcast #30

Cecilia Castro is a composer and sound artist from Bs As Argentina. The sound of her works results a mix of minimalist instrumental music, dark electronics and noise. In her recent works she has expanded her artistic curiosity and social awareness, exploring concepts like frontiers & territories, sonics ruins, the visual & sonic culture, creating sound pieces and art installations that combine video, graffiti, stage art and sonic activism. Some of her works have won awards from the National Art Fund, Telefónica Foundation and Modern Art Museum in Buenos Aires. She works as a professor at the Tres de Febrero National University in the Electronics Art career.

Jacqueline Nova – Metamorfosis III ( 1966)
Ludmila Fajt – Threnody (1973)
Isabel Aretz – Kwaltaya (1979)
Cecilie Ore – Praesens Subitus (1989)
Violeta Dinescu – Echoes II ( 1982)
Tona Scherchen – Shen (神) ( 1965)
Lois V Vierk – Red Shift (2000)
Carmen Petra Basacopol – Variaţiuni pe o temă macedo-română (1980)
Keiko Abe – Michi ( 1979)
Onuté Narbutaité – Patchwork from my city (1997)
Jocy de Oliveira – Estoria II (1981)
Eva Garcia Fernandez – Abstracta ( 2015)
Galina Utsvolkaya – Piano Sonata N6 (1988)

podcast #29

Carlotta Jacobi is a Leipzig-based producer and techno-DJ. With her sound she creates dark and gloomy yet forward going atmospheres. As a part of feminist network @Feat. Fem, she stands up for the growing presence of females* in the field of electronic music. Also Carlotta is one of the organizers of Fe*male Ableton User Group Leipzig, a group for female, transgender and non-binary people producing their own music in the Leipzig area.

1 Denise Rabe – Berlin Knights (2015)
2 Anja Zaube – B2 (2015)
3 Cio D’or – XLIV for Mike (2015)
4 Aleja Sanchez – Octans (2018)
5 Aleja Sanchez – In Front of Falsehood V (2017)
6 Insolate – Deviant Behavior (2018)
7 Insolate – Fallin Apart (2018)
8 Dasha Rush – Relative Perspective (2011)
9 Carlotta Jacobi – Unreleased (2019)
10 Anetha – Miyuki Patrizia (2018)
11 Linn Elisabet – Brittle Agenda (2018)
12 Stephanie Sykes – Perplex (2014)
13 Dasha Rush – Ocean Shy (2014)

podcast #28

Saira Raza is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in music composition, performance, and installation. In her solo act, she layers looped and effected cello riffs with vocals to build improvisational compositions that are unique to every performance. Across her work is a consistent theme: the inevitability of change. As a universal experience, change can illicit excitement, hope, and also fear. In the midst of it, we can find our inner strength and discover the importance of friendship and community. Her forthcoming work Ideal explores our obsessions with achievement and perfection, calling into question social norms and expectations that influence our deepest aspirations.

Nic Endo – Brazilian Sun (She-Satellites, 2013)
The Allegorist – Floating Mantra (Botanical Utopia, 2016)
Low Leaf – Yah Yah (Primitiva, 2018)
Anadol – Yapilacak Kadin/Adornable Woman (Hatirala, 2017)
7.4 – Conquistar El Mundo (Forzando La Materia, 2017)
Bitter – Inside Out (Bitter EP, 2017)
Gabbie Rotts – Johnny (Pink Drink Season, 2018)
True Blossom – Me & U (Heat, 2019)
Alexa Lima – Last Breath (Alexa Lima, 2015)
Anna Stereopoulou – Three [original 2002 recording] (Electron, 2017)
Milena Tomić – Rainy, Rainy Day (Underground Alliance Trilogy, part 1: Heaven, 2013)
Sister Sai – Jade Petals (Extempore, 2017)
Lapkat – Water for the Spirits (Vox, 2015)
Dos Floris – Water (The Widowed Earth, 2017)
Sabrina Pena Young – Origins (Origins, 2008)
Laurie Anderson – O Superman (1982)

podcast #27

M O J A V E is an American DJ and producer who specializes in soulful house and dark techno, drawing inspiration from the beauty and decay of Southern California’s Mojave Desert. A multi-instrumentalist with a foundation in classical, jazz and music theory, formal training in sound design and production, she brings a sharp ear, unique sound and open mind to the decks. Mojave has performed nightclubs, festivals, day parties, and undergrounds throughout the world. Locally in Los Angeles, she is a resident DJ at Modern Disco Ambassadors’ La Cave and regular performer at ExchangeLA. Internationally, she holds a residency on Barcelona City FM radio (peak time, 25k listeners) and appears regularly on prominent radio shows like Data Transmission and others in the U.K., U.S., Germany, and Canada. She serves as a social media manager for female:pressure, an international collective advocating for women-identifying and non-binary artists in electronic music.

Experimental Housewife – Iceberg Gridlock (Original Mix) [Ecodance]
DJ Red – Eyes Are Blind (Original Mix) [BPitch]
Martin Päsch – Sacred (Lindsey Herbert Remix) [Kvlto Records]
Annika Wolfe – Fr33z3 (Original Mix) [Akela Recs]
Trovarsi – Stellar (Original Mix) [SLC-6 Music]
Noncompliant / DJ Shiva – WhompRat (Original Mix) [Self Released]
Charlotte de Witte – Trip (TWR72 Remix) [OFF Recordings]
Special Request – Tiresias (Anastasia Kristensen Rework) [Houndstooth]
Daniel Avery – Sensation(Rrose Remix) [Phantasy Sound]
Soramimi – Blood Sugar (Original Mix) [Dusk Notes]
Soramimi – Stellium in Sapphire (Original Mix) [Dusk Notes]

podcast #26

Discovering an addiction to sonic investigation – Sarah paints with sound, creating abstract genre-blending new-age-rave, shimmering within darkness. This mix for female:pressure is an optimistically driven, expansive, spirit-full celebration. A representation of a splice of the non-binary and female-identified producers she appreciated in 2018 – offering to you a glimpse from her perspective into the abundant spring of female and non binary talent which continues to bloom. C/R’s experiential ritual process for sound and visuals is informed by a neo-concretist approach, shamanic practise and a growing archive of dreams from the collective. To fuel the dream archive and receive symbolic matter in a private and cryptic cyber-exchange, float to www.consumer-refund.com

Valeda – Guardian (susy.technology, 2018)
3DG1RL – Music For The Forth Dimension, Drömfakulteten (self release, 2016-7)
Annika and Shackleton – The Future is Hurt Dirt and Fields, Behind The Glass (Woe to The Septic Heart, 2017)
Steffi – Cease to Exist, World of the Waking State (Ostgut Ton 2017)
Nevrland – Meana (Heartbroken – Secret Sounds for You, Mixtape, 2018)
XIL – Esoteric Urn, Cognitive Dissonance 24 – bit / 96khz, (self release, 2018)
Red Pig Flower – Kitsune (Ariki Records, 2018)
Caterina Barberi – Quick Botta, Punctum – Remote sensing ( ∑, 2017)
Pan Daijing – Exile, A Satin Sight (Bedouin Records, 2017)
Miri Kat – I <3 cats (Livecoded sounds // TidalCycles, 2017)
E-Sagilla – Strive for Action, Dedicated to Sublimity (Bank Records, 2018)
SKYH1 x Ssalvia – Rages (Heartbroken – Secret Sounds for You – 2018)
Borusiade – Common Ancestor, Their Specters (Ostgut Ton, 2018)
DJ GIRL – Lunar Lander, Marshal Applewhite Remix, Transition EP (Cold Tech, 2018)
Yantan Ministry – Hurrian Ha, Attacco Mixtape (Self release mixtape, 2018)
Spatial – 291 Anu, KABLAM Remix Sound System Remixes (self release, 2017)
Powder – Hole, H (Cocktail D’Amore, 2018)
Damie – Ribonucleic Acid, Jokulsalon EP (Ameniia, 2018)
E-Sagilla – Viper, Dedicated to Sublimity (Bank Records, 2018)
Jenifa Mayanja – Makosa, Bu-M-011 (back catalogue re-release, Bumako Recordings, 2018)
Ramzi – For Vanda, Phobiza “Noite” Vol. 2 (Mood Hut, 2017) (As snippet only)
Errorbeauty and Serge Geyzel – Rad (Earthlings 2, 2018)
HYENAZ – Columns, Consumer Refund Remix (release forthcoming, 2019)
Venus Ex Machina – Blood Moon, Non Worldwide Comp Trilogy Vol.2 (Non Worldwide, 2018)
Dj Lost Boi – Fuck Me I’m Famous (Extended), GOT LOST (Heartbroken – Secret Sounds for You – 2018)

podcast #25

Syl Niet aka niet! aka Hypersunday is an electronic music producer and a journalist from Tanger living in Madrid. She started as a musician in the 80s, then stopped for three decades and came back as Hypersunday, initially a duo with the musician Héctor González. After two albums (Commedia-Intro, 2014 and Inferno, 2015, both in the label Glocal Sound) Héctor left Hypersunday. niet! created then her own label, Hypersunday Records. In 2016, Purgatory was released. The album was among the three finalists at the Vicious Music Awards 2016 (Best Album). In Purgatory, each track was the result of the collaboration of niet! with a different producer: Resonance, Omega dB, David Reina, Delusions… Paradise (13 April, 2018) has been the latest album of the project. From electronic pop to experimental techno, this album means a map of the Hypersunday’s sound, a world where you can find brutal basses and delicate melodies, sung and recited voices and tons of emotions.
Meanwhile, niet! has also been also involved with a lot of different artists and projects: Moon Dust, Nivanoise, GuiVille, Sakegashira, Delusions, Hexamoten, Rodrigo García, Rusty Egan, UKLD (Unknown Land)…

1. Oana – Changes (2019)
2. Beatlove – I Like Turtles (2016)
3. Gadget & The Cloud – So Shy (2018)
4. BadBad – San (2018)
5. Delusions feats. niet! – Exorcism (2018)
6. Hypersunday – Walls (2018)
7. Okkre – Épica (2018)
8. Puce Mary – Red Desert (2018)
9. Gazelle Twin – Better In My Day (2018)
10. The Dag – Men Who Hate Women (2018)
11. Zle Oko / Evil Eye 23. 5 reasons why I left my country (premix, 2019)
12. Ksenia Kamikaza – Going After (2015, included in Infinite Abundance Compilation, 2018)
13. Awake!

podcast #24

death of codes is the project of Meg Wilhoite. The project began in 2013 when Meg bought a new laptop and a DAW. death of codes made its debut live performance at The Stork Club in Oakland, California, in 2016. Prior to death of codes, Meg was synthist/co-singer in the indie rock band Faulkner Detectives. She is also one half—with bassist Elizabeth Keenan—of Dead Dresses. For almost 20 years Meg played pipe organ, which she considers the primeval synthesizer, in churches in Florida and then in New York City. Meg is currently focused on programming her microKORG for her next death of codes release.

1. Electric Indigo – Second Organ, 2018
2. Tavishi – Keu Kotha Rakhe Ni (No one kept their promises), 2017
3. DJ BCKWLD – #B2BEB5, 2018
4. gra4ce – brink, 2018
5. niet! – Matter & Light, 2017
6. Kelli Frances Corrado – Shepherdess, 2018
7. Rona Geffen – My Friends, 2018
8. HYENAZ – Come Together, 2016
9. death of codes – i tried, 2018
10. French Concession – Empress, 2018
11. ROX – Eis, 2017
12. Itta – Incense, 2011
13. Dead Dresses – Drop Dead, 2018

podcast #23

Lena Kocisova / akkamiau / hiT͟Hərˈto͞o is an audiovisual artist, experimental musician and event manager, resident in Berlin. Received her PhD in Audiovisual Performance from FaVU Brno University of Technology, previously obtained a degree in pedagogy from Ostrava University, CZ. Living and traveling throughout Europe and United States collecting experiences in arts and music club culture, she has been a member of female:pressure network, and a coordinator of festival f:p Perspectives Berlin, DE; new media festival Multiplace, platforms Czech it! and Anymade; as an Art Director produced projects LtotheB and Zbrojovka site-specific. As Akkamiau performed experimental audiovisual shows since 2006. In 2012 co-founded audiovisual movement collective StratoFyzika, for which she creates sound compositions inspired by metaphysics. Recently performs live experimental techno under moniker hiT͟Hərˈto͞o. Akkamiau hosted radio shows at Colaboradio (Frei Radio Berlin) and Cashmere radio; techno event Rituals and regularly DJs on local techno events in Berlin with focus on the emotional power of sound frequencies, presenting delicate mixture of experimental and dance music.

TRACKLIST (all tracks 2018)
Allegorist – Exotic expeditions
R.A.N. – Kul
R.A.N. – Sabah
Lia Mice – Human being
Martyn Psch – Sacred (Lindsey Herbert remix)
hiT͟Hərˈto͞o – Kraak (feat. Akkamiau)
TSORN – The meaning of metaphysics
Wallis – Like a deer caught in the headlights 2
Tatiana Heuman – AKANE
PrOphecy Sun – Park dreams
mʊdʌki – Strike strikes
Katatonic Silentio – Roland System 1
Akkamiau – Ouroboros

podcast #22

Dgeral aka Espejo Negro comes from Caracas (Venezuela), where they were one of the first queer feminist DJs / producers who worked in the scene since 2001. In 2004 DgeraI moved to Europe and became part of the female:pressure organization that promotes and supports female, trans and non-binary electronic producers and artists around the world.
Dgeral is based in Stockholm, playing in different clubs and venues in Sweden and organizing an underground Techno collective called BOiBOiCLuB with Sparkly Pony (Malmö-Sweden), Furthermore continuing producing electronic music and noise music under the alias of Espejo Negro, also collecting vintage synthesizers and playing at various clubs internationally from Scandinavia, the US and Europe. Dgeral’s style is unique and eclectic.

1. Princess Century – B.1 Eunoia (2013)
2. Elina Shorokhova – Wind (Red Ember Australia 2018)
3. Josefine Hellström Hansson – Water Cave (HMWL – 2016)
4. Soela – I Can’t Wait (2018)
5. Jozef K & Winter Son feat. Flora Cruz – Tribal Rhythm – Kim Ann Foxman Remix (Firehouse Recordings/The Vinyl Factory 2015)
6. Lauren Flax – U know feat. Josh Caffe (Original Mix) (Nervous Records 2016)
7. Sparkly Pony – The Way Back (Barcelona EP 2016)
8. Ipek Ipekcioglu – Baris Manco Dönence (Diskofunk Remix) (Turkish Psychedelic Funk 2013/14)
9. Dgeral – Don’t Look Back (Instrumental Incursions 2016)
10. Ena Lind – Sadie (Doc Sleep Remix) (Twirl 010 2016/17)
11. Lady Maru, Gianluca Corsi – Chord of a Snake (F Key Remix) (General Records 2016/17)
12. Femanyst aka Lady Blacktronika – Tekno Too – Jet Star (Dark Carousel edit 2018) (Jumping & Pumping – 16 Hardcore and Explosive Dancefloor Cuts)
13. Princess Century – Wabi Sabi (Lossy EP 1 – Paper Bag Records 2015)
14. Princess Century – Sunscream (Progress LP)

podcast #21

To coincide with Delia Derbyshire Day 2018 (experimental online edition), this podcast has been lovingly prepared as a spotlight on some female electronic music pioneers Caro C knows of. Featuring their music and music by female pressure members who are directly influenced by these trailblazers, plus a few other figures who have nourished and emboldened Caro’s development. We hope you will enjoy this smorgasbord of sonic adventurers.

Wendy Carlos and London Philharmonic Orchestra – Magic Landings
Pauline Oliveros and others – Information National Forest
Susanne Ciani – Lixiviation
Maryanne Amacher – Living Sound (1980)
Wild Anima – The Imaginary Live / Anna Stereopoulos Remix
Delia Derbyshire – Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00
Delia Derbyshire – Macbeth and Medea (extracts from Delia Derbyshire Archive, mixed by David Butler)
Delia Derbyshire – Dance from ‘Noah’
Delia Derbyshire – Noah Animals (extracts from Delia Derbyshire Archive, mixed by David Butler)
White Noise – Firebird
Delia Derbyshire – Psychadelian Waltz
Electric Indigo – 4.31 Hz
Leila – Time to Blow
Laurie Anderson – Only An Expert
Bjork – Crystalline
Else Marie Pade – Lyd & Lys
Laurie Spiegel – Clockworks
Marylou Blakeslee, Canary Burton and Joan Yakkey – Creation

podcast #20

Marie Rose (aka Marie e le Rose aka Moon Ra aka MonoLogue) is a musician, sound artist and music art therapist. She plays and composes different kinds of music, mostly jazz, electronic and electroacoustic but other genres, too, such as: sound design, music for movies, documentary, ballet and theatre. Her solo and collaborative creations are published on many labels and have been presented as performances, concerts and installations in many festivals and places in Europe. As a music art therapist and musician, she researches and works as trainer, giving workshops and teaching in several places.

Tomoko Sauvage – In Some Brighter Spheres (2018)
Jin Hi Kim – Saturn’s Moons (2001)
Ana Maria Avram – Quatres Etudes d’Ombre (1995)
Aylu – Metal (2018)
Rrose – Wet Silk Will (2013)
Holly Herndon – Interference (2015)
Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game (2006)
RuPaul – Peanut Butter (2011)
Sam Spiegel, Ape Drums feat. Assassin – Mutant Brain (2016)
Suzanne Ciani -Turning (1999)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – A Kid (2017)
Marina Rosenfeld – Panasonic 7673 (2013)
AGF aka Antye Greie – Disturbia (2009)
Lucrecia Dalt – Veta (2014)
Mira Calix – Sparrow (1999)
Doris Norton – Oh Supermac (1985)
Daphne Oram – Lego Builds It (2007)
Rammelzee & Jean-Michel Basquiat -Test pressing, instrumental version (1983)
Franca Sacchi – Arpa Eolia (2004)

podcast #19

Kudeki is a DJ/producer based in San Francisco, where she’s been throwing parties since 2014. Her latest project as resident DJ of Noctuary focuses on celebrating female-identified & non-binary artists in house + techno, bringing them the attention & opportunities they deserve. As a DJ her gigs range from undergrounds and Burning Man to sharing the stage with artists like A Guy Called Gerald, Volvox, Noncompliant, and more. She aims to provide dancefloor therapy through through raw, dark, and energetic selections in melodic techno, electro, house, and acid that keep the floor moving. Her debut EP was released May 2018 on Perfect Location Records.

1. DJ Heather, Lauren Flax – The Acid (Acidpella) (2018)
2. Lily Ackerman – Weitergehen (2018)
3. Berkson & What – Worship feat. Qzen (2015)
4. Julia Govor – 1991 (2018)
5. Noncompliant – The Very Last Inch Of Us (2017)
6. Muon – Acceptance Criteria (unreleased)
7. Viewfinder – (unreleased)
8. Stephanie Sykes – Sikker (2018)
9. Cherushii – Sunburst In My Sequencer (2016)
10. Violet – Transition (Underground Resistance Cover) (2015)
11. Ciel – Electrical Encounters (2017)
12. Hunter Lombard – The Evas (2018)
13. Lucy Cliché – Cliché’s Principle (2018)
14. Kaltès & Nene H. – Persist (Christina Sealey Remix) (2018)
15. CMD – Haptic Controls (2018)

podcast #18

Born and bred in Vancouver’s underground House & Techno music scene, Kasey Riot‘s been DJing, producing and throwing events for well over a decade. She’s hopped around the globe playing clubs, warehouses and festivals across Canada, USA and Europe and over the last few years has been putting out a steady stream of releases on labels like TKR, Wet Trax & East Van Digital. After a year-long stint in London UK she is back in Canada as a base as she tours & produces elusive warehouse party Hotline featuring local/international female and queer DJs.

1. MJSB – Value Of Time (2018)
2. KDA, Patrick Cash – Hate Me (Maya Jane Coles Remix) (2017)
3. La Fraicheur – Plant 21 (2018)
4. Violent Blondes – Bunny Boiler (2016)
5. Kasey Riot – Subterrane (2018)
6. Alcatraz – Giv Me Luv (Nicole Moudaber Remix) (2014)
7. SCB – Extinct (ANNA Remix) (2018)
8. Jubilee – Keys Wallet Phone (2013)
9. Boy Pussy – Pump My Body Up (Kasey Riot Runway Remix) (2018)
10. Shakedown – At Night (Peggy Gou’s Acid Journey Remix) (2018)

podcast #17

The Dag is a New York based DJ and producer, via the Philippines and the 1/2 of the techno newsletter dzdzwrwr. She prefers the sound of factories, machines and noise. Her tracks are sound experimentations, while her sets are often inspired by industrial raves.

Lemna – Metamorphosis [Horo] (2017)
Flaminia – Duality of Self [Metempsychosis Records] (2017)
ISNT – Playground’s Are Filled With Selfies [Vanity Pill] (2018)
Melania . – This Is All We Got [Projekt Label] (2018) X Pharmakon – No Natural Order [Sacred Bones] (2017)
Claviceps Purpurea (OCD and Shadowcomplex) – You Might Survive (But We Hope Not) [Raven Sigh] (2018)
Kaltes & Nene H. – Resist [Eotrax] (2018)
LAURAPALMER – Conflict [mecanica] (2015)
OTHK – Ruin is Good [Scuderia] (2017)
Ma Cka – Alat (2017)
Ireen Amnes – Centrale Elettrica (2018)
C-Kay – Tow-Face [Constant Value Seoul] (2016)
T A K A – Clenched Fists [MORD] (2018)
Eastel – Contact [Take Hit] (2017)
Linn Elisabet – Ar Det Nu Vi Gar Under [Street Life Rhythm] (2018)
Substencia – Hysteria [Øbskure] (2017)
L Ʌ V Σ N – Outlines [Industrial Techno United] (2018)

podcast #16

Designer by day, DJ by night, event producer in-between. V is a Berlin-based New Yorker who loves photography, travel, karaoke, Legos, and everything design/tech-related. She is one of the resident artists of ebb + flow (NYC) and Berlin Invasion (Berlin) music families. Expect an energy from V’s music styles that her unique personality brings. She is known for creating melodic journeys through diverse beats and engaging the crowd with her infectious vibe. It’s been truly a great experience in creating this podcast, by learning more about some amazing female:pressure community members and V’s own network of talented female artists. Enjoy!

1. Matuss – Fairy Dust (Original Mix/Vinyl Only) – 2017
2. Joyce Muniz – On You (Original Mix) – 2015
3. Nadia Popoff – Cropcircles (Original Mix) – 2018
4. Daniele Kama – Memesis (Original Mix) – 2018
5. TINI – Shmoohs Raisin Theory (Re-UP Remix) – 2012
6. Nadja Lind & Deep Spelle – I Don’t Speak In The Air (Original Mix) – 2015
7. Anja Schneider – Night Out (Original Mix) – 2017
8. Juliane Wolf – Arp Journey (Heinrich Mendez Remix) – 2017
9. PHROND – T17053 (Original Mix) – 2018
10. Nackt, Doc Sleep, CM-4 – Ford (Original Mix) – 2015

podcast #15

Anna Leopolder’s motto for this podcast is Women Of Influence. Here she introduces some women in (electronic) music who influenced either her or the whole music history…
Anna Leopolder is a queer music producer and visual artist based in Berlin. Releases on several labels such as Reveller Records, TWIRL! Records, Yes Yes Records, Minina Music, Fett Recordings, 7MNS Music and on the Zoolook Revisited Album“ (selected by Jean Michel Jarre) more infos here:

Nico live in Tokyo – Purple Lips (1986)
DJ Chloe – Word for Word (2010)
Yoko Ono – Open Your Box (1970)
Gudrun Gut – Rock Bottom Riser (2007)
Joni Mitchell – The Jungle Line (1975)
Laurie Anderson – O Superman (1982)
Else Marie Pade – Faust – Magrethes Fordommelse (1962)
Cio D’Or – Off (2015)
KaKuhrau – Exmoon Back (2018)
Sonae – Majority Vote (Electric Indigo Remix) (2018)
Karen Gwyer – Lay Claim To My Grub (2014)
Anna Leopolder – Black Flowers (2018)

podcast #14

Snezhana is an amateur DJ based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has been djing at (mostly) local DIY events since 2011, playing anything from beats and UK bass to house, techno, electro, and all the lovely fuzziness in-between. Curating this podcast was a completely new experience for her and the result is an intense and emotional ride she hopes you will enjoy.
You can also take bits from here if you like: residentadvisor.net/dj/snezhana/biography

Patricia – It Gets Worse at Night – 2017
Annie Hall – Curie – 2016
Mor Elian – Paralysed Focus – 2017
Karen Gwyer – Why Does Your Father Look So Nervous? – 2017
Janice – Untitled A1 – 2016
UMFANG – Where Is She? – 2017
Ikonika – With Your Mouth – 2012
Dasha Rush – Dystopian Drive – 2017
Dasha Rush – Son R – 2006
or:la – Wendy Wild – 2017
Ikonika – I Make Lists – 2012
Karen Gwyer – The Workers Are on Strike – 2017
Annie Hall – Meither – 2016
Cyborg 95 – Tour de France’16 – 2018

podcast #13

Stina Francina is a Swedish DJ/producer/sound artist located in Berlin. Having worked promoting underground events in the past, she’s currently focusing on learning more about sound, production and live performing, as well as keep evolving as a DJ. She’s currently earning a bachelor’s degree in electronic music production at dBs Berlin and is working on an EP expected to be released this year (2018). Occasional influences from house combined with the depth of techno creates her sound; ethereal, warm and playful, yet also industrial and brutal.

Linn Elisabet – Uncommitting (2018)
Kloves – Transition (2017)
Mary Velo – Rack (2018)
Bergsonist – Instagram Culture (2018)
Phrond – T17039 (2018)
Nur Jaber – MR X (2018)
Theo Komp – Pluged (Kane Roth Remix) (2017)
Miss Djax – The Nightwalker (2014)
Temisphere – Nemebetas (2017)
Shlømo – Vertigo (Wallis Remix) (2018)
Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg – Acid Nord (2016)
Nur Jaber – Late at Night (2018)
Jamaica Suk – Panoramance (2018)

podcast #12

Anna Tskhovrebov is an artist and engineer currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, by way of New York and Russia. Under the alias Viewfinder she plays mischievous DJ sets and writes hazy tracks in her bedroom. Her other work ranges from large-scale installation art involving sonification of fluids simulations to research on gender politics, psychoacoustics and dance studies in nightclubs.
About this podcast for female:pressure she says: “This mix just scratches the surface of female and nonbinary talent in the Bay. These are the people that chip away at the status quo every day of their work as musicians, whether through throwing parties with new rules or not being afraid to perfect a craft, teach it to others, and then learn another – while also having a day job. I’m endlessly grateful for what they do, and of course, for music that’s on repeat in my car and strikes extra hard on the dance floor…”.

ose – unreleased (live set excerpt) – 2018
Experimental Housewife – Iceberg Gridlock – 2018
Lily Ackerman – Bathroom (unreleased) – 2018
Christina Chatfield – Voyage – 2017
Cherushii – In Defense of Colors – 2013
Kudeki – The Point of No Return – 2018
8ULENTINA – Rope Swing – 2018
eriqua fka demongay – Mythomane – 2018
Russell E.L. Butler – I’m Dropping Out Of Life – 2017
Bleie – Elil – 2017
Viewfinder – peninsula – 2018
RVC – unreleased material – 2018
gayphextwin – who will – 2018

podcast #11

ANNÆLIX is a Copenhagen based techno & house DJ and music producer, home-made creator and event organizer. Her DJ sets are rhythmic, tribal and bass-filled combined with some punching and playful surprises. The sound varies from a chill day in a park with some dreamy slow-house to a dark basement of deep psychedelic techno and deep house tunes. Her own productions are mainly house inspired and the sound is dreamy and acid and includes different elements from sub-genres of house, deep house and electronica and which makes the music a journey through lighty-pumped synthesizer and bass-filled universes. Together with tadoh she is also the organizer of the monthly electronic and leftwing event Folkets Haus that raises money for leftwing political groups.

1. Lucid Berlin – Mangata (female:pressure)
2. Anja Schneider – Free Fall (Alex Arnout Remix) 2017
3. Quivver – Everything Remains The Same 2016
4. Ksenia Kamikaza – Electric Light (female:pressure)
5. Matador – Ramaha 2017
6. Sparkly Pony – Cafe 2015
7. Ida Engberg & Adam Beyer – You Know 2013
8. Walking on this planet – Breger & Manu Ferrantini 2015
9. Simina Grigoriu – Techno Monkey 2016
10. Philip Bader – Houserism 2014
11. Monika Kruse – Robot Heart 2012 (female:pressure)
12. Dole & Kom – Salto Mortale 2015

podcast #10

Lola/Lira is a musician, music producer, and DJ/performer currently living in the Los Angeles Ca. Throughout her layered compositions, you’ll find she loves the timeless sound of drums; tribal or otherwise– As a creative, she has lent her energy to a variety of artistic projects, including on stage, film, and television. Her future plans include more music, a garden and an upcoming trip to Vietnam where she plans to write a musical in her head and release it in total silence, as a gift to the Gods.

Lola la Showgirl – In Matilda’s Lucid Dream (2016)
Wingo – Sluice (2016)
Lela Amparo – Forest Bathing (2018)
Hiko (2015)
Neslan Ellis – True Blood (2014)
Death of Codes – Metallurgyx (2018)
Kawn – Dreams (2017)
ArkmPRIME – Into the Deep (2017)
Zenobia Dollie – Capture Fire (2018)
Zenobia Dollie – Your Gucci Is Fake (2017)
Josh Spoon – SC Remix #7 (2015)
Lucid BLN – Above One (Above Hate Remix) (2018)
Rita Hayworth – Gilda (1940)
Nosnetrom – King (2017)
Lola la Showgirl – Shadow (2014)
Lola la Showgirl – Lady of Years (2016)
Enny Owl – The Lyrical Dancer (2018)

20th Anniversary Special Edition podcast

Hello! This is the 20th Anniversary female:pressure podcast. Featuring new or unreleased tracks from the f:p network with special words from founder Electric Indigo.This playlist was curated by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kelli Frances Corrado. Listen, enjoy and share!

1. Tatiana Heuman Geei – G Plane (Unreal 2018)
2. Death of Codes – Metallurgyx
3. Drum & Lace – Snakeskin
4. Kelli Frances Corrado – Silver Bullet
5. Valeska Rautenberg – Midnight Children
6. Syl Niet – She Sat Little (2018)
7. She’s Excited – Hallo Spaceboy
8. Pamcy – Goya Coin
9. BIRI BIRI – KungFused 2018
10. Naerlot – Preludio, El Despertar
11. Leah King – Be Honest
12. Tavishi – Not All Struggles Are Visible
13. Electric Djinn – Phoenix

podcast #9

Mary Lilith Fischer lives and works in Berlin. She runs an artist space and gallery (workshop-on-forster.de) focusing on community building workshops and inter-disciplinary, autodidactic learning in the arts. She leads a task force of femme, non-binary and female members working to providing an inclusive programming in the space. Her own work ranges from audio-visual installations, poetry to performance art and acting.
For female:pressure she has organized an interactive meet-up event last November and is currently co-hosting a monthly show on Cashmere Radio, Berlin alongside Consumer Refund (Sarah Martinus) and Akkamiau (Lena Kocisova). She is working toward hosting regular panel talks and round table discussions focusing on community building and skill shares amongst non-dude musicians as well as the continuation of a series of “tech-talks” which she recently started with Anna-Maria Reusel.

Aviva Endéan – For Aviv (2018)
Lucid – channelling (2018)
Renjā – Alto (2018)
Sunmoonstar – Skyy (2015)
Asi Mina – Nic (2014)
Sukitoa o Namao (feat. Badawi) – Nari (2017)
Ipek Ipekcioglu – Bir_ift_Turna_Or (2018)
Kyoka – Re-Pulsion (2014)
HRTZ – All I Have is This (2018)
Sha Sha Kimbo – The End of The Universe (2018)
Various Asses – Dime To (2016)
Amy_cin – Toi Toi (2015)
6zm – Inner You (2015)
Linn Elisabet – Brittle Agenda (2018)
Ksenia Kamikaza – Peace (Original Mix) (2018)
CMD – Wild Light (2018)
Sissel Wincent – Chrome (2016)
Solid Blake – Mario 01 (2017)
kritzkom – Northern Island (2015)
Angel – 11 (2018)
Marylilith – Poetic meditations #1 (2017)

podcast #8

Welcome to a new episode of female:pressure podcast! This time, Justine Perry in the mix. Originally from Lille (France), Justine Perry moved to London and Paris in order to work as a music journalist alongside with developing her taste in music and DJ skills. She finally relocated to Berlin. Influenced by its club scene, her sets are coloured by some dark and acid techno ambiences, which bring her public into the essence of Rave. Recently she has begun to play at some great venue in Paris, London and Berlin, like Rex Club or Griessmühle. After she moved to Berlin, she signed on the Berlin-based management and event agency Art Bei Ton and she is now working on the release of her first EP, as well as the creation of a light show with the VJ artist Lucy Williams.

Zum Goldenen Schwarm – Ubergang (2015)
Biosphere – Valchirie (2012)
Cio D’Or – Fata Morgana (2007)
I Murdered – Coping Complex (2017)
Civil Duty – No Dexterity (2015)
Adriana Lopez -Close Resemblance (2014)
Ruhig – Pulse Width (Wata Igarashi remix) (2015)
Korridor – Somnolence (2015)
Sigha – Down (Function Remix) (2017)
Neel – The Vancori Complex (2017)
Vegim – Traumm (2015)
Atom TM – Ich Bin Meine Maschine (2013)
Liza Aikin – Lonely. Quiet (Takaaki Itoh (Remix) (2017)
Answer Code Request – The 4th Verdict (2014)
Ruhig – Eddying (2016)

podcast #7

Evren da Conceição is a DJ, music producer, sound and performance artist. She is best known for her highly energetic, driving and intense DJ sets and live electronic music performances, which are influenced by a wide range of styles, be it underground techno, acid, electro or experimental electronic music. She regularly DJs and plays live sets at the leading underground venues and clubs of Vienna (Grelle Forelle, Fluc, Das Werk, Flex and many others). She also records mixes for radio (FM4, Art Style Techno, Fnoob Techno, blankTON.radio, Frission etc…), produces her own tracks and remixes, takes part in collaborative projects such as improvised and live electronic performances with Anthony K. (City Nights Tracks, New York), as well as curating the underground party/event series XOXO since 2017.

1. Navnlost
2. Aschka – Oktogan – Decadence Recordings
3. Hypersunday – Beating B. – Hypersunday Records
4. Xols – Off The Ground – Broque
5. Pig & Dan – Set Me Free (Eillom Remix)
6. Hyenaz – Proximity master – Springstoff
7. Denise Rabe – Sunday Blues (Rrose Remix) – Arts
8. Perera Elsewhere – Ebora ft. Aremu (Paula Temple Remix)- Friends Of Friends
9. Rona Greffen – Rave Poenix
10. Evren da Conceição – W.H.A.T. – Unreleased
11. Rebekah – I Died A Thousand Times – Soma Records
12. Gunver Reiberg, Aisha Devi, Rrose, Paula Temple – DR2 – Noise Manifesto
13. A’Bear – Unstuck – Unreleased
14. Nima Ikki – Agua Sangre
15. Emika – Common Exchange – Ninja Tune
16. Laurie Anderson – O Superman – Warner Bros Records

podcast #6

Dj and producer, based in Riga, Latvia, Ksenia Kamikaza is also founder of Platz fur Tanz label. As a music-producer Ksenia Kamikaza (aka Naive Dreamer) has released several EPs. Her debut album Japanese Georgians (2015) has been true musical experimentation and self expression: it includes Ksenia’s love and vision of downtempo, IDM, broken beats and techno.

01 A’Bear – Involution
02 Helena Hauff – Silver Sand & Boxes of Mould (Original Mix) (2015)
03 Cio D’Or – AND ON (Original Mix) (2015)
04 Dasha Rush – Acid Melancholy (Original Mix) (2017)
05 Meghann Wilhoite – Susurration Deathofcodes (2018)
06 Electric Indigo – Registers (2018)
07 HYENAZ – Proximity
08 Amelie Lens – Follow (Original Mix) (2017)
09 Xols – FNORD
10 ANNA – Suzi in Transe (Original Mix) (2018)
11 Miss Electric – Tribalism (DJ ESP aka Woody McBride Remix) (2018)
12 Ellen Allien – Call Me (K-HAND Remix) (2017)
13 Ksenia Kamikaza – Warrior (Vonverhille remix) (2018)
14 Ksenia Kamikaza vs Benjamin Damage – Electric Lights in Monreal (2018)
15 Martina Lussi – Achat (2017)
16 Dasha Rush – 100 Hearts (2015)
17 A’Bear – Seek

podcast #5

Sonae is a DJ, producer and performing artist on Berlin based label Monika Enterprise, recently releasing her second album “I Started Wearing Black”. She lives and works in Cologne.
For this podcast, she has selected some of her favourite female electronic music workers, music that came across the female:pressure network, an alltime-favourite, an atmospheric track that causes goose bumps, records collected during the last few years, the debut EP of a Cologne fellow and a track of her own… In her own words: “A free selection highlighting the work of collegues and friends of the unnecessarily still worth to be mentioned category ‘female’”.

Holly Herndon – Home (2015)
AGF – Mycorrhizosphere (2017)
Electric Indigo – Orkhon (2013)
Huxley Anne – Nin (2017)
Kyoka – SmashHush (2014)
Helena Hauff – Yyh (2015)
Borusiade – Silent (2017)
Jlin – Carbon 7 (2017)
Huxley Anne – Slant (2017)
Sonae – Rust (2018)
AGF – Fun-gi (2017)
Helena Hauff – For I Am Dead (2015)
Barbara Morgenstern – Dr. Mr. (2000)
rRoxymore – Thoughts Of An Introvert (2017)
Jlin – Calcination (2017)
Lena Willikens – Phantom Delia (2015)

podcast #4

Tatiana Heuman // QEEI is an Argentinian drummer, producer and singer. She explores the connections between art and nature, everyday life and technology. She likes contrasts, differences and diversity, “I am passionate and emotional. Soy una mujer latinoamericana.
I want to be heard and I want all my sisters to be heard, she says about herself. All music in this podcast has been created by Latin American artists. She is also an artivist in #VIVAS, a project in permanent transformation that offers different ways to connect voices that need to be heard.

Tatiana Heuman Qeei – Nights nichts (2018) ARG
Aylu – ??? (2018) ARG
Tayhana – Encuentros Furtivos NAAFI (2017) ARG/MEX
vuecasm II – nima ikki (2018) MEX
Isabel nogueira – impermanente movimento a casa da lua (2016) BRA
Laura Mello – WhenWillWeB2gether (2009) BRA
Elysia Crampton – Axacan (2015) BOL
CATNAPP – Back (2017) ARG
Aleyda Moreno Ramírez – Nostalgia de las Pleyades(2018) MEX
ttcc – VIVAS (2017) ARG
JsfnbrrX – Incorporo (2017) ARG
EL ABC – mantis dorada (2017) ARG
Tatiana Heuman Qeei – una palabra a la vez (2018) ARG

podcast #3

IGA was born in poland and grew up in Munich. She started mixing at the age of 13. “I’m always concentrated in what I play and in which moment, its all about the ear not the gear. So i always take a long time to choose my tracks for gigs. I just love to play and make other people happy, music is a very good tool to get in touch with people all over the world”, she explains. Her style: “very hard, pushing forward dark basslines with industrial sounds, mixed with old school techno and acid classics influenced by The Prodigy and Westbam”. She has been playing for ten years in clubs in the south of Germany, and now you can find her in Berlin, in the underground techno scene.

01. lucid bln – eclipse (2017)
02. linn elisabeth – halla monumentum (2018)
03. Mila Dietrich – An Unusual Conspiracy (2016)
04. Lady Maru – Alternative Trip (2017)
05. Mila Dietrich – Welcome Stranger (Brulée Version) (2016)
06. Rraph – Mirror Symmetry (Piotr Klejment Redefinition) (2017)
07. Schuw – Aszar (2017)
08. Mella Dee – movement (2017)
09. ansome – Ships and Castles (2014)
10. Robert miles – children ( victor ruiz tribute) (2018)

podcast #2

The maker of this second episode of female:pressure podcast is LAPKAT. LAPKAT is Lisa Greenaway, a producer, DJ, sound installation artist and radio maker from Melbourne, Australia. LAPKAT has been producing collaborative spoken word tracks, radio shows and live DJ sets for a number of years now in Australia and Europe, mixing multilingual spoken word and poetry, archival samples and field recordings with minimal bass, electronic and folktronic music from around the world. LAPKAT presents the monthly radio show “La Danza Poetica”, broadcast on Radio Groovalizacion and Chimeres Greece, and podcast from her website lapkat.com. A deep exploration into the many worlds, one world, poetic groove.

Caro C – Kindness (2016)
Mo Chan & Broshuda – LIEDFÜRHASE (2018)
AGF – Unity (2016)
Wild Anima – Shanti Sound – Audiograph 20 (2017)
Anna Stereopoulou – Core [electron trailer] (2017)
Prophecy Sun – Trapped (2013)
french_concession – Moon Palace (2017)
imanexperiment – intro||version (2017)
Isabel Nogueira – A Day Before (2017)
Rona Geffen – My Rhythm Line (2017)
Janine A’Bear – The cosmos is a tale that becomes true as it is told, and as it tells itself (2017)
She´s Excited! – Hallo Spaceboy (David Bowie) (2018)
Soela – Yellow Flower (2017)
Sissip – Nothing At All (2017)
Sylvia Hinz – anonyma (2016)

podcast #1

This first chapter of the podcast has been created by t A’Bear, “an avant synth pop artist and DJ “don’t put her in a box”, in her own words. A true lover of all things weird and wonderful, she is also an intercontinental experimental musician who gave up trying to be normal and found herself doing strange and awesome things. Expect a synthy/vocal/techno/experimental/rap/rainbow workout straight from the heart.
You can find her in London and also at @abearsounds

1. ‘F’. Elsa Quintin
2. If you can’t you should. Steph Horak
3. No name experiment- ChandeLIA. Lia Mice
4. Infiltrate. Olivia Louvell
5. Sweet Pearl. AJA
6. The dream Ends. Gazelle Twin
7. Seek. A’Bear
8. Romney Sounds. Electric Elizabeth
9. Awkwardly blissing out. F Ingers
10. Light codes. Merkarba Macarbre
11. Live show excerpt @ Iklektick 25/11/1712. Pranic Attack
12. Intro (Technophelia). Geneva Jacuzzi
13. Karen Black. Ross Blake
14. Tell your friends about me. Lorraine James
15. Precious Parts. Death of Codes
16. Les Contes Des Cordes (Gerauschkorper tcfsr.net) Trixie Delight

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