female:pressure podcast

WELCOME to the female:pressure podcast, where you’ll periodically hear music mixed by members of the female:pressure community. Around an hour of electronic music where you´ll find the most stunning sounds from around the world and, of course, a lot of good tracks produced by f:p people!

podcast #5

Sonae is a DJ, producer and performing artist on Berlin based label Monika Enterprise, recently releasing her second album “I Started Wearing Black”. She lives and works in Cologne.
For this podcast, she has selected some of her favourite female electronic music workers, music that came across the female:pressure network, an alltime-favourite, an atmospheric track that causes goose bumps, records collected during the last few years, the debut EP of a Cologne fellow and a track of her own… In her own words: “A free selection highlighting the work of collegues and friends of the unnecessarily still worth to be mentioned category ‘female’”.

Holly Herndon – Home (2015)
AGF – Mycorrhizosphere (2017)
Electric Indigo – Orkhon (2013)
Huxley Anne – Nin (2017)
Kyoka – SmashHush (2014)
Helena Hauff – Yyh (2015)
Borusiade – Silent (2017)
Jlin – Carbon 7 (2017)
Huxley Anne – Slant (2017)
Sonae – Rust (2018)
AGF – Fun-gi (2017)
Helena Hauff – For I Am Dead (2015)
Barbara Morgenstern – Dr. Mr. (2000)
rRoxymore – Thoughts Of An Introvert (2017)
Jlin – Calcination (2017)
Lena Willikens – Phantom Delia (2015)

podcast #4

Tatiana Heuman // QEEI is an Argentinian drummer, producer and singer. She explores the connections between art and nature, everyday life and technology. She likes contrasts, differences and diversity, “I am passionate and emotional. Soy una mujer latinoamericana.
I want to be heard and I want all my sisters to be heard, she says about herself. All music in this podcast has been created by Latin American artists. She is also an artivist in #VIVAS, a project in permanent transformation that offers different ways to connect voices that need to be heard.

Tatiana Heuman Qeei – Nights nichts (2018) ARG
Aylu – ??? (2018) ARG
Tayhana – Encuentros Furtivos NAAFI (2017) ARG/MEX
vuecasm II – nima ikki (2018) MEX
Isabel nogueira – impermanente movimento a casa da lua (2016) BRA
Laura Mello – WhenWillWeB2gether (2009) BRA
Elysia Crampton – Axacan (2015) BOL
CATNAPP – Back (2017) ARG
Aleyda Moreno Ramírez – Nostalgia de las Pleyades(2018) MEX
ttcc – VIVAS (2017) ARG
JsfnbrrX – Incorporo (2017) ARG
EL ABC – mantis dorada (2017) ARG
Tatiana Heuman Qeei – una palabra a la vez (2018) ARG

podcast #3

IGA was born in poland and grew up in Munich. She started mixing at the age of 13. “I’m always concentrated in what I play and in which moment, its all about the ear not the gear. So i always take a long time to choose my tracks for gigs. I just love to play and make other people happy, music is a very good tool to get in touch with people all over the world”, she explains. Her style: “very hard, pushing forward dark basslines with industrial sounds, mixed with old school techno and acid classics influenced by The Prodigy and Westbam”. She has been playing for ten years in clubs in the south of Germany, and now you can find her in Berlin, in the underground techno scene.

01. lucid bln – eclipse (2017)
02. linn elisabeth – halla monumentum (2018)
03. Mila Dietrich – An Unusual Conspiracy (2016)
04. Lady Maru – Alternative Trip (2017)
05. Mila Dietrich – Welcome Stranger (Brulée Version) (2016)
06. Rraph – Mirror Symmetry (Piotr Klejment Redefinition) (2017)
07. Schuw – Aszar (2017)
08. Mella Dee – movement (2017)
09. ansome – Ships and Castles (2014)
10. Robert miles – children ( victor ruiz tribute) (2018)

podcast #2

The maker of this second episode of female:pressure podcast is LAPKAT. LAPKAT is Lisa Greenaway, a producer, DJ, sound installation artist and radio maker from Melbourne, Australia. LAPKAT has been producing collaborative spoken word tracks, radio shows and live DJ sets for a number of years now in Australia and Europe, mixing multilingual spoken word and poetry, archival samples and field recordings with minimal bass, electronic and folktronic music from around the world. LAPKAT presents the monthly radio show “La Danza Poetica”, broadcast on Radio Groovalizacion and Chimeres Greece, and podcast from her website lapkat.com. A deep exploration into the many worlds, one world, poetic groove.

Caro C – Kindness (2016)
Mo Chan & Broshuda – LIEDFÜRHASE (2018)
AGF – Unity (2016)
Wild Anima – Shanti Sound – Audiograph 20 (2017)
Anna Stereopoulou – Core [electron trailer] (2017)
Prophecy Sun – Trapped (2013)
french_concession – Moon Palace (2017)
imanexperiment – intro||version (2017)
Isabel Nogueira – A Day Before (2017)
Rona Geffen – My Rhythm Line (2017)
Janine A’Bear – The cosmos is a tale that becomes true as it is told, and as it tells itself (2017)
She´s Excited! – Hallo Spaceboy (David Bowie) (2018)
Soela – Yellow Flower (2017)
Sissip – Nothing At All (2017)
Sylvia Hinz – anonyma (2016)

podcast #1

This first chapter of the podcast has been created by t A’Bear, “an avant synth pop artist and DJ “don’t put her in a box”, in her own words. A true lover of all things weird and wonderful, she is also an intercontinental experimental musician who gave up trying to be normal and found herself doing strange and awesome things. Expect a synthy/vocal/techno/experimental/rap/rainbow workout straight from the heart.
You can find her in London and also at @abearsounds

1. ‘F’. Elsa Quintin
2. If you can’t you should. Steph Horak
3. No name experiment- ChandeLIA. Lia Mice
4. Infiltrate. Olivia Louvell
5. Sweet Pearl. AJA
6. The dream Ends. Gazelle Twin
7. Seek. A’Bear
8. Romney Sounds. Electric Elizabeth
9. Awkwardly blissing out. F Ingers
10. Light codes. Merkarba Macarbre
11. Live show excerpt @ Iklektick 25/11/1712. Pranic Attack
12. Intro (Technophelia). Geneva Jacuzzi
13. Karen Black. Ross Blake
14. Tell your friends about me. Lorraine James
15. Precious Parts. Death of Codes
16. Les Contes Des Cordes (Gerauschkorper tcfsr.net) Trixie Delight