quota faders

female ratios in label rosters and festival line-ups
design by Lini La Lusche www.elektrobox.com

female:pressure report 03.2013
made from our collected facts by Lini La Lusche www.elektrobox.com


festival overview
design by Mixher mixher.free.fr

festival ratios

festival ratios per country
design by Mixher mixher.free.fr

female participation map

female and mixed gender artists in festival line-ups map
design by Mixher mixher.free.fr


label overview
design by Mixher mixher.free.fr

label ratios

label ratios per country
design by Mixher mixher.free.fr


10 responses to “FACTS 2013 – Graphic”

  1. […] female:pressure, das seit Jahren aktiv ist, zum Internationalen Frauentag vorgestellt und visualisiert. Ob in den Labelstuben oder auf Festivalbühnen – überall ist der Männeranteil weiter […]

  2. I can only talk out of my own experience of 17 years of being a DJ.
    I have to state here that the moment you stop differentiating yourself and categorize yourself as a female DJ, is the moment you will start growing in the scene!
    I probably never had a weekend without a gig…. Not sure in how many years.
    Put your ass on production and lookup!
    You’ll all get there if you’re good!

  3. Hey, great work!! To see this numbers is actutally very impressive – i hope they’ll change soon.
    Could you tell me:
    What exactly is counted in the category “Label”? Is is the numbers of artist at a label oder the number of employees? Or is it the gender of the artists who released in the specific year on the label?
    I got the same question about the category “club” in the report from 2015. What is counted there? The number of females who performed at the club in 2014?

    Best wishes and thanks,

  4. Hi.
    I am Aruna from India and of age 29 years and have pursued my degree in classical music and have a great interest towards sound and music.Due to some reasons i had to stop music and do my studies .Other than a singer i am an architect and about to finish my masters in urban design.But the thing is whatever I try to do ,I never get the peace since I feel somewhere I m missing the peace of music.So I want to join for DJ.But I don’t have much knowledge about the technical aspects of disc.So can you help in deciding whether to go for the course or not.

    • Hi Aruna, if you already have a special taste in music, then I’d definitely say: yes, go for it! Taste and selection are the most important basis for being a DJ, imho. But then you need to practice, too. Maybe there are workshops you could attend in your area?

      • Thank you for your reply.Yeah,There must be.Or else I will Find one and join.Right now my final sem exams are going on.Will look into it definitely once i am done with it.

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