For International Women’s Day 2019 we released an updated version 1.2 of the FACTS 2017 Survey that includes three new appendices:
Rankings of the top ten festivals with highest female and male proportions of the years 2015 to 2017 [mid-year] plus a very long table with all festival numbers sorted by country and by year.

You can download the full survey [version 1.3] as PDF [16.9 MB]

FACTS 2017 – Introduction
FACTS 2017 – Methods
FACTS 2017 – Results
FACTS 2017 – Discussion
FACTS 2017 – Acknowledgements
FACTS 2017 – Appendices

Infographic above by CO/RE [click on the image for large version]

Infographic above by Moira Letby and CO/RE [click on the image for large version]


If you’d like to have the above infographics in print resolution, please contact us via the contact menu here!

If you’d like to contribute with festival data to our next survey, please use our data collection form.

If you think our current survey misses some festivals, please feel free to suggest them using the form below:

Yours truly, the female:pressure Trouble Makers


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