Overview: Ada (live), Chra (live), Caro C on Delia Derbyshire (presentation + live), Electric Indigo (live), Gudrun Gut (live), Islaja (live), Kritzkom (live), Kyoka (live), Midori Hirano aka MimiCof (live), Pilocka Krach (live), Sonae (live), Tinker (live), Acid Maria (DJ), Chez Mieke (DJ), Chica Paula (DJ), Deneh (DJ), Dependance (DJ), Dj Spoke (DJ), Ipek (DJ), Eli Pavel (DJ), Janoshi (DJ), Kaltès (DJ), Mieko Suzuki (DJ), Sarah Farina (DJ), Silva Rymd (DJ), Sharon Schael (DJ), Turrican (DJ), Uta (DJ), Vinilette (DJ), whø (DJ),  Aikia (VJ), Elektro Moon (VJ), Kalma (VJ), Tina Z (VJ) and the sound + icon machine (installation)…

Ada – live / Hamburg

Ada by Tobias Vollmer

In 2004 her debut album “Blondie” became a mega success. From De:Bug to the New York Times, the critics were over the moon. It was to take six long years until the next album. Six years filled with brilliant co-operations, expressive remixes (such as “Grand Canyon” for Tracey Thorn from Everything But The Girl – released on her compilation CD “Adaptations – Mixtape #1” on Kompakt), and various singles. In addition, Ada has been keeping the “Cologne style” flag flying with the magnificent group “Cologne Tape” since 2009. Her legendary live shows took her once around the world and back again before her new album “Meine zarten Pfoten” was released on DJ Koze’s label Pampa Records in 2011.



Caro C: Delia presentation – live / Manchester

Caro C by Simon Foster

Caro C (was caro snatch) defines herself as an intuitive artist, engineer and facilitator in sound (and word). An independent artist who likes and needs to connect with others, Caro is usually found performing, producing and releasing works, remixing others as well as collaborating with musicians and across artforms including providing music and sound for film and theatre. She is also a qualified studio recording engineer who loves to learn the art and craft of sound and transmute the creative visions of others. For this live show and pre-set talk for Perspectives Festival 2013, Caro will present a  software and hardware creative response to the archive of electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001).



Chra – live / Vienna


Chra (Christina Nemec) is a bass player and producer of electronic music based in vienna, she has been performing and DJ-ing since the mid 1990’s. Her latest releases include Sonic Travel Diary (2012) and Der Mann das ist ein Lustobjekt (2012). In 2009 she co-founded the record label Comfortzone to supports local musicians, including Cherry Sunkist. She has played in feminist-queer group SV Damenkraft and Pasajera Oscura(together with Irradiation) and collaborated with Lydia Lunch, Mia Zabelka, Gustav, Mathias Schaffäuser and many others. She has toured in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Norway, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Bass player of Shampoo Boy – debutalbum “Licht” 2013 on Blackest Ever Black.



Electric Indigo – live / Vienna


Electric Indigo, DJ, composer, musician, has performed in 36 countries across the norther hemisphere. Her music is characterized by a clarity of vision and depth, as a composer and musician, she emphasizes the spatial-temporal placement of subtly textured but forceful sounds. She received the “outstanding artist award Musik 2012” in the field of electronic music and computer music and the national grant for composition 2013 from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture. Currently, Electric Indigo works on her first solo album.



Gudrun Gut – live / Berlin

Gudrun Gut

Gudrun Gut grew up in the lüneburger heide (north german heatherland), in berlin since 1975, studied visual communication at the hochschule der künste, active in the music-scene since the 80ies, founding member of the bands mania d, malaria!, matador. since 1993 spoken word + performance project miasma together with myra davies. various record releases and live appearances worldwide. 1994 initiator of the oceanclub, started the monika enterprise label (barbara morgenstern, contriva, etc) in 1997. producing and presenting the oceanclub radio show for radioeins together with thomas fehlmann. since 2007 solowork, 2010/11 greie gut fraktion “baustelle” with antye greie (agf). 2011/12 work on new solo album “Wildlife” – which was released in october 2012.



Islaja – live / Helsinki

Islaya_Philipp Jester-15_300dpi

Islaja is Merja Kokkonen, a visual artist and musician living and working in Berlin, Germany.
Since her debut in 2004, she has released four album-length works on Finland’s Fonal Records and one CD on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label, as well as a series of singles on labels such as Not Not Fun and Root Strata.She earned quick praise in the international music press for her unique vocal style and daring DIY approach to music composition, with kudos from the Wire magazine, Dusted, Pitchfork, Coke Machine Glow and Tiny Mix Tapes.



Kyoka – live / Tokyo / Berlin


The first solo female artist on the raster-noton roster works as a musician and composer in berlin and tokyo. She has been releasing music since 2008 and is known for her chaotic, direct approach and a heavy-rough sound resulting in a broken pop-beat with experimental yet danceable rhythms. Ish means “around”, “like” or “about” and reflects her way to be clear by being vague – brightness wrapped in a blanket of obscurity and abstractness.



Kritzkom – live / Nantes


Kritzkom is a french musician and graphic designer based in Berlin.
Her career as musician, DJ and producer started in 2002 in Paris where she studied graphic-design. In 2008 she decided to move to Berlin to be more focused on her music. She worked the last ten years on several projects with releases on different labels like Comfortzone, Martialfunk, Samplefreunde or Female:Pressure.
Currently she works on two band projects (Anna Otto and Miko), both are collaborations with other musicians like Sonja Cvitkovic and Kaltès from Berlin. Her first Album “North In Progress” released a few months ago completes her extaordinary cosmos of music.



midori hirano a.k.a. MimiCof – live / Kyoto


MimiCof a.k.a. midori hirano is a Japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer, born in Kyoto and now based in Berlin, stems across a diverse range of genres and cultures. Her productions are based around the use of traditional instrumentation such as the piano or strings, but yet her works are so diverse and eclectic mixture of modern digital sounds with subtle electronic processing or field recordings.
In addition to her primary project as midori hirano which is based on acoustic instrumentation drawing melodic shapes and harmonies, she is doing another music project under the name of MimiCof focusing on electronics and beat production center which extends her range of music. As MimiCof moniker, she has released two albums from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.



Pilocka Krach – live / Berlin


She was born on a ruby sunday in smashing town b. at the river s. not far away from the river h. After the block and the new kids a rapid interest for functional syntheses of sound was established. Ignoring any kind of limits, the walk was not too far for aural manic creation. From glandpop to echoism. In the tradition of dada, lyrics like: “my crap smells like shit”, “boom! crash!! boom!!!” and “nanananananananana” are part of her reflective non-reflexion. Madame Krach collects noises as bees honey. Trendsetting blind she follows the path-breaking sound carpet of her intuition. Bacchanal “hit the pot” arias and cadenced twitters have a premonition of the relation to punk and roger withaker, but to feel out it – not at all. Pilocka Krach turns data urine into shaked martini with pear.



Sonae – live / Cologne


Sonae’s music is wide, flowery and raw – from the very quiet to tiny bitsy club & rave sounds. She debuted in 2012 with the two-track EP ‘Cologne’ on Ambient & Electronica label A Strangely Isolated Place, and her remix of Markus Guentner’s ‘Saint’ will be released on the ASIP remix-compilation ‘Uncharted Places’ this summer.



Tinker – live / San Francisco


Using tools of live sampling and performance within Ableton and her trusty APC, Tinker’s playful sets have been described as beat-driven, melodic, glitch-y, and experimental. Appropriately nicknamed the “galaxy beat girl” and the “mind-and-genres-bender,” Tinker fuses an eclectic mix of hip-hop, 8-bit, wonky, breaks, cumbia, future bass, and more in a single set. She is a fast-blossoming producer in her own right and is currently working on her debut EP.



Acid Maria – DJ / Berlin


“A wider musical horizon, based on years of experience,  coupled with a keen eye for the counterpart and the unerring instinct for the right moment provide the combination of features a DJ must have for this work, in order to really fill this art and make nights legends. Theses are the features that this woman has. If someone asked you what to expect during the evening with us today, the only thing that could be said would be: Acid Maria does not meet expectations – she blows them to pieces. She masters all the disciplines that are needed to put any human or club in motion or even turmoil, to touch ears, hearts and legs and to bring each and every moment to unfold a glimpse of infinity.” (Uh-Seok Han in the Harry Klein Club program, Munich, June 2013.)



Chez Mieke – DJ / Berlin


She likes cosmic jazz, post rock and instrumental hip hop. In her sets songs work like tracks, and beats roll like narratives. Her fusions are all her own. She doesn’t care
if you follow her, but she smiles when you dance. Her selections are dreamlike and personal. And every record she plays has passed through her listening heart.



Chica Paula – DJ / Berlin


In the early 90s, attracted and fascinated by the development of what would become techno culture, Paula moved to Berlin. She very quickly became part of the Berlin Party scene and ended up riding the wave of the Berlin techno revolution. Chica Paula soon made a name for herself as a DJ in the Berlin club and music scene. But Chica Paula is not also a master of the turntables. Her expertise extends to production as well. Her first release on Gudrun Gut’s Monika Enterprise was a remix of Contriva and came out on their 12“ the „Foxy EP“ in 2003. Since then she has clocked up an impressive discography of original recordings and remixes. It was together with Max Loderbauers that she recorded her first album as Chica and the Folder: „42 Mädchen“ appeared in September 2003, also on Monika. Exactly 4 years later, the second Chica and the Folder album „Under the Balcony“ came out. Most recently Paula has remixed the likes of Maluco,Donna Regina and Roman on the Berlin label Kalk Pets.



Deneh – DJ / Hamburg


Born and raised in hamburg/germany she started djing seriously in 2006
after being ‘baptized’ by dubstep in the dark and bassloaded clubscene in london.
She plays vinyl only-mostly bassmusic from tropical to deep to pop-anything that touches her tribal driven heart of music and is a member of the dubstep crew wobwob.



Dependance – DJ / Hamburg


By the age of five, she was already fascinated by rhythms and beats. The first adventures began with hip hop and soul. Later she embarked on a deeper exploration of electronic music with powerful, colourful disco sounds punctuating house and minimal electronics.



Dj Spoke – DJ / Berlin


Spoke is a dj, producer and musician based in Berlin. Her main musical interest is bassmusic and all its related styles after being raised as a dj in Hip Hop, Drum n Bass and Roots Dub. Spoke is a member of the dj-collective Dubmarine and the live-band Psychedelic Orchestra.



Eli Pavel – DJ / Berlin


Eli started DJing in 1995 and is checkin´the afrobeats at OYE Records, Berlin. She loves a real mix of stuff. comin´from Indie, NY Hardcore, Crossover, Reggae goin thru TripHop, Drum&Bass, 2Step to BigBeat, mashUps directly to UK Funky, Future Bass, DiscoFunk& Afrobeat. Lots of bass and interesting breaks – she tries to connect different styles in her sets. There’s nothing as boring as playing four to the floor all night.



Ipek – DJ / Berlin


The SHE-J İpek İpekçioğlu takes the crowd its senses on a flight through the night, serving hybrid and eclectic mix of Middle Eastern, OrAsian Balkan FolkElektroFusion  Anatolian & Oriental DubInElektro, Gypsy Funk & Break Beats & Pop and Berlin Elektro & Minimal, interwoven with electronic tunes from Break Beat, Drum’n Bass, House and Dancehall. Through one set, she takes the audience on an aural journey through the cultures and music of Turkey, North-Africa, Israel, Persia, the Balkans, Greece and Bollywood, as well as carefully planned escapades to the UK and USA. DJ İpek İpekçioğlu is also known for her Berlin style Electro and Minimal sets. Her sound “Eklektik Berlinİstan” provides surprising breaks to the steady course of club music. Her emphasis clearly on kicking beats and dramatic baselines, DJ İpek İpekçioğlu offers a dj act out of the ordinary.



Janoshi – DJ / Berlin


As a daughter of a musician the beats were in Janoshi’s blood right from the beginning. Music rules her life, no doubt. Janoshi’s career started with her own party-series at nontox in 1998. Followed by several bookings including the ‘Teddy Awards’ and in SO36 she later became resident DJ at the very successful ‘Diven Attacks’ venues, a regular party slot in the club Kalkscheune in Berlin-Mitte. From 2000 she co-operated with a member of tangerine dream for their DJ-project ground liftaz. Between 2002-3 janoshi played another important role as a part of the femmes with fatal breaks by contributing with her extraordinaire electro-breaks/eclectic style. Since 2003 Janoshi has been a member of the projects Junglistic Sistaz and of Schattenelektronik.de which supports subcultural art.



Kaltès – DJ / Berlin


Kaltès is a musician, producer and dj living in Berlin. She has an extensive background in music. Now a passionate collector of strange and rare instruments, she is the sound-infatuated half of Anna Otto.



Mieko Suzuki – DJ / Berlin


Thinking of categories within the music industry, you would describe Mieko’s music style as TechHouse, which she strictly refuses. Cold sounds and bass are aspects of electronic music, but Mieko’s intends to communicate the emotional impact and the warmth while following her own “Color Theory”. As a synesthete herself, Mieko works with a synasthetic color theory to experience the sound, where space is her canvas. In live performances she translates her perceived colorscapes into soundscapes. The music is a direct response to the space and everything in it. Her dj sets take us into an interactive world of sounds, which she frequently garnishes with selected film excerpts and recorded voices.



Sarah Farina – DJ / Berlin


Sarah Farina is a DJ quickly invading all corners of Berlins Bassdriven Clubs. With influences ranging from Mark Pritchard, Timbaland, Boards Of Canada and J Dilla, she’s quickly forged a reputation throughout Europes underground bass scene by filling her sets and mixes with an unpredictable blend of ukg, jungle, juke, hip hop and a hefty dose of bass itself. Strongly supported by the Sick Girls and WeBoogie on her first professional steps, she found her way into residencies at some of Berlins best Undergroundmusic Venues. Beeing a part of the “Through My Speakers Collective” since 2012 Sarah is now being requested for gigs all over Europe and proceeds spreading the love that can be found between her basslines.



Silva Rymd – DJ / Berlin


It all started in 2007 with her beloved Projekt Electricdress which was organizing workshops at Spartacus Potsdam, where she immersed herself in the world of electronic beats, organizing parties, and representing a small club collective. This started her on her way in a developing scene with intense exchange between Leipzig and Berlin.
In 2008 she decided to move to Berlin. Since then she has been working for ://about blank permanently – her “living room” as she calls it – and influenced by labels like Sandwell District or Prologue and the dark and echoing Techno-sound of this time, she started DJing. Today she passionately conjures the events named Ghosts and Zeroize and when she’s not playing at ://about blank you can find Silva DJing in other basement clubs or illegal events…



Sharon Schael – DJ / Berlin

Sharon Schael

Growing up in Caracas, Venezuela Sharon was surrounded by a family of artists that promoted creativity, from literature to music, and has followed that path throughout her education and in life, with a formal education in art history and moving to music as her art medium of choice, to create and share with the world. With the arrival of rave culture to Venezuela in the 90s, Sharon becomes actively involved in the electronic dance music movement. At the time the prevalent sound captures and divides the masses into hard-techno and latin-house. But Sharon has never been one to follow the masses. Unsatisfied with the mainstream sound and always interested in listening to new sounds and experimental forms, Sharon’s love for music has been a continual evolutionary process that pushes the boundaries, breaking the mold and reaching for atmospheres charged with deep emotion and energy, traversing the genres of house to techno, from dub to the different textures that paint the canvas of today’s electronic dance music.



Turrican – DJ / Berlin

More information will follow soon…


Uta – DJ / Berlin


Uta is a radio presenter and DJ from Berlin.
Here style of music in her  DJ sets can be various, which means there is no musical border between Techno, House, Jungle, Dub, Drum’n’Bass, etc.
She loves good music and is expressing herself in her DJ set.



Vinilette – DJ / Barcelona


Originally from Barcelona, nowadays living in Berlin, her music imaginary grew with her first contact with the 90’s electronic sound, as a good melomaniac, she is considered as a vinyl addict. Her musical taste is diverse and mixes old with new tunes, melodic with abstract, placid with frantic sounds providing her sets a certain old school flavour.



WHØ? – DJ / Berlin

More information will follow soon…


Aikia – VJ / Berlin


Aikia is the stage name of Alessandra Leone – Born 1983 in Milan, currently based in Berlin. Trained (motion) graphics designer and self taught programmer. Aikia is highly fascinated by perception, consciousness and reality, with a strong eye for detail and a passion for creating interesting, interactive experiences and animated sequences. She is a live video performer, motion graphics animator, editor and teacher. Aikia takes part in “Stratofyzika” collective, creating movement-based interactive audio-visual performances; and “open*cluster” – vjing collaborative project.



Elektro Moon – VJ /Krakow


Female part of duo of Polish-Hungarian visual artists. She designs unique visual live-acts based on live experiments with the video surface, wide-format projections, mappings, audiovisual performances, interactive video-installations or video projections for theatre shows. Electro Moon performs regularly on international events presenting visual digital arts. As VJs they worked so far for Goldie (UK), DJ Krust (UK), Agoria (FR), Ben Klock (DE), DJ Surgeon (DE), Pendulum (AUS), Tricky (UK), Cristian Vogel (CHI) among others. Curator and program manager of Patchlab festival of digital art forms in Krakow, Poland.



Kalma – VJ / Berlin


Kalma is a Berlin based visual artist and sound technician. Her way of viewing visual art can´t be separated from her profound sound background. Her work is spontaneous and can be described as an experimentation between languages. She has been resident in Goa electronic sundays and in many madrilenean clubs as Mondo, Weekend and Ohm. Kalma participated in festivals such as Contemporary Performing Arts of Glastonbury (UK), End of the Week Fest (Berlin and Prague), Fiesta is Madrid (Berlin and Amsterdam) and Laptoprus (Madrid).



Tina Z – VJ / Berlin


Tina Z has started VJ-ing in San Francisco in the late 90’s while studying Interdisciplinary Art and being involved in the early psychedelic trance community, experimenting with visuals at Burning Man Festivals and countless underground warehouse parties. She lives and works as a freelance artist in Berlin since 2001. Inspired by Nature’s endless creation of visual phenomena and dynamics she has developed her unique “organic media” style to be applied not only in VJ-Sets but in the creation of large scale video installations and video mappings for opera productions, theatre, spas, commercial events and art and music festivals. Her visual mixes are multi-layered collages of motion textures, floating objects and graphics. Her surreal compositions of mostly original footage, captured on her many travels through the planet’s natures and cultures, flow smoothly and create a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere that astoundingly works for classical as well as electronic music.



The sound + icon machine – installation / Hamburg – München

The sound + icon.machine

Maria (Academy of Fine Arts Munich) and Neda Ploskow (University of Applied Arts Vienna and University of Fine Arts Hamburg) have been working together artistically in the sphere of image and sound since 2002. This has given rise to joint film and elaborate media installations.
The precise interweaving of video and sound track is enabled by the parallel mode of operation in both media, on the one hand the creation of an electronic piece of music as the organisation of self-generated sounds and imported samples on the timeline in the computer, on the other the creation of images by means of drawn picture elements and their temporal ordering, in other words film, likewise in the computer. With the resulting opportunities for reproduction and variation it is possible to bring the two media closer through multiple feedback in a hitherto unaccustomed way.




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