Scandal (CN) “他们从没想过我会成为危险的竞争者”
12/2022 – by Tianyu Jiang

Zeit Online (DE) Gender und Musik: “Es produzieren noch mehr Männer Musik mit anderen Männern”
09/2022 – by Kristoffer Cornils

Tsugi (FR) Manque de diversité: le nouveaux musée sur l’électro à Francfort durement critiqué
04/2022 – by Antoine Gailhanou

Mixmag (UK) female:pressure shares open letter criticising Museum of Modern Electronic Music
04/2022 – by Aneesa Ahmed

DJ Lab (DE) MOMEM: female:pressure mit Kritik am Frankfurter Techno-Museum
04/2022 – by Redaktion

Groove (DE) MOMEM: female:pressure kritisieren Frankfurter Techno-Museum
04/2022 – by Malte Scheibe

DJ Mag (UK) Museum of Modern Electronic Music in Frankfurt faces criticism over lack of diversity and representation
04/2022 – by Brian Coney

Resident Advisor (UK) ‘We are shocked’: female:pressure slams Frankfurt’s Museum of Modern Electronic Music in open letter
04/2022 – by Anu Shukla

Resident Advisor (UK) Ratio of women artists on festival lineups has nearly tripled since 2012, female:pressure’s FACTS 2022 survey finds
03/2022 – by Katie Thomas

International Orange (UK) How’s the gender balance in 2022?
03/2022 – by Oli Warwick

Trax (FR) Les line ups de festivals électroniques contiennent 3 fois plus de femmes qu’il y a 10 ans
03/2022 – by Charlotte Calamel Duprey

KitMonsters (UK) female:pressure Electric Indigo FACTS survey interview 2022
03/2022 – by Terry Tyldesley

Das Filter (DE) „Es ist ein Erfolg, aber die Bewegung ist zu langsam“
03/2022 – by Ji-Hun Kim

FrohFroh (DE) female:pressure FACTS 2022
03/2022 – by Jens

Groove (DE) female:pressure: Fünfter FACTS-Survey veröffentlicht
03/2022 – by Andrea Würtenberger

Amazona (DE) Frauen, Synthesizer und die elektronische Musikszene
05/2021 – by Sven Rosswog

Groove (DE) Acid Maria (Ultraschall) – Groove Resident Podcast 16
04/2021 – by Kristoffer Cornils

Refuge Worldwide (DE) International Women’s Day on Refuge Worldwide
03/2021 – by Refuge Worldwide

SWR2 (DE) Neue-Musik-Diskussion ohne Frauen: ZKM muss Veranstaltung überarbeiten
01/2021 – by SWR

Monument (NO) 55 Female Artists Involved in the Hypnotic Techno Scene
12/2020 – by Apolline Guedon

soundwall (IT)) Donne nella musica? Ancora troppo poche, ancora mal viste
05/2020 – by Damir Ivic

Fair Planet (DE) Smashing the Patriarchy one BPM at a Time
04/2020 – by Anu Shukla

Parkett (IT) Dj donne in aumento: siamo sulla giusta strada?
03/2020 – by Alessandro Tagliabracci

Electro News (FR) 25% des line up de festival sont composés d’artistes féminins, selon l’étude Facts
03/2020 – by Alexis Carer

Sol Rezza (AR) We are only 25%. FACTS – 2020
03/2020 – by Sol Rezza

Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE) Elektronische Festivals – Deutlich mehr weibliche Acts
03/2020 – Angelika Lepper in conversation with Martin Böttcher

Groove (DE) female:pressure: Studie zur Geschlechterverteilung von Festival-Acts
03/2020 – by Leonard Zipper

imro (IE)) female:pressure Releases FACTS Survey on International Women’s Day 2020

FM4 (AT) Gender im Festival-Check: So (un)ausgewogen sind elektronische Festivals
03/2020 – by Michaela Pichler

music austria (AT) female:pressure: FACTS Survey 2020

austrian music export (AT) female:pressure Releases FACTS Survey

Trax (FR) Les artistes femmes ne représentent que 21% des line-ups de festivals électroniques
03/2020 – by Emma Buoncristiani

Beatportal (DE) Female Festival Bookings Up, But Long Way From Gender Balance: Study
03/2020 – by Chandler Shortlidge

KitMonsters (UK) female:pressure – Electric Indigo FACTS Survey Interview
03/2020 – by Terry Tyldesley

Der Standard (AT) Musik und Gender: Immer noch wenig Frauen hinter den Plattentellern
03/2020 – by Amira Ben Saoud

Monument (NO) Survey: The increase of women in electronic music festival lineups is clear – but is it fast enough?
03/2020 – by Paula Koski

taz (DE) Electric Indigo über Frauen bei Festivals
03/2020 – by Nicholas Potter

Nialler9 (IE) FACTS report shows Irish electronic music festivals are addressing gender balance
02/2020 – by Yvonne Kiely

luhze (DE) Frauen machen Druck
02/2020 – by Pia Benthin

taz (DE) Frauen in der elektronischen Partyszene: Where’s that girl?
11/2019 – by Nicholas Potter

Berlin Art Link (DE) Finding New Idols: Heroines of Sound Festival at Radialsystem
07/2019 – by Johanna Hardt

The Guardian (UK) Raves, Robots and Writhing Bodies: How Electronic Music Rewired the World
04/2019 – by Alexis Petridis

Decantari Blog (AT) Electric Indigo – Funk, Ferrum and Feminism
04/2019 – by Arianna Gi

Sourdoreille (FR) Et Sinon En 2019, Y’A Des Meufs Sur Les Line-Up Electro?
04/2019 – by Zoe Devaux

Monument (NO) According To A Research, Hardly 16% Of Festival Acts Of 2016 and Mid-2017 Were Female: Electric Indigo Tells What To Do
03/2019 – by Paula Koski

music austria (AT) “There Are Not Enough Women To Book” – 21 Jahre female:pressure
03/2019, -by Christina Nemec

ALEX Berlin TV (DE) Raum für Notizen mit Aiko Okamoto und Mary Lilith Fischer
02/2019 – with Raica Wackes

Mixmag (UK) All-woman collectives Have Instigated Real, Positive Change In The Music World
01/2019 – by Whitney Wei

Attack Magazine (UK) These Women Are Fixing The Gender Problem In Music Tech
01/2019 – by Chandler Shortlidge

neues deutschland (DE) So eine Erholung! female:pressure feiert 20 Jahre Frauenförderung im Bereich elektronischer Musik
11/2018 – by Anna Gyapjas

DJ Mag (UK) Meet the people creating the Code of Conduct to end sexual harassement in dance music
10/2018 – by Chandler Shortlidge

The Gap (AT) Gender Gap: Tote Hose
07/2018 – by Therese Kaiser

malmoe (AT) Women* Make Noise!
06/2018 – by Kim Kong

malmoe (AT) Feminist Amplitude
06/2018 – by Christian König

malmoe (AT) 20 Jahre female:pressure
06/2018 – by Christian König

BR Zündfunk (DE) Ladytrons & Electronicats – Diese Pionierinnen der elektronischen Musik sind zu Unrecht vergessen
06/2018 – by Ralf Summer

Zeit Online (DE) Gender Equality: Eine Frau pro Stunde
06/2018 – by Frank Sawatzki

Lazer Guided Reporter (IE) Researching Gender in Music: Gendered Space, Female Visibility & Redesigning Environments
02/2018, by Yvonne Kiely

The Skinny (UK) Fiona Soe Paing on Alien Lullabies and SPECTRA
02/2018 – by Nadia Younes

Shift Balance (ES) Balance the World!
01/2018 – by Aurélie Salvaire

Barbi(e)turix (FR) female:pressure: 20 ans de lutte pour la visibilité des femmes dans la musique électronique

The Gap (AT) 20 Jahre Female Pressure: Wo stehen wir heute?
11/2017 – by Yasmin Vihaus

BerlinArtLink (DE) Equality in the Music Scene: Inaugural ‘We Make Waves’ Festival Berlin
11/2017 – by Diane Barbé

MOTZ (IE) Collective & Label Special – Berlin
11/2017 – by Jasmine Azarian

Rolling Stone (AU) How Electro Insurgents Discwoman Are Taking on Gender Discrimination
11/2017 – by Suzy Exposito

OIGA Podcast (AR) OIGA #5 Female Pressure
10/2017 – by Tatiana Heuman

Electronic Beats (DE) Study Confirms: There’s Still a Gender Gap in Festival Bookings

Resident Advisor (UK) A breakdown of festival bookings by gender
08/2017 – by Max Pearl

piqd (DE) Und noch immer buchen sie keine Frauen
08/2017 – by Martin Böttcher

taz (DE) Kleine Geister, großes Tennis
08/2017 – by Stephanie Grimm

The Gap (AT) Gender Gap: Subcultures under Pressure
08/2017 – by Therese Kaiser

Huck (UK) How women are revolutionising the music industry
08/2017 – by Cady Siregar

Mixmag (UK) Stop Saying There Isn’t A Strong Female Presence In Dance Music
06/2017 – by Corinne Przybyslawski

Kaput (DE) Gesellschaftlicher Wandel ist ohne nachhaltigen Druck nicht denkbar
03/2017 – by Sonia Güttler

Your Classical (US) Women film composers organize, advocate for change in an unequal industry
03/2017 – by Garrett Tiedemann

Hereyouare (DE) Berlin’s CTM Festival Explores Ways To End Sexism In The Music Industry
02/2017 – by Camille Darroux

DJ Mag (UK) We Lost Ourselves To Heavy Techno With Emika And DJ Red In Berlin
01/2017 – by Chandler Shortlidge

CTM Festival (DE) Networking for a Kaleidoscopic Scene

Electronic Beats (DE) The Top 8 All-Female Lineups Of 2016
12/2016 – by EB Team

Groove (DE) Diversität und Clubkultur
10/2016 – by Cristina Plett

A2larm (CZ) female:pressure: žena za mixpultem
10/2016 – by Zuzana Friday Přikrylová

Tom Tom Mag (US) Gnar Babes
09/2016 – by Miro Lion

PW (AT) Diversity Matters: A Discourse Towards Emancipated Club Culture
09/2016 – by Hannah Christ

Groove (DE) Reclaim The Beats Festival 2016: Sky Deep im Interview
09/2016 – by Nadine Schildhauer

Electronic Beats (DE) A Female:Pressure Promoter Weighs In On All-Female Lineups
09/2016 – by Kaltès

Spark Mag (US) Music and Solidarity for Rojava
08/2016 – by Raul Alonzo and Mike Linaweaver

IMD (DE) Raising her noise: The Voices Absent in New Music
08/2016 – by Sophia Chung

Voice Republic (CH) female:pressure Lecture @ Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2016
08/2016 – by Susanne Kirchmayr

THUMP (US) Electronic Music Festivals Still Have a Gender Equality Problem
07/2016 – by Emilie Friedlander

catalyst (DE) A Dialogue With Electronic Music Artists Electric Indigo & Emika
07/2016 – by Sylvia Gozdek

Groove (DE) MINT: “Why It’s Impossible Not to Be Political”
07/2016 – by Kristoffer Cornils

Deutschlandradio Kultur (DE) Elektropop für kurdische Revolutionärinnen
06/2016 – by Jutta Petermann

PAVLOSANTONIADIS (DE) The ties that bond contemporary music and political action
06/2016 – by Pavlos Antoniadis

poptronics (FR) Le Rojava, terre de lutte féministe, à la kalach et en musique
06/2016 – by Sarah Brown

radioart106fm (IL) Radioart106fm_#50!_female:pressure_ROJAVA
05/2016 – by Meira Asher

PlayGround (ES) La brecha de género existe también en los géneros musicales más avanzados

Radio Grenouille (FR) Antye Greie (AGF) “Rojava Mix”
05/2016 – by Radiomentale

catalyst (DE) A Dialogue Questioning Female Underrepresentation in Electronic Music
05/2016 – by Sylvia Gozdek

Paradox (FR) Interview #038 / Kaltès

04/2016 – by AGF poemproducer

Point Blank (UK) Women in the Music Industry: A Guide to Networking
04/2016 – by Louise Brailey

thump (US) How Electronic Producers Around the World are Responding to the Refugee Crisis
04/2016 – by Anna Codrea-Rado

BBC Radio3 (UK) Max Reinhardt with Ruth Barnes
04/2016 – by Ruth Barnes

The Quietus (UK) Worldwide Music Collective In Bid To Help Syrian Women
04/2016 – by Rudi Abdallah

catalyst (DE) A Dialogue on the Impact of Education on Women in Tech
04/2016 – by Sylvia Gozdek

WiseUp! Radio! (DE) Beirut Musicscene & Rojava Revolution
03/2016 – by Bianca Ludewig

FACT (UK) Bandcamp Release Of The Month
03/2016 – by Miles Bowe

FACT (UK) The 25 best albums of 2016 so far
03/2016 – by John Twells, Chal Ravens, Claire Lobenfeld, Miles Bowe, Scott Wilson, April Clare Welsh, Al Horner

Refinery29 (US) Meet The Girls-Only DJ Collectives That Are Taking Over The Scene
03/2016 – by Sabrina Rojas Weiss

thump (CO) Soy mujer y soy DJ
03/2016 – by Juliana Cuervo

thump (DE) Wir haben ein paar unserer Lieblings-DJs um Trackempfehlungen gebeten

Create Digital Music (DE) On women’s day, imagining a new future in sound
03/2016 – by Peter Kirn

Dazed (UK) Tri Angle Records say Björk is in charge of her own music
03/2016 – by Selim Bulut

Arteinformado (ES) Acción Female Pressure
03/2016 – by Rosa Pérez

Orange 94.0 (AT) 8th March – #Rojava belong here – female pressure campaign
03/2016 – by Chra

chra / SoundCloud (AT) #Rojava belong here – International Women’s Day outro special
03/2016 – by Chra

AGF / Mixcloud (FI) Music, Awareness & Solidarity with the Rojava Revolution 2016
03/2016 – by AGF

ATTN-Magazine (UK) Interview: Sky Deep (female:pressure)
02/2016 – by Jack Chuter

catalyst (DE) A Dialogue on Female Visibility in Electronic Music
02/2016 – by Sylvia Gozdek

Electronic Beats (DE) Is The Islamic State ‘Afraid Of Women’?

Deutsche Welle (DE) Women underrepresented in the music industry?
02/2016 – by Courtney Tenz

FADER (US) 9 All-Female DJ Collectives You Need To Know Right Now
02/2016 – by Aurora Mitchell

02/2016 – by Fem Coven

Backstyle (DE) Miss Natasha Enquist and Female:Pressure

Berlin Art Link (DE) Berlin Art Link’s Must-See Picks for CTM 2016
by Ruth Amelung

The Sampler (UK) Call for Submissions – female:pressure #Rojava campaign
02/2016 – by Annie Goh

Blog Der Jugendkulturen (DE) CTM: Seismographic Sounds / Rojava
01/2016 – by Tanja Ehmann

The Wire (UK) AGF curates female:pressure awareness and solidarity campaign: Rojava

TRAX (FR) Des femmes de la musique électronique s’engagent pour la révolution de Rojava
01/2016 – by Noemie Verm

phenomenelle (DE) Event-Rückblick auf die female:pressure Konferenz 2015
10/2015 – by Larissa Gleich

Groove (DE) RÜCKSCHAU Perspectives Festival (Berlin, 25.9.15)
10/2015 – by Miriam Dalsgaard

Blitzkickers (NL) Questioning The Gender Boundaries With Kaltès
10/2015 – by Mariana Berezovska

DJBroadcast (NL) Review: Perspectives Festival
09/2015 – by Nastasia Bach

Das Filter (DE) “DJane sollte man aus dem Vokabular streichen”
09/2015 – by Ji-Hun Kim

Broadly. (US) The All-Female Dance Music Festival That Takes Aim at Bro Club Culture
09/2015 – by Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Learn To Make Hip Hop female:pressure seeks crowds to change the place of women in electronic music

Zitty (DE) female:pressure Perspectives
09/2015 – by Victoriah Szirmai

EDM Tunes (US) Perspectives Festival Is Taking A Stand Against Industry Sexism
09/2015 – by Nick Benner

Create Digital Music (DE) female:pressure seeks crowds to change the place of women in electronic music
09/2015 – by Zuzana Friday Prikrylova

The Wire (UK) Second edition of Female:Pressure’s Perspectives festival
09/2015 – by Katie Gibbons

Spex (DE) Macht Musikerinnen sichtbar: Perspectives Festival 2015
09/2015 – by Annika Reith

HiddenSquare (DE) Female:pressure Perspectives

MissCareer/Less (US) The Top 10 Women Empowerment Events In Berlin That You Shouldn’t Miss This Fall
09/2015 – by misscareerless

Forbes (US) Discwoman And Changing The Record Of All-Male Electronic Lineups
08/2015 – by Natalie Robehmed

Create Digital Music (DE) female pressure’s techno compilation is heavy, required listening
08/2015 – by Peter Kirn

The Photographers’ Gallery (UK) TUMBLRS
08/2015 – by Sam Mercer

FACT (UK) There’s now a Tumblr for Eurorack dudes with beards
07/2015 – by FACT Team

Wiener Zeitung (AT) Wo viel Licht, da auch viel Discokugel
05/2015 – by Stefan Niederwieser

Tamara / Dinka (AT) ://about pressure – let me play the big slot
05/2015 – by Tamara Dinka

Vantage / Medium (US) Now All the Ladies in the House Say…
04/2015 – by Doug Bierend

Zündfunk (DE) Die unsichtbare Frau? Über Sexismus in Pop und Techno
04/2015 – by Valerie Trebeljahr

DJ MAG Canada (CA) Tumblr blog documents female producers
04/2015 – by Adelaide Andrews

No Fear Of Pop (DE) Moving As One: An Update on Gender Equality in Electronic Music
08/2015 – by Evelyn Malinowski

The Wire (UK) AGF starts photo pool for female producers and electronic musicians

Pitchfork (US) EDM Has a Problem with Women, and It’s Getting Worse
03/2015 – by Philip Sherburne

Thump (US) Robyn is Hosting a Tech Festival to Support Women in Electronic Music
03/2015 – by Michelle Lhooq

Hello Giggles (US) The Tumblr giving visibility to women in the music industry
03/2015 – by Sophia Elias

Identities.Mic (US) The Tumblr That’s Fighting for Gender Equality in the Music Industry
03/2015 – by Julie Zeilinger

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (DE) Mehr als die Freundin des DJs
03/2015 – by Claudia Kornmeier

Green Room Session (FR) female:pressure, le réseau des femmes de l’électro
03/2015 – by Virginie Le Borgne

LA Weekly (US) New Tumblr Documents Women And Their Music Gear
03/2015 – by Liz Ohanesian

Feministing (US) New Favorite Tumblr: Female Pressure
03/2015 – by Maya Dusenbery

El País (ES) ¡Anda, una mujer con un sintetizador!
03/2015 – by Noelia Ramírez

@poemproducer / Medium (FI) Some things just must be said.
03/2015 – by AGF

FAZ (DE) Hier spielt die Musik
03/2015 – by Gudrun Gut

hispasonic (ES) female:pressure y Visibility, la mujer en la música electrónica
03/2015 – by Teo Tormo

Fader (US) This Bjork-Inspired Tumblr Brings Visibility To Women In Electronic Music
03/2015 – by Molly Long

Flavorwire (US) Female Electronic Artists at Work
03/2015 – by Alison Herman

Trax (FR) les féministes de la techno
03/2015 – by Sophia Salhi

MetaFilter (US) Women working with music technology
03/2015 – by naju

Create Digital Music (DE) No longer invisible
03/2015 – by Peter Kirn

NovaPlanet (FR) Les Electroniques
03/2015 – by Sophie Marchand

CTM Festival (DE) White Brothers With No Soul
01/2015 – by Annie Goh

Zitty (DE) Sexismus im Techno
01/2015 – by Julia Lorenz

Dazed (UK) There’s a crisis in visibility, but is segregation the solution?
10/2014 – by Aimee Cliff

Music.Mic (US) Sia Just Took a Huge Step forward for Women in Music
08/2014 – by Natalie Morin

coloRadio (DE) zerrspiegel: Electric Indigo / female:pressure im Interview
04/2014 – by coloRadio

KitMonsters (UK) Pussy Riot Freedom Compilation

Missy Magazine (DE) Murder on the dancefloor
09/2013 – by Armaghan Naghipour

Festival Guide (DE) So war das Perspectives Festival
09/2013 – by Henje Richter

Intro (DE) PERSPECTIVES FESTIVAL So war’s in Berlin: Diskurs und Dance
09/2013 – by Henje Richter

Glucke (DE) women@Work: Mehr Frauen auf die Bühne!
09/2013 – by dieGlucke

Create Digital Music (DE) Playlist: 21 Hours of Music, on the Eve of a Female-Organized Fest in Berlin; Sarah Farina Mixes
09/2013 – by Peter Kirn

taz (DE) Raus aus dem Teufelskreis
09/2013 – by Christine Kewitz

Groove (DE) Interview Electric Indigo über das Perspectives Festival

Digital In Berlin (DE) D/B Recommended: Perspectives Festival
09/2013 – by Jean-Marie Dhur

De:Bug (DE) Perspectives Festival
09/2013 – by Sascha Kösch

Missy Magazine (DE) Keine Frauen hinter den Decks
09/2013 – by Vina Yun

DJ.BROADCAST.NET (NL) 10 Things Not To Miss At Perspectives Festival
09/2013 – by Laura Hyde

Noisey (DE) Perspectives Festival – female:pressure schmeißt ein Festival nur für Musikerinnen
09/2013 – by Annika Reith

No Fear Of Pop (DE) Preview: Perspectives Festival
09/2013 – by Evelyn Malinowski

taz (DE) Elektro-Musikerinnen Frauen auf die Bühne
09/2013 – by Christine Kewitz

sugarhigh (DE) loud and clear
09/2013 – by sugarhigh

Der Tagesspiegel (DE) Perspectives Festival „Jetzt reicht’s uns“
09/2013 – by Kirsten Riesselmann

Byte.FM (DE) Bonus Referat Perspektive!
09/2013 – by Bonus Referat and Donna Neda

RBMA Radio (DE) Week Two Day 03
09/2013 – by Carlos Steurer and Gudrun Gut

Deutschlandfunk (DE) Zu wenige Frauen in der Elektromusik
09/2013 – by Florian Fricke and Electric Indigo

Expatriarch (DE) Expatriarch Radio #43
09/2013 – by Joey Hansom and Akkamiau, Kaltès, Madeleine Bloom (DE) Female Pressure – PERSPECTIVES Festival
09/2013 – by Noemie and Aschka, Kritzkom, Rona Geffen

kleinerdrei (DE) Last night a DJane saved my life
09/2013 – by Anne

BLN.FM (DE) „Per­spec­tives” kehrt die Geschlech­ter­ver­hält­nisse im Club um
09/2013 – by Amélie Heldt

PULS (DE) Frauen in der Elektroszene
09/2013 – by Franziska Niesar

HereSheIs (DE) Folge #5: Elektro-Frauen mit Electric Indigo
09/2013 – by Janina Rook

Women’s International Music Network (US) Female:Pressure Unveils Stats About Lack of Female Musicians in Electronic Music

The Wire (UK) Female: Pressure inaugurating Perspectives festival for female musicians
08/2013 – by Jennifer Allan (DE) Popkontext #32 Female Pressure
08/2013 – by Popkontext

Popkontext (DE) Frauen in der elektronischen Musik – Perspectives Festival und Konferenz
07/2013 – by Barbara Mürdter

De:Bug (DE) Gendertrouble auf dem Dancefloor – Der Groove der männlichen Nation
06/2013 – by Sascha Kösch

Dazed & Confused (UK) Change the future of female musicians
06/2013 – by Mika Hayashi Ebbesen

De:Bug (DE) Gendertronics Revisited
06/2013 – by Vina Yun

Berliner Zeitung (DE) Käseigel und Fotoziegen
03/2013 – by Jens Balzer (US) female:pressure Calls For More Women In Electronic Music Events
03/2013 – by synthhead (AT) #femalepressure

MEOKO (UK) Women And Their Machines
03/203 – by Katrin Richter

Continuum (AU) Female Pressure: A translocal feminist youth-oriented cultural network
06/2012 – by Rosa Reitsamer

De:Bug (DE) JAPAN: female:pressure on Tour Part 1
01/2010 – by Anton Waldt

Myoon Blog (DE) 10 Jahre Female Pressure
03/2008 – by Jörn Goetze

artists as producers (AT) Feministische Netzwerke analog/digital und deren Alltagspraxen und -tauglichkeiten
03/2005 – by Christina Nemec


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