Press Review

SWR2 (DE) Neue-Musik-Diskussion ohne Frauen: ZKM muss Veranstaltung überarbeiten
by SWR

Monument (NO) 55 Female Artists Involved in the Hypnotic Techno Scene
by Apolline Guedon

soundwall (IT))Donne nella musica? Ancora troppo poche, ancora mal viste
by Damir Ivic

Fair Planet (DE) Smashing the Patriarchy one BPM at a Time
by Anu Shukla

Parkett (IT) Dj donne in aumento: siamo sulla giusta strada?
by Alessandro Tagliabracci

Electro News (FR) 25% des line up de festival sont composés d’artistes féminins, selon l’étude Facts
by Alexis Carer

Sol Rezza (AR) We are only 25%. FACTS – 2020
by Sol Rezza

Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE) Elektronische Festivals – Deutlich mehr weibliche Acts
Angelika Lepper in conversation with Martin Böttcher

Groove (DE) female:pressure: Studie zur Geschlechterverteilung von Festival-Acts
by Leonard Zipper

imro (IE)) female:pressure Releases FACTS Survey on International Women’s Day 2020

FM4 (AT) Gender im Festival-Check: So (un)ausgewogen sind elektronische Festivals
by Michaela Pichler

music austria (AT) female:pressure: FACTS Survey 2020

austrian music export (AT) female:pressure Releases FACTS Survey

Trax (FR) Les artistes femmes ne représentent que 21% des line-ups de festivals électroniques
by Emma Buoncristiani

Beatportal (DE) Female Festival Bookings Up, But Long Way From Gender Balance: Study
by Chandler Shortlidge

KitMonsters (UK) female:pressure – Electric Indigo FACTS Survey Interview
by Terry Tyldesley

Der Standard (AT) Musik und Gender: Immer noch wenig Frauen hinter den Plattentellern
by Amira Ben Saoud

Monument (NO) Survey: The increase of women in electronic music festival lineups is clear – but is it fast enough?
by Paula Koski

taz (DE) Electric Indigo über Frauen bei Festivals
by Nicholas Potter

Nialler9 (IE) FACTS report shows Irish electronic music festivals are addressing gender balance
by Yvonne Kiely

luhze (DE) Frauen machen Druck
by Pia Benthin

taz (DE) Frauen in der elektronischen Partyszene: Where’s that girl?
by Nicholas Potter

Berlin Art Link (DE) Finding New Idols: Heroines of Sound Festival at Radialsystem
by Johanna Hardt

The Guardian (UK) Raves, Robots and Writhing Bodies: How Electronic Music Rewired the World
by Alexis Petridis

Decantari Blog (AT) Electric Indigo – Funk, Ferrum and Feminism
by Arianna Gi

Sourdoreille (FR) Et Sinon En 2019, Y’A Des Meufs Sur Les Line-Up Electro?
by Zoe Devaux

Monument (NO) According To A Research, Hardly 16% Of Festival Acts Of 2016 and Mid-2017 Were Female: Electric Indigo Tells What To Do
by Paula Koski

music austria (AT) “There Are Not Enough Women To Book” – 21 Jahre female:pressure
by Christina Nemec

ALEX Berlin TV (DE) Raum für Notizen mit Aiko Okamoto und Mary Lilith Fischer
with Raica Wackes

Mixmag (UK) All-woman collectives Have Instigated Real, Positive Change In The Music World
by Whitney Wei

Attack Magazine (UK) These Women Are Fixing The Gender Problem In Music Tech
by Chandler Shortlidge

neues deutschland (DE) So eine Erholung! female:pressure feiert 20 Jahre Frauenförderung im Bereich elektronischer Musik
by Anna Gyapjas

DJ Mag (UK) Meet the people creating the Code of Conduct to end sexual harassement in dance music
by Chandler Shortlidge

malmoe (AT) Kein stück vom Kuchen, sondern den ganzen Club
by Christian König

The Gap (AT) Gender Gap: Tote Hose
by Therese Kaiser

BR Zündfunk (DE) Ladytrons & Electronicats – Diese Pionierinnen der elektronischen Musik sind zu Unrecht vergessen
by Ralf Summer

Zeit Online (DE) Gender Equality: Eine Frau pro Stunde
by Frank Sawatzki

Lazer Guided Reporter (IE) Researching Gender in Music: Gendered Space, Female Visibility & Redesigning Environments
by Yvonne Kiely

The Skinny (UK) Fiona Soe Paing on Alien Lullabies and SPECTRA
by Nadia Younes

Shift Balance (ES) Balance the World!
by Aurélie Salvaire

Barbi(e)turix (FR) female:pressure: 20 ans de lutte pour la visibilité des femmes dans la musique électronique

The Gap (AT) 20 Jahre Female Pressure: Wo stehen wir heute?
by Yasmin Vihaus

BerlinArtLink (DE) Equality in the Music Scene: Inaugural ‘We Make Waves’ Festival Berlin
by Diane Barbé

MOTZ (IE) Collective & Label Special – Berlin
by Jasmine Azarian

Rolling Stone (AU) How Electro Insurgents Discwoman Are Taking on Gender Discrimination
by Suzy Exposito

OIGA Podcast (AR) OIGA #5 Female Pressure
by Tatiana Heuman

Electronic Beats (DE) Study Confirms: There’s Still a Gender Gap in Festival Bookings

Resident Advisor (UK) A breakdown of festival bookings by gender
by Max Pearl

piqd (DE) Und noch immer buchen sie keine Frauen
by Martin Böttcher

taz (DE) Kleine Geister, großes Tennis
by Stephanie Grimm

The Gap (AT) Gender Gap: Subcultures under Pressure
by Therese Kaiser

Huck (UK) How women are revolutionising the music industry
by Cady Siregar

Mixmag (UK) Stop Saying There Isn’t A Strong Female Presence In Dance Music
by Corinne Przybyslawski

Kaput (DE) Gesellschaftlicher Wandel ist ohne nachhaltigen Druck nicht denkbar
by Sonia Güttler

Your Classical (US) Women film composers organize, advocate for change in an unequal industry
by Garrett Tiedemann

Hereyouare (DE) Berlin’s CTM Festival Explores Ways To End Sexism In The Music Industry
by Camille Darroux

DJ Mag (UK) We Lost Ourselves To Heavy Techno With Emika And DJ Red In Berlin
by Chandler Shortlidge

CTM Festival (DE) Networking for a Kaleidoscopic Scene

Electronic Beats (DE) The Top 8 All-Female Lineups Of 2016
by EB Team

Groove (DE) Diversität und Clubkultur
by Cristina Plett

A2larm (CZ) female:pressure: žena za mixpultem
by Zuzana Friday Přikrylová

Tom Tom Mag (US) Gnar Babes
by Miro Lion

PW (AT) Diversity Matters: A Discourse Towards Emancipated Club Culture
by Hannah Christ

Groove (DE) Reclaim The Beats Festival 2016: Sky Deep im Interview
by Nadine Schildhauer

Electronic Beats (DE) A Female:Pressure Promoter Weighs In On All-Female Linepps
by Kaltès

IMD (DE) Raising her noise: The Voices Absent in New Music
by Sophia Chung

Spark Mag (US) Music and Solidarity for Rojava
by Raul Alonzo and Mike Linaweaver

IMD (DE) Raising her noise: The Voices Absent in New Music
by Sophia Chung

Voice Republic (CH) female:pressure Lecture @ Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2016
by Susanne Kirchmayr

THUMP (US) Electronic Music Festivals Still Have a Gender Equality Problem
by Emilie Friedlander

Groove (DE) MINT: “Why It’s Impossible Not to Be Political”
by Kristoffer Cornils

Deutschlandradio Kultur (DE) Elektropop für kurdische Revolutionärinnen
by Jutta Petermann

PAVLOSANTONIADIS (DE) The ties that bond contemporary music and political action
by Pavlos Antoniadis

poptronics (FR) Le Rojava, terre de lutte féministe, à la kalach et en musique
by Sarah Brown

radioart106fm (IL) Radioart106fm_#50!_female:pressure_ROJAVA
by Meira Asher

PlayGround (ES) La brecha de género existe también en los géneros musicales más avanzados

Radio Grenouille (FR) Antye Greie (AGF) “Rojava Mix”
by Radiomentale

Paradox (FR) Interview #038 / Kaltès

by AGF poemproducer

Point Blank (UK) Women in the Music Industry: A Guide to Networking
by Louise Brailey

thump (US) How Electronic Producers Around the World are Responding to the Refugee Crisis
by Anna Codrea-Rado

BBC Radio3 (UK) Max Reinhardt with Ruth Barnes
by Ruth Barnes

WiseUp! Radio! (DE) Beirut Musicscene & Rojava Revolution
by Bianca Ludewig

The Quietus (UK) Worldwide Music Collective In Bid To Help Syrian Women
by Rudi Abdallah

FACT (UK) Bandcamp Release Of The Month
by Miles Bowe

FACT (UK) The 25 best albums of 2016 so far
by John Twells, Chal Ravens, Claire Lobenfeld, Miles Bowe, Scott Wilson, April Clare Welsh, Al Horner

Refinery29 (US) Meet The Girls-Only DJ Collectives That Are Taking Over The Scene
by Sabrina Rojas Weiss

thump (CO) Soy mujer y soy DJ
by Juliana Cuervo

thump (DE) Wir haben ein paar unserer Lieblings-DJs um Trackempfehlungen gebeten

Create Digital Music (DE) On women’s day, imagining a new future in sound
by Peter Kirn

Dazed (UK) Tri Angle Records say Björk is in charge of her own music
by Selim Bulut

Arteinformado (ES) Acción Female Pressure
by Rosa Pérez

Orange 94.0 (AT) 8th March – #Rojava belong here – female pressure campaign
by Chra

chra / SoundCloud (AT) #Rojava belong here – International Women’s Day outro special

AGF / Mixcloud (FI) Music, Awareness & Solidarity with the Rojava Revolution 2016

ATTN-Magazine (UK) Interview: Sky Deep (female:pressure)
by Jack Chuter

dBs Music (DE) The DJ And Music Producer Mix Is Gender Bland: Where The Girls At?
video with AGF

dBs Music Berlin (DE) dBs Dialogues w/ female:pressure: AGF (poemproducer)

Electronic Beats (DE) Is The Islamic State ‘Afraid Of Women’?

Deutsche Welle (DE) Women underrepresented in the music industry?
by Courtney Tenz

FADER (US) 9 All-Female DJ Collectives You Need To Know Right Now
by Aurora Mitchell

by Fem Coven

Backstyle (DE) Miss Natasha Enquist and Female:Pressure

Berlin Art Link (DE) Berlin Art Link’s Must-See Picks for CTM 2016
by Ruth Amelung

The Sampler (UK) Call for Submissions – female:pressure #Rojava campaign
by Annie Goh

Blog Der Jugendkulturen (DE) CTM: Seismographic Sounds / Rojava
by Tanja Ehmann

The Wire (UK) AGF curates female:pressure awareness and solidarity campaign: Rojava

TRAX (FR) Des femmes de la musique électronique s’engagent pour la révolution de Rojava
by Noemie Verm

phenomenelle (DE) Event-Rückblick auf die female:pressure Konferenz 2015
by Larissa Gleich

Groove (DE) RÜCKSCHAU Perspectives Festival (Berlin, 25.9.15)
by Miriam Dalsgaard

DJBroadcast (NL) Review: Perspectives Festival
by Nastasia Bach

Das Filter (DE) “DJane sollte man aus dem Vokabular streichen”
by Ji-Hun Kim

Broadly. (US) The All-Female Dance Music Festival That Takes Aim at Bro Club Culture
by Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Blitzkickers (NL) Questioning The Gender Boundaries With Kaltès
by Mariana Berezovska

Forbes (US) Discwoman And Changing The Record Of All-Male Electronic Lineups
by Natalie Robehmed

Zitty (DE) female:pressure Perspectives
by Victoriah Szirmai

Learn To Make Hip Hop female:pressure seeks crowds to change the place of women in electronic music

EDM Tunes (US) Perspectives Festival Is Taking A Stand Against Industry Sexism
by Nick Benner

Create Digital Music (DE) female:pressure seeks crowds to change the place of women in electronic music
by Zuzana Friday Prikrylova

The Wire (UK) Second edition of Female:Pressure’s Perspectives festival
by Katie Gibbons

Spex (DE) Macht Musikerinnen sichtbar: Perspectives Festival 2015
by Annika Reith

HiddenSquare (DE) Female:pressure Perspectives

by misscareerless

Create Digital Music (DE) female pressure’s techno compilation is heavy, required listening
by Peter Kirn

The Photographers’ Gallery (UK) TUMBLRS
by Sam Mercer

FACT (UK) There’s now a Tumblr for Eurorack dudes with beards
by FACT Team

Wiener Zeitung (AT) Wo viel Licht, da auch viel Discokugel
by Stefan Niederwieser

Tamara / Dinka (AT) ://about pressure – let me play the big slot
by Tamara Dinka

Vantage / Medium (US) Now All the Ladies in the House Say…
by Doug Bierend

Zündfunk (DE) Die unsichtbare Frau? Über Sexismus in Pop und Techno
by Valerie Trebeljahr

DJ MAG Canada (CA) Tumblr blog documents female producers
by Adelaide Andrews

No Fear Of Pop (DE) Moving As One: An Update on Gender Equality in Electronic Music
by Evelyn Malinowski

The Wire (UK) AGF starts photo pool for female producers and electronic musicians

Pitchfork (US) EDM Has a Problem with Women, and It’s Getting Worse
by Philip Sherburne

Thump (US) Robyn is Hosting a Tech Festival to Support Women in Electronic Music
by Michelle Lhooq

Hello Giggles (US) The Tumblr giving visibility to women in the music industry
by Sophia Elias

Identities.Mic (US) The Tumblr That’s Fighting for Gender Equality in the Music Industry
by Julie Zeilinger

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (DE) Mehr als die Freundin des DJs
by Claudia Kornmeier

Green Room Session (FR) female:pressure, le réseau des femmes de l’électro
by Virginie Le Borgne

LA Weekly (US) New Tumblr Documents Women And Their Music Gear
by Liz Ohanesian

Feministing (US) New Favorite Tumblr: Female Pressure
by Maya Dusenbery

El País (ES) ¡Anda, una mujer con un sintetizador!
by Noelia Ramírez

@poemproducer / Medium (FI) Some things just must be said.
by AGF

FAZ (DE) Hier spielt die Musik
by Gudrun Gut

hispasonic (ES) female:pressure y Visibility, la mujer en la música electrónica
by Teo Tormo

Fader (US) This Bjork-Inspired Tumblr Brings Visibility To Women In Electronic Music
by Molly Long

Flavorwire (US) Female Electronic Artists at Work
by Alison Herman

Trax (FR) les féministes de la techno
by Sophia Salhi

MetaFilter (US) Women working with music technology
by naju

Create Digital Music (DE) No longer invisible
by Peter Kirn

NovaPlanet (FR) Les Electroniques
by Sophie Marchand

CTM Festival (DE) White Brothers With No Soul
by Annie Goh

Zitty (DE) Sexismus im Techno
by Julia Lorenz

Dazed (UK) There’s a crisis in visibility, but is segregation the solution?
by Aimee Cliff

Music.Mic (US) Sia Just Took a Huge Step forward for Women in Music
by Natalie Morin

coloRadio (DE) zerrspiegel: Electric Indigo / female:pressure im Interview
by coloRadio

Missy Magazine (DE) Murder on the dancefloor
by Armaghan Naghipour

Festival Guide (DE) So war das Perspectives Festival
by Henje Richter

Intro (DE) PERSPECTIVES FESTIVAL So war’s in Berlin: Diskurs und Dance
by Henje Richter

Glucke (DE) women@Work: Mehr Frauen auf die Bühne!
by dieGlucke

Create Digital Music (DE) Playlist: 21 Hours of Music, on the Eve of a Female-Organized Fest in Berlin; Sarah Farina Mixes
by Peter Kirn

taz (DE) Raus aus dem Teufelskreis
by Christine Kewitz

FSK Hamburg (DE) female:pressure Hamburg 08/03/13 Podcast Teil 1
by Xyramat & Donna Neda

FSK Hamburg (DE) female:pressure Hamburg 08/03/13 Podcast Teil 2
by Xyramat & Donna Neda

Groove (DE) Interview Electric Indigo über das Perspectives Festival

Digital In Berlin (DE) D/B Recommended: Perspectives Festival
by Jean-Marie Dhur

The Wire (UK) Female: Pressure inaugurating Perspectives festival for female musicians
by Jennifer Allan

De:Bug (DE) Perspectives Festival
by Sascha Kösch

De:Bug (DE) Gendertrouble auf dem Dancefloor – Der Groove der männlichen Nation
by Sascha Kösch

Dazed & Confused (UK) Change the future of female musicians
by Mika Hayashi Ebbesen

Popkontext (DE) Frauen in der elektronischen Musik – Perspectives Festival und Konferenz
by Barbara Mürdter

DJ.BROADCAST.NET (NL) 10 Things Not To Miss At Perspectives Festival
by Laura Hyde

No Fear Of Pop (DE) Preview: Perspectives Festival
by Evelyn Malinowski

Missy Magazine (DE) Keine Frauen hinter den Decks
by Vina Yun

Noisey (DE) Perspectives Festival – female:pressure schmeißt ein Festival nur für Musikerinnen
by Annika Reith

taz (DE) Elektro-Musikerinnen Frauen auf die Bühne
by Christine Kewitz

sugarhigh (DE) loud and clear
by sugarhigh

Der Tagesspiegel (DE) Perspectives Festival „Jetzt reicht’s uns“
by Kirsten Riesselmann

Byte.FM (DE) Bonus Referat Perspektive!
by Bonus Referat and Donna Neda

RBMA Radio (DE) Week Two Day 03
by Carlos Steurer and Gudrun Gut

Deutschlandfunk (DE) Zu wenige Frauen in der Elektromusik
by Florian Fricke and Electric Indigo

Expatriarch (DE) Expatriarch Radio #43
by Joey Hansom and Akkamiau, Kaltès, Madeleine Bloom (DE) Popkontext #32 Female Pressure
by Popkontext (DE) Female Pressure – PERSPECTIVES Festival
by Noemie and Aschka, Kritzkom, Rona Geffen

kleinerdrei (DE) Last night a DJane saved my life
by Anne

BLN.FM (DE) „Per­spec­tives” kehrt die Geschlech­ter­ver­hält­nisse im Club um
by Amélie Heldt

PULS (DE) Frauen in der Elektroszene
by Franziska Niesar

HereSheIs (DE) Folge #5: Elektro-Frauen mit Electric Indigo
by Janina Rook

Berliner Zeitung (DE) Käseigel und Fotoziegen
by Jens Balzer (US) female:pressure Calls For More Women In Electronic Music Events
by synthhead

Women’s International Music Network (US) Female:Pressure Unveils Stats About Lack of Female Musicians in Electronic Music

De:Bug (DE) Gendertronics Revisited (AT) #femalepressure

Rosa Reitsamer, “Female Pressure: A translocal feministyouth-oriented cultural network. Continuum.”, in: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies #26 (3), 2012, S. 399–408

MEOKO (UK) Women And Their Machines
by Katrin Richter

der Freitag (DE) Von wegen “weibliche” Musik
by Liz Weidinger

artists as producers (AT) Feministische Netzwerke analog/digital und deren Alltagspraxen und -tauglichkeiten
by Christina Nemec

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