Researching gender in music: gendered space, female visibility & redesigning environments

Lazer Guided Reporter

In May 2017 I began research for my MA dissertation, Why are there so few female Music Producers?. I spent three months interviewing female members of the music industry in Ireland, and also researching gender in music magazines. Since August, I’ve been adapting the research into a series of articles. This article is the first, and outlines how the initial research question was transformed by what I found, and some thoughts about female visibility in the music industry, and an environment which may be hostile to women.


It is a question that has been doing the rounds for years — where are the female headliners? Where are the female producers, conductors, record label owners? At the top levels of the music industry, where are the women?

It’s a question worth asking, and definitely one worth answering. In case there is anyone with lingering doubts as to whether or not women actually…

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